The New IT-Bag

Written By bryanboy

The New IT-Bag

It's waterproof, it has interchangeable straps and of course, the greatest living stylist of all time Grace Coddington thinks rubber is a texture. Ladies and gays, meet the "Crocs"-style bag made by Lubber.

Tell me my dear readers, how does this bag make you feel? Go on.
Don't censor yourself. Your comments are precious to me.

Crocs Bag by Lubber

Why should a woman buy an Hermès ostrich Birkin bag when that… that amazingly atrocious thing, whatever it is, is available?

The $64 million question is, does the bag come in other colours too?

Pelouse or Blue Jean? Fauve or Braise? Blue Roi or Vert Anis? Brighton or Ficelle? 

Answers on a postcard!


  1. omg ! I totally hate this kind og bag, because I hate the shoes too. I can`t stand it ! I won’t buy one … never ever ! everything but NOT this kind of bag :| hate it :D #realtalk

  2. Ew. So ugly. Wouldn’t be caught dead carrying it around.
    And things could fall out the bottom.

  3. Pierre Westwood

    Well, the shoes were bad enough but the bag, its FUGLY. You would have to be compleetly blind to leave home in the morning with this thing.
    Oh god! its only a matter of time before someone commits the biggest fashion crime ever, the croc shoe & bag combo :O

  4. Love it! I’m getting my pair (matching orange and khaki) for SS ’10.
    Oh, I don’t think this is a mistake you did BB, but is there a reason you said “ostrich” twice in your post? Shouldn’t it be “The Hermés Ostrich leather Birkin Bag” instead of “The Ostrich Hermés Ostrich Birkin Bag”? Just asking, as it kind of stood out to me!
    Love ya, BB!

    i love that people were actually PAID to dream this up. What a glorious disaster.

  6. michele

    That is the shittiest, ugliest looking bag EVER, and I would not want to be caught DEAD with that. Looks like something my dad’s girlfriend would carry around…

  7. NO,NO,NO!!!! it’s terrible! who is going to buy something like THAT?!

  8. Of course you can say that rubber is a texture and I totally agree with that… but the question is what you do with it! Imho, that’s NOT what you’re supposed to do with it! Ugly, looks very cheap and no matter how handy it might be – it won’t ever upgrade the look!

  9. Remember those jelly Kellys… Those plastic things that even celebs were carrying…

  10. cattirun

    omg so horrible!
    what has been seen cannot be unseen… i think i died a little inside after seen that “thing”… it’s the most impractical thing ever, things could fall off from the bottom

  11. you’d lose your keys with them holes in it and the size is way too impractical. maybe if i were a 4 yr old girl picking daisy in my backyard i’d use it but i’m not, so i’ll call up my therapist and tell him about the nightmare i just had and we can cry together on his couch.
    and in 3…2…1… someone brings out a swarovski covered one!

  12. JakeLondon

    The worst thing about these monstrosities is that they are impossible to destroy. If a nuclear bomb strikes only cockroaches and crocs will survive.

  13. ?? I’m so confused?? it looks like a crock…but its NOT!!!! What is this freak of nature??? It’s like when an already horrible movie comes out on DVD and it has an extended version… I feel I could stick my foot in it and where it as a boot
    I kinda want one :)

  14. Kristiaan

    OMGGGG is this even legal!?!?!?!?!? it’s bad enough that croc have made shoes… now they have bags… what next?? a hat range.??? oh dear god…

  15. I kind of dig it, but the purple one at the back looks more delicious to me.
    I would buy the one black, if it is available.
    On the whole, it is cute!!

  16. repeat after me, that thing is Fugly F-U-G-L-Y
    I hate crocs, they are cheap, rubber, light, and smell like hell. now theres a bag, the world is coming to an end.

  17. i can’t wait to see somebody match it with their crocs footwear! there’s a crocs store here in Vancouver + it rains here a lot!
    can’t wait to spot one!


    1. Why the hell would you need a water proof bag that has holes and doesn’t fully enclose.
    2. I dub it, unpractical and hideous.

  19. just when I thought crocs were the most hideous things ever made! Gosh, this is a total sight pollution!!
    hands down, this is by far the worst fashion abuse ever committed to date! hope whoever carries that atrociously hideous bag get killed by fashion police.

  20. No, I can’t even pretend to like these. I think they are appropriate for hauling garden gear from the toolshed to your flowerbeds for a bit of weeding and planting, just as Crocs should not be worn outside of the home, and are also probably the perfect gardening shoe…and I use word “shoe” lightly.

  21. if they paid me for wearing it (which is not gonna happen) the only way i see to rock it somehow is with lace straps and some badges on it and wearing a christopher kane ss 10 checked dress and balenciaga aw shoes.
    for everything else: ewwwwwwwwwww!!

  22. It can’t be worse than this! YUUUCK! I totally hate the croc’s shoes, and now a baaag? What are they thinking? That people are going to buy this crap? If I got 1 million dollar I would consider to wear it, but I would NEVER EVER buy it myself!

  23. only looks great when you’re in the market!
    crocs are like uggs, hideous…

  24. IMO.. it is very innovative for Lubber to make such design. I love wearing footwear made from the same texture of plastic and it is interesting to see a line of hand bags made from these..

  25. Michael

    IMO crocs is bad
    this is even worse
    it’s just wrong, totally wrong

  26. lulushoo

    omg – just when i thought it couldn’t get any worse than a pair of fugly rubber shoes meant only for kids 4 years & below … my eyes, they burn!
    but seriously, if the purpose of it being made of rubber is to be ‘waterproof’ … then why make holes?

  27. I want to strangle the designer and feel all the important parts of his neck pop, and burst.

  28. okay… a shoe-like bag… i would LOOVe to see this in monogram … with padlock … come onn who is the crazy chineese creature who think that SOMEONE will actually buy this crap… at least they should make one in yellow with green straps .. the picture will be perfect.. oh god :x

  29. All the comments made me laugh.
    It reminds me of a plastic bag from my childhood but that made a lot more sense, than this ‘hot’ mess, and it was 100% practical.
    Nevermind the fact that the bag was inspired from the shoes, the design could’ve used more thought put into it to make it more practical. It looks like a bag that you might possibly take with you to the market to buy groceries… and then you still need plastic bags – yeah, like a grocery shopping basket. Or maybe you can take it to the beach, it’s easy to wash. But why would you, there are prettier things out there.
    What I want to know is how much does one cost.




  31. meh… oversaturation has seem some downright fug all over the shop this past season. See LV’s HIDEOUS shoes :/

  32. Shanadale

    LMAO! what else is there to do but to laugh at this ish they call a bag. To think the shoes were almost going away!

  33. those mutated crocs… can you actually wear them as footwear? (yey calf length crocs!!!) cute, for 7-12 pear old girls and pa-girls… beyond that ummm… nah!!

  34. maryanne

    they actually made a bag!?! fuck off! seriously it’s better use is for a kid playing in the beach who needs to shove it’s bucket and spade into something…. seriously THAT would be it!

  35. Looks pretty humorous to me, find the wit in the “socially percieved” ugly I say….:p

  36. looks humorous to me, haha find the wit in the “socially percieved” ugly I say….

  37. This bag brings a vision of a woman who talks about nothing but her kids and says she no longer has time to care for herself…she does this to explain the wide hips, the elastic waste cotton trousers that highlights every flaw, a tinker bell t-shirt, frizzy mousey brown hair…and this bag which she says is practical just like her minivan The only time her shoes and bag have matched since she went to prom and died them a lovely shade of peach to match the dress… as a woman of the same age i can say that every mother (and it will only be mother’s who buy this) who carries this hurts the rest of us.

  38. How can it be waterproof when it has holes in?? ha
    this bag is awful, i hate the shoes and this is just madness, why do people like these?? it should be a crime! they have a Croc shop in manchester arndale and i cringe everytime i walk past x

  39. The sight of this bag literally made my stomach churn; no like really, I’m in the hospital prepping for surgery.
    All jokes aside, this bag = atrocious!

  40. Your Hilarious! that bag is horrific!!
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  41. stephanie

    whhhhyyyyy? it looks like the shoe is attached to it on the bottom! YUCK! i can’t wait to see it this summer so i can point and laugh hard

  42. This is big news in toddler fashion, but for the rest of us? This is disgusting.

  43. The only ONLY way to wear this bad is to be a 3-year old girl. But I am sad to say that crocs, although ugly and not to be wore in public, are very comfortable when you wear on your feet all day.

  44. lilee93

    OMG they made the nasty croc shoe into a bag. So disgusting.

  45. Maile John

    This bag is so unspeakable! Shame on you Lubber! Crocs were only cool for people under the age of three and this bag should not belong to anyone of any age! Sad to think this little rubber bag is going to sit around polluting the earth once the novelty wears off.

  46. This bag is, well…. I guess i’ll just have to follow Monsieur Margiela and insert ‘untitled’ for what should be read as utter crap. the funniest thing is, I am certain that the ‘Haus of gaga’ team are coming up with creative was to turn ‘it’ into some kind of costume.

  47. This bag is hideous…it pains me to look at it. When I was a flight attendant we used to play a “punch buggy” game in the airport everytime we saw a pair of crocs.

  48. I’m a professional amphibian wrangler, and I’ve found this to be an amazing carryall for my frog and salamander families

  49. Birkinator

    This was made so you could match it with your new crocs with neon bands.

  50. Birkinator

    This was made so you could match it with your new crocs with neon bands.

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