The Shot

Written By bryanboy

The Shot

The next issue is coming out in a few days but have you picked YOUR copy of the amazing (I'm not saying that because I'm there but it really is one of Anna's best issues, content-wise, in a long time) March 2010 issue of American Vogue?

I hope your answer is "YES".

LOGGED ON: Every generation in fashion has its force to be reckoned with but this group is the first of its kind. It blogs about style and is making a global industry sit up and take notice.

Fashion Bloggers on American Vogue March 2010

If not, well, surprise surprise.

Thank you so much to Vogue for this wonderful experience.

Believe it or not, I carry a copy of this issue WHEREVER I go. I don't care that it  weighs a ton… it's in my handbag all the time! It's one of those surreal moments, like I question myself ALL the time whether it's real or not.


  1. Congratulations on the hard word there Bryan! You’re such an inspiration for all of us, fashion bloggers! One day, and you can count it’ll be soon, all of us i’ll be recognized.

  2. We do love Bryan Boy every one does !!! I have this issue at home and I have read it but I have and the POLISH ELLE and I read it to they are telling good things for you , so I have a blog too, it is about a fashion I do not have a followers but I thing that this is the start I I must to write and wait!!!!Your blog is very cool I just love it ! You look great in this picture big LIKE for the Pants !

  3. WE DO LOVE BRYAN BOY. I have this issue at home I love it I have to the POLISH ELLE they write a good things about you . I have blog to but I have just started I must write and wait !!! Every one love you !!!I’m your BIG FAN .
    Nice pants big LIKE from me !!!!

  4. I’m really glad for you even if we never meet! Like I am for everyone who dares to follow their heart and my believe is that is why they suceed! Dreams are made to be haunted so they can come true. Lucky me I am a subscriber :) so I also, can carry one in my handbag, …although when I find the Need to.

  5. i already did!! LOVE U BB!!
    when r u goin’ back here in Phil??
    i wanna see u in person =)

  6. Congrats!! you should be proud of yourself! its a huge thing, im happy for you. Way to go

  7. I always wondered, did you style yourself for this series? r did someone style you all? I am not sure everyone looks as comfortable (and fabulous) in their clothes as you do. I trust you have seen the picture of your good self on

  8. Congrats Bryan! :) You work so hard for it, and you deserve it. Maybe I’ll get the March edition of vogue :3
    Speaking of Anna, does anyone else see what she’s doing on ANTM? Sending Andre Leon Talley, and the contestants just suddenly know so much more about the fashion world. The references to Givenchy, Chanel, Iris, Vlada R, Freja. I’m thinking Anna is behind this. Hopefully we can get some models on the cover of Vogue in the future.


    yes we all know this already. what ever happened to your posts about fun, interesting things? i know you have been busy traveling for fashion week but the site has really been so boring lately.

  10. This is a great March Issue, there is great reports on new Designes. Oh, and may I say, you look quite fabulous in those Marc Jacobs Sunglasses, I would kill for a pair of those. And your Chanel inspired jacket! Well done, and congrats on all of your successes.

    Much Love. MADISON thing

  11. Shut up Junkie

    So happy for you… must be such an honer….
    Love from Norway

  12. OOh Bryan Bryan.. It feels like only yesterday that you were blogging about being in the Land of the brown, le exotics… uhh I don remember the rest. But you have surely come a long way. And as a person who is “developing world” based, I must say. J’adore!

  13. Congrats BB..but i must say you I think you look a little uncomfortable in the pict

  14. i bought mine a couple of weeks ago, and you’re right. this is sincerely one of the best issues i’ve seen in a while. i noticed there were some nice little format changes (typography and whatnot), and each one of the editorials was superb!

  15. stop being a media and brand whore now bryan, read your blogs for the past 2 months and count the time you talk about yourself getting some freebies, getting on some magazines, wtf.

  16. Reading fashion blogs on google reader is the only thing keeping me sane at work.I adore your. Congratulations! Bloggers are really getting the recognition they deserve. =)

  17. All the way from Thailand, but i already asked my friend in the US to buy a copy and send it here. So proud of you!! Big fan from the land of smile :-)

  18. Love you BB!! Love to read your funny tweets and love to see you on the cover. Hanneli Mustaparta looks like a hanger next to your fierceness. Love from Scandinavia <3
    Maybe ill have the pleasure of photographing you one day BB! youre such a funny star!

  19. I know the feeling about hardly believing something…I got that feeling when my tiny Amazing Cosmetics concealer (the one michelle phan loves) arrived from the states with a Tito of mine. I kept holding it and putting it back into my kikay kit, then taking it out, looking at it then putting it back. parang sira noh. buy a copy take the page and frame it! :D

  20. GQreader

    Congratulations Bryanboy making it to the Fashion world’s Bible!
    I hope you use your influence to invigorate the fashion scene in our country, the Philippines. You know she needs more people like you, and less of the losers who are parading oh-so-proudly lately.

  21. BrazoDeMercedes

    I bought this magazine because its the only interesting magazine on the rack at ESSO gassoline station here in SG. Then I saw u! Was I proud. I already own 2 copies of magazine with you in it. Wish you can have it signed! lol. Congrats on your success, even can’t believe you’d go this far, aliw!

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