Sometimes, Self-assessment is Not Enough.

Written By bryanboy

Sometimes, Self-assessment is Not Enough

I’m about to post a long entry after being inundated with emails.  

I know some of you have been following me since day one of my blog. Many of you have been following me for years… one, two, three, four. Perhaps some of you have only discovered me recently. Whatever the case, name your reasons why you follow me on the internet. What makes you subscribe to my feed? What makes you follow me on twitter or on facebook? Why do you go to my blog? What is it about me that makes you come back oh I dunno, daily, weekly, monthly? Why are you keeping track?

I’m curious.

My heart beats faster than usual whenever I’m asked the dreadful “what separates my blog from others when there are thousands, if not millions, of blogs out there” or “what makes my site unique” question. I feel that it’s my readers and the people who follow me who can answer that question best.

Reply now so I can post the other entry!!!!!



  1. Your personality! You have a great balance of wit, opinion and most importantly are honest! X
    P.S. – Told you at the fashion blogger conf I was coming to visit you – I’m coming to Asia soon & want to go street shopping!

  2. I found you blog a few years ago and ever since then I haven’t stop checking it out. I like that you are so carefree! I like you and must admit that I miss the old days before you weren’t a blogstar, but it is still good anyways, you used to post long post with your wherabouts, food, your clothes, adventures, everything, that’s why I keep coming here and bother to read your stuff, some other blogs I just see the pics and skip the reading, but you are awesome bryanboy!

  3. Because I know you, and I’ve known you since you started. As one of the more prominent bloggers in Asia at that time it’s interesting to see how your blog has grown magnitudes more than mine.
    And well I still like to know what you’re up to, living the glam life :)

  4. I follow you because I love your unique insights and your perspective on the industry, it’s fresh and funny. You’re not just reposting stuff from other sources rather you always put your special magic into your posts ;)
    Much love,

  5. I’d love to know how the people that do follow you found you in the first place?

  6. This is what I posted on Twitter:
    @bryanboy I follow you because you live the life I could be living. And because you have a Birkin.
    @bryanboy I follow you because my Philosophy class is telling me that I need to interact w the other to know myself. =))

  7. Because I love your style and minimally filtered updates on Twitter! You just say what you see, what you experience and what’s on your mind.

  8. Veyron Graves

    It’s your passion for fashion and the whole industry. After all those years of fashion-blogging you still feel like “Alice in Fashionland” instead of bering Mr. Cool. You don’t seem to take yourself too serious. You probably was the first to notice that ALT has changed positions at Vogue. And most important: You are from the Philipines, not some “1st world” fashion hotspot as New York City, London, Paris, Milano, Duesseldorf or Berlin. And I am quite sure you are nice person.

  9. nyotista

    i am a regular visitor to your blog and follow you on twitter because you are simply the epitome of dreams do come true. and it’s not just because of luck/good timing, but also passion and hard work. and yet you stay humble!!
    you fly high but your feet stays on the ground :)

  10. i find the fashion industry amusing and a fellow filipino is shaping (having/making fun – out/of) it. I’d like to see how you continue to have fun thru ups and downs – fashionwise or personal.

  11. Isabella

    I have been following you for almost a year, I would say. During that time you have singlehandedly made fashion so much more fun. Your candid comments, your true excitement about clothing and your unique style make it a great experience for me to follow you.
    I’d like to point out that the honesty and sometimes even rawness of your tweets or blog posts is something that is also a rare quality.
    All the best

  12. I found your blog like a year ago, and you are one of the reason I start my own blog, somehow from your blog you tought me it’s okay to be different as long it’s looks good. I love you because you have ability to twisted something bitter with funny words. and you somehow can make impossible to wear clothes looks possible and you look stunning on it. I always love reading your post. *kisses

  13. aLviepaKan

    i’m a fan because you made me/us proud that i am/we are a FILIPINO.. and i believe that our country should acknowledge your achievements.. i think our country should also give credit to your achievements and accomplishments..

  14. i guess people follow you cause you got personality and you have a kinda “xfactor” that makes ppl love you and your amazing style.
    in my personal experience i do follow you cause i’m a blogger and i’d love to be like you, i mean you’re a celebrity blogger now, you get invitations from the designer, you had the chance to know a lot of great designers…so i think you can be a great role model for fashionistas and you can be very inspiring for all the people who loves fashion.

  15. Because everyday you remind me that there is actually a world out there, a world beside my little village in the south of France.
    I can’t wait to leave for Paris in three months !
    Keep doing what you do, and remember to keep it real my dear.
    Bonne continuation,
    xx Maxim.

  16. Your wit, your fashion commentary (+ now your behind-the-scenes & running with the fashion pack access), your fun/unique fashion style and extra points because you’re Filipino (I’m half). I have been following you for years & there are rarely dull moments with you so I stick around :) You’re sassy, entertaining & informative & it’s always enjoyable to see what you’ll do next. You’re unlike no other. Keep it up!

  17. Your wit, your fashion commentary (+ now your behind-the-scenes & running with the fashion pack access), your fun/unique fashion style and extra points because you’re Filipino (I’m half). I have been following you for years & there are rarely dull moments with you so I stick around. You’re sassy, entertaining & informative & it’s always enjoyable to see what you’ll do next. You’re unlike no other. Keep it up!

  18. It’s basically your personality! No bullsh*t, I check 3 things as soon as I wake up in the morning: my bank balance, my e-mail and your blog. That’s how essential your blog is to my daily living :) I love your wit & your honesty & you just inspire me so much!

  19. Christina K.

    you are well informed, opinionated, and confident. i love your outfits, and from the moment i first found your blog (about a year or so ago), i’ve been in love and will continue to follow it. you’re amazing!

  20. it’s because you’re funny!! BUT, mabye initially you were funnier..I appreciate you did have more time then to prance around in fabulous clothing not really doing too much…and fantasising at lenght about the kind of things you now do…. but please now that you’re IN ‘the industry’ remember you can still tell it like you see it, still curse, still be naughty, still interesting, still take the piss out of it and you….if you ‘forget’ the bad/silly/daft/outrageous things you did/said before and seem to be ‘carefull’ or protecting your ‘advertisers”employers’ whoever from your wit and sharp humour then you’ll stop being interesting… so keep it up.. but remember who you really are.. and never never take the fashion world (fabulous though it may seem) seriously, and you can be serious but remember even more importantly keep not taking yourself too seriously…… xx. C.

  21. I discovered you on *********. You were one of the few genuinely witty people there! As I may have said: you should write a book along the lines of “What would Bryanboy do” with your thoughts – perhaps one thought a day?

  22. I love your wit and humour and the fact that you don’t come across as being one of those terrible fashion snobs that make us feel all inferior for not being as ‘in the know’ as you. You’ve also opened by eyes to designers I wouldn’t normally have appreciated and made me look at them in a new way!
    Just keep doin what you’re doin!

  23. I love your wit and humour and the fact that you don’t come across as being one of those terrible fashion snobs that make us feel all inferior for not being as ‘in the know’ as you. You’ve also opened by eyes to designers I wouldn’t normally have appreciated and made me look at them in a new way!
    Just keep doin what you’re doin!

  24. I’ve been reading this blog since, oh, the mid-aughties and discovered it through a black gossip blog. I’ve stopped reading said gossip blog but I keep reading your entries. I love your POV on fashion, and, to be honest, your life is more exciting than mine right now.

  25. BB, I’ve been reading your blog since a year ago; I check it everyday like I do with news sites, it’s somewhat excessive. But then I realize it’s not when I see someone who is doing so well — in my subjective terms — in a field that I am interested in. After all, we’re all selfish creatures ;-)
    I especially love your adventure and self-reflection posts, they make you very personable.

  26. To me you have a quality about the way that you blog that makes the fashion world seem accessible to those of us that will never have the chance to be exposed to it so exclusively. I’ve been following your site for the past two years and it is now my go to fashion page. Everything else comes second to your page, I love the way that you combine the fashion news with bits of your real life I think it is what makes your blog seem human and real over the other fashion blogs.

  27. ur funny, knows what ur talking about and you refuse to compromise your beliefs… :)

  28. To be honest I just found it recently but now I’m addicted… why?
    – your personality/writing is so clever, witty, funny, fun to read, insightful, genuine… I wish we can hang out one day…ahaha
    – the pictures, even though they’re kinda small
    – and boy, your style… or else how would I care
    thank you for being you and doing this blog

  29. maryelle

    there are so many reasons why i follow your blog and twitter but here are a few i can list on the top of my head. you’re honest with your opinions on fashion and not persuaded by the masses! your style is fabulous and YOU. you’re not trying to copy anyone but only express your individual style. your twitter updates in tagalog are funny too! honestly, i think you’re more famous, fabulous, and respectable than the celebs from the philippines. they should feature you on maalaala mo kaya ;]

  30. I just came across your blog about a week ago, since i decided to get into it as well!
    you should not be intimidated to answer that question, i am a Nubee but not scared to find my own perspective between thousands of bloggers! it takes practice and being honest with yourself, and you did good at that, look where it has gotten you!
    i think you should consider yourself an inspiration, and always remember what Mathew Williamson said about you in his interview! I think there are never too many outlooks to consider, Isn’t that what makes fashion so much fun? no two people are designing the same thing, I enjoy reading your blog, so keep up the good work, the greatest thing about this, is that the support goes both ways, walls have been taken down, and everything is shared, appreciated and within reach! and it keeps YOU Creative :)

  31. I read about your blog (among others) in Vogue. Before the April issue, I wasn’t really a blog reader but now I am. I like the way that you keep in mind the $$$ issue, and give your posts personality, which is something you can’t find in abundance in a magazine. Thanks!

  32. Oh, and I like the fact that you pay attention to things other than just street fashion. Like the purse clasp thing… and the Vogue masthead thing… and you are not (yet) that integrated into the fashion world, so you keep the average persons abilities in mind. btw i check daily!

  33. Funny, I found out about you while trolling on Yahoo answers. Someone wanted your hair cut, and described you as a famous blogger. I was like, why haven’t I heard of him?
    Ever since I started reading, you were like a breath of fresh air. You just stated your opinion, and you didn’t get too technical. Thats what keeps me following you. You’re funny and outrageous, and that what I enjoy the most.

  34. I am 23 yo Mexican and I’m in love with fashion, since always and your blog embodies to me my fondest hopes and dreams of becoming a true fashion thinker next to the everyday battle to find people that understand why I feel so strongly about this industry, Plus you have Wit and Humor wich is always a need. I know that one day i’ll be featured as you where in the pages of Vogue, and hopefully then Joseph Altuzarra will check on it, and fall for me :)

  35. because I think you give me hope for life, for fashion.. I found out for your blog in march issue of teen vogue, and I like to read your adventures, your point of view on fashion.. Cause I think that you think similar like me.. Thats why I add you as a friend on facebook too.. :) .. bye Bryan ..

  36. I’ve been lurking around your blog for yearssss now. I think it was around 2-3 years ago. (Wow. It has been that long already?!)
    What I love about your blog is that it isn’t pretentious. I see sincerity and true passion in your posts, and even in some of your more mundane mutterings in twitter. Also, you are one hell of a poster child for DREAMS-DO-COME-TRUE and I look up to you for that. Who’d have ever thought that someone from a not-fashionably-inclined third world country will make it up there to the front row with the likes of Queen Anna?
    I’ve always been interested in fashion and dressing up, but ever since I’ve started “stalking” you, I’ve really learned a whole more and have gained more appreciation in the fashion world. Indeed, geography should not limit us to access the vast knowledge available for the taking if only we look closely enough.
    Also, I have noticed how respectful and grateful you are of the blessings and people around you unlike other bloggers who tend to bash and release below the belt comments. I especially liked your post on Gemma Ward’s fuller figure because of the aforementioned reason. You were funny and kind and just simply fabulous.
    And because I feel this sounds like an embarrassing love letter already, I’ll stop here.
    I wish you all the luck in your future endeavors, and hopefully you’ll inspire a lot more people here in the Philippines like me!
    I <3 Bryanboy!
    Telai (Davao City)
    PS I also really love the way you write. It's light yet funny and very very insightful. You really know your thing so yes, you deserve to be where you are right now!

  37. SOMEWHERE in the world have people who are made and born to wear and to make fashion to create it , but there are and people who write and talk about fashion people like you making difference in beautiful and some “OFF” fashion writing and living with fashion sleeping with fashion and wake-up with it . making difference in the details who nobody cares for it and making the same question every day “what I can wear today ” or helping people to answer it is all you I’m very THANKFUL for your blogging and you way of living because you make my day better and my world easy and the most important thing helping me to have more LOVE to FASHION!!!

  38. i’ve known about you since you started and even when some scoffed at blogging. i’m just thrilled to see how much you’ve accomplished. love how you are yourself and stay true to your roots as you are soaring high and living your dreams. proud of you and stay fierce!

  39. I’ve been following you for 2 years now, and I always wonder where you might be located. I love how much you pay attention to details and I just adore everything about your passion for fashion.
    I hope you won’t disappear,
    Love from Brazil.

  40. You’re amazing :)
    Cause you actually MAKE your dreams come true :)
    You proved that it is actually possible to love fashion and have it love you back ;)
    Besides, you’ve got this absolutely easy way of thinking and writing about fashion world – I enjoy every single post/tweet :)
    Just keep doin’ it! :)

  41. unique point of view
    down to earth-ness
    basically, your presonality shines right through my computer screen…
    and your wonderful oportunities (visiting Vogue offices, etc.)

  42. I just started following you last week, and you inspired me to start my own fashion blog! I follow you because I envy you and what you do…why not live vicariously, right?
    Thanks for the inspiration and for living the dream for all those who aren’t!

    xoxo Phalyn

  43. Storm Johnson

    I’ve only discovered you fairly recently, and out of all the other blogs filling my bookmarks, I click on yours first. You seem like a genuinely nice person, very warm and the fact you are from humble backgrounds to where you are today, makes you that much more captivating.
    Aside from your persona, your choices of posts are interesting, varied and fairly intimate. You seem to have an undescribable connection from another side of a computer screen, which is pretty special. Keep doing you!
    Love from UK.

  44. I think I started reading your blog around 2006 or so and was googling something on Obagi skin products. I started reading your blogs and definitely identified with your obsession with your skin, weight, designer clothes and shopping! It was like finding a new best friend! I emailed you once and you emailed me back and were very nice!! I’m so glad you are realizing your dreams and the things you wished for back when you started this blog. Much more success to you. :-)

  45. I always read your blog. I’ve come to like it even more because of three reasons:
    1. You’re honest and not pretentious
    2. Witty and funny
    3. Your passion for fashion is undeniable.
    This blog makes me believe that dreams do come true.

  46. Sophie Choukah

    I started to read your blog about a month ago, i think i was looking at an article somewhere..don’t remember exactly. I then added your blog with the many others on Google Reader, i’m still always happy to see that you wrote something new on your blog. I like yours because you cover many subject, whenever there’s a new movie, the trips that you made, the fashion shows that you saw. like someone else said, you don’t go too technical in the subject, which keeps your blog very light. Also, i really the fact that you always feel very lucky to be where you are right now (not that you didn’t work for it..), but you don’t take everything granted. aha, and you’re pretty happy about everything..that’s cute. i’ll probably base my blog on yours if i ever actually do one (hope so!)

  47. I have to echo the comments above me and say that I love your lack of pretension and your accessibility! It seems like most fashion blogs are either girl-next-door wearing thrift finds or esoteric cooler/richer/better-than-thou’s. while both of those have their place, i respect your ability to still love high fashion but to stay personable and fun.
    not to mention, i’m a total fag hag.

  48. simple because you are an epitome of how dreams are meant to be..,to get em’ and grab em’ by the balls and having tons of fun while doing it!!! more power kili kili power!!xoxo

  49. hey BB…i started reading your blog early 2006 i think it was…back with eunice…haha…
    you were way too surreal… i loved ur perverted, over the top, all-about-moi-moi-moi and superficial rants…it was so entertaining… it was more or less about your personal life.. and that got me hooked… you spoke your mind without giving a shit about others.
    i check your site like 5 times a day (no bs) … well now i have to check twitter to keep track of your life.
    i know it’s kinda perverted to be that much interested in someones personal life…but at some point, it was when you started doing the fashion weeks..(not the aussie ones, the real ones) that your blog changed…you stopped being personal. on your personal blog which is named after you….i came to terms with that. it used to bother me..i was like “wtf why is always so hush hush about everything…why is he not posting about his daily routines anymore…WHY ISN’T HE POSTING ANYTHING FOR DAYS!?!?!”
    now i know…you are living the REAL life. and that’s good for you. YOU FUCKING MADE IT!
    omg i once send you a pic for your second edition of “what is inside your bag”… and you even posted it..and send me a thank you e-mail. i died and went to heaven. haha
    well thank you kid! thank you so much for all the good laughs and for saying things i couldn’t have had said any better!
    good luck and all the best..:)
    p.s.: my bday is also on the 21st of march!.. so happy late birthday..

  50. I don’t remember how I found your blog, but I do know that after reading a series of posts, I was hooked. You have a definite way with words – you know your fashion, you don’t have “airs” – what’s on the blog is what we get; you love life and it’s pretty obvious that life loves you in return (or how explain all those marvelous opportunities for travel and writing that come your way?).

    Keep up the good work!

  51. Hi bryanboy-
    I have been following your blog on and off for a few years now. I enjoy reading about all your designer exploits plus you write with a fun edge. I am fascinated with how influential bloggers have become. It is amazing how fashion has been reinvented to suit the digital age. Re: bloggers in the front row at shows.
    keep up the good work and congrats on all your success.

  52. This site is not my favorite site. Just not enough posts for me. But i do check to see what you have to say because you have an insightful opinion on fashion. Also it interesting to me how you are deem what is cool in fashion. I also appreciate that you are respectful and honest when you critique.

  53. Hi bryanboy… I just love reading your blog…. i was introduced by my freinds to your blog.. frm that day i started to addicted reading yr blog everyday without fail…. Love your passion about fashion… Go bryabnboy…..

  54. It’s all about about personality. Your greatest interest in fashion. What makes you really different from the rest is that most so-called fashion bloggers are just bunch of fashionista-wannabes who don’t know anything about fashion… and you have a freakin Birkin… WERK!
    Luv from Malaysia!

  55. poll questions with SONIA RYKIEL as a random answer, or even better SONIA RYKIEL WEARING A GUCCI G-STRING BIKINI! (i think we’re due for another Sonia fix, btw..)

  56. I read your blog and follow you on Twitter/Facebook because you’re fabulous! You know what you’re talking about, but you also bring a personal touch to it. Kinda makes it feel like we know you! Not to mention the few times (very few, but still cool) we’ve interacted on Facebook or Twitter, it made me feel like you’re paying attention to your readers too!

  57. Been following you since 2005. No offense but I liked you better when you were bitchier and weren’t playing safe.
    But then we all grow up and change, and I guess that’s what you’ve become so I’m still happy for you B. :)
    Although I believe it wouldn’t hurt if you’d be posting exciting stuff about your sexcapades in Paris, Russia, etc. again? Or how much you hate your sister for making you wait, walk, sweat etc. Also miss your riot of a “friendship” with your non-sexual ex-wife, Hannah. And where’s your Yaya Eunice by the way?! I swear, those were the days for you Bryan! I even find those posts amusing than your fash-related entries now. Heehee.
    To answer your question: your candid humor, outlook in life and famazing experiences are mainly the reasons why I follow your blog. NO other fash bloggers can top that hunny. You’re one of a kind! xoxo

  58. I read your blog ‘coz you’re funny and informative most of the time. I may not like your synthesized voice or your ridiculous poses but that doesn’t stop me from watching the guy with the “rubber chicken”.
    Let me quote Manong Paulo Coelho, “We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It’s one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it’s another to think that yours is the only path.”
    So please blog regularly so that people like me – who’s too frugal to buy any fashion magazine – can still relate to the immense beauty of fashion. Arteh! :)

  59. I’m a recent devotee and I read your blog because you love fashion but aren’t super wealthy. You show things that are wearable AND you are from a third world country (so am I) and it gives you a different edge. I love the pictures you post and how grateful you are for all the support you have received from your fans and your peers in the fashion industry. Also when I read about ATL’s change of title at Vogue I was hoping that you were becoming Editor in Chief. Another thing, you inspire me to not wear jeans and a t-shirt. I live in Seattle and thats the uniform here!

  60. I follow your blog and have been for about a handful of months because it’s always very witty and interesting to see what you have to write.
    Also because I want to pursue something in fashion (design, journalism?…not a clue) and it gives me hope to see how far you’ve gotten and hope for the best for myself especially since my “supportive” family is completely against it.
    Plus I love to see how you have grown into this huge phenomenon and I spot you in magazine articles! It’s great to see your success! :)
    XO, Lani

  61. I’ve been reading you off and on for a few years now. Maybe 4…? The first post I ever read was you passionately trying to convince your readers that everything in your bag (and your actual bag) was 100% real. From your lip gloss to your sunglasses, lol. You were rude, brash and not one bit apologetic about the value and quality of your possessions. You were very funny in an, ‘i can’t believe someone this materialistic and smug actually exists’ sort of way, but the more I read, the more obvious it became that you were simply passionate about fashion and took pride in the garments you chose to wear. They were an extension of who you were and you weren’t going to let anyone, ANYONE, tell you that your precious pieces weren’t real… Every time I log onto your site, I’m impressed by your progress. There’s always a bigger step that your taking. Congrats. What separates you from the rest is passion… pure, unapologetic passion!

  62. bluecandyboy

    because i’m your long lost twin… i knew that since we crossed paths in greenbelt 4 years ago… :P just didn’t have the courage to stop you mincing with your scandinavian friend and say hi… LOL!!! keep the dreams alive!!! :)


    Aside from your funny, personable, honest, and intelligent personality and commentary on fashion, you’re sort of my window to a much more interesting, glamorous world beyond the the pasty walls of my college dorm. You inspire me with your impeccable style ;) and you give me access to a world riddled with fashion, beauty, and travel where I’m only a stranger without a ride or invite to the house party that seems to be this world you write about while crossing my fingers for an invite.
    Stay ferocious and keep writing!

  64. your blog is huge and that’s a great thing. you have incredible style and you know what you’re talking about. this isn’t just some random gossip blog. the passion you have shows through in every entry. you always make me smile so that’s why i’m always visiting your blog!!! plus…you have the yellow alexa bag!!!!! and look amazing with it!!!! i’m so jealous!!! haha

  65. I found your blog while I was in the process of discovering who I was as a person and individual. I’ve been an awkward freshman at an ‘interesting’ college, a heart broken AND awkward freshman and now, an assertive junior who knows what she wants the three years I’ve been reading your blog- you are funny, genuine, and beautiful (inside and out). It’s also fun to look at all the fabulous things you get to do (ie: visit the Vogue offices and sit front row on so many amazing shows), all while I’m supposed to either be writing a paper or doing something definitely not as fun. I’m really looking forward to everything that’s in store for you in the future.

  66. yourheadphones

    i found out about your blog back in 06 from a mag in the P.I. and i’ve followed you ever since because i like your style. only you can pull it off. plus your edgy humor–whether you’re contemplating about Hamish Bowles’s sex life or offending Catholics for posting a picture of a Brit posing with a statue of Jesus–always makes visiting your blog worth it

  67. Always so funny and into details. And most of all I love how you are very gracious and never let the whole big-blog-star thing go to your head! So good luck with everything, I am here hoping I can leave my own third world country pretty soon haha!


    I’ve been following you for 2 years. I’m not a fashionista but well, you got me hooked. Your persona, your style, your being humble got me to be a fan. Great work girl!’re more than an icon you’re a brand.

  69. I’ve been following you since almost the very beginning… I sorta miss the days when you wrote more things about your personal life, but it’s also interesting to read about where you’ve gone. I understand that you have to shield yourself a little bit more now that you’re known.

  70. jori david

    the first time i read your blog was about 3-4(?) years ago and i have kept on coming back almost everyday!
    1. because i feel like i know you! me and your blog have our friendship going on for years now and i guess i’m going to be on team BB ’til forever!
    2. watching your rise to STARBLOGGER status was exciting. classic rags to riches story. ok maybe not rags, chamois? you get the point.
    3. your entries have a certain humor that a lot of netizens find amusing. i miss your verbal diarrhea days.
    4. and of course because you have bag named after you, trips to fab cities everywhere, a birkin, front-row tickets, after-party invites etc. you make high fashion seem accessible even to mere mortals like us! YOU ARE OUR FRONTROW TICKET BB.
    p.s. the first entry i read on your blog was when you got hacked, the one with all the pink baboosh’s haha!

  71. Patrick

    You are everything I don’t want to be.You are as vacuous upstairs as you are pompous, materialistic, no talent whatsover and think you are there to change the whole design world, you don’t have an iota of creativity, can draw, paint or design to save your life, neither can you analyse the fashion industry, so every morning I validate myself against you, am I doing anything that BryanBoy is doing, if I’m that is a huge concern for alarm and I need to change that trait in me immediately! If I’m NOT doing whatever you are doing then I’m on the absolutely right track! A curse on mankind, that’s exactly what you are!

  72. Hello,
    I am a new fan! I recentlyish moved to india from america and was feeling completely out of touch, so i did some cheesy search for hip blogs and got style rookie and you!
    I really really like how humble you both are about your awesomeness and i love how much respect you have for fashion.
    while i could never find any of the clothes here (or afford them) you site makes me feel less out of the loop!

  73. Because you came from what many would refer as “nowhere”, as I do. You have achived so much and dream after dream have been lived through. and because of that you can make new dreams and heading towards them. And you will succeed. I need to see that happend. That it can happen. I need to know that the struggles “to reach for the stars” are worth it. + I like fashion :) and sometimes you seem to have some inside storys, more inside then all the outside ones – bloggers. Hm? Did that make sence? And also – I could see you come and visit in my very cold world. We could dress up in fur go out driving ‘Skoter'(snowmobiles) up to a mountaintop and shout at the top of our lungs, make jokes about bellyfat, listen to the silence and go fishing on a frozen lake, and when we get back to the cabbin we read vogue and sippin’ hot cocoa and later brandy. And even if you would be out of your comfortzone and did’nt see the point of anything we’re doing I have gotten that impression of you that you would only laugh at it, and making the best out of it. And for long I have followed your blog, I have no clue.

  74. well thats because i love your fashion sense, you are a fashion trendsetter.. fabulous BB more pictures please of you n your wardrobe cheers

  75. Hi Bryan,
    As a gay, male, 23yo, Chinese-New Zealand born fashion design student, I have to say your ethnicity has caught my interest as there is not much Asian representation in the fashion world, especially down here in little white New Zealand.
    Your blog also informs me of fashion news, new designers to inspire me and what collections are worth taking a quick look at. I am also from humble beginnings, but have no passionate desire for luxury goods, to be famous or ‘in’ with the ‘glamorous’ fashion world you and other bloggers portray so successfully for now. Our tastes and aesthetics also differ hugely. However, I do love Fashion, and clearly you do too – perhaps THAT, is what keeps me coming back.
    Take care,

  76. i discovered your blog accidentally.., when i’m searching for some Dior Couture fall 07 pix last 2008, and i saw your blog about some hilarious bloopers that you’ve made from that show.., very witty and fun.., and most of all your a Filipino that made you unique :)

  77. i read your blog n twitter almost daily.
    not only does it have the latest news and also you r an asian just like me !
    It makes me and all asians feel proud !

  78. Taloulah

    Your honesty, confidence, wit and humor will always have me coming back for more. You’ve shown the world that stars aren’t that far out of reach and to keep on believing in dreams. Keep it up BryanBoy!

  79. marry me because i know where u live,what u do,what u your stalker.

  80. I’m following you for about a couple of years now because you inspire me! I love your sense of humor, honesty, passion for fashion, style… I do respect your knowledge of fashion and sweetness. I enjoy your posts especially about fashion week. These make me so excited, and make me feel like I’m there. Please keep posting, don’t stop!!
    xoxo, Jasna.

  81. first thing I saw was the hot pink “baboosh” – and that got me. I love your passionate and pointed (?) writing. you always talk about fierce, but you’re the most fierce of them all :) love it

  82. jap boi

    very simple you are so gay, you sweat glitters!!

    even in the fashion world a gay persons honest critique was never valued till it is welcomed internationaly.

    you are flamboyant, loud, devoted, honest, different, and have a passion for passion.

    that`s all!!

  83. I found your blog after a mention of your site in WWD. I stayed because not only do you know your stuff, but you make me laugh. You value the history of fashion, but also revel in the future.

  84. I knew your pressence from MJ hence i can say out loud because you are loud and so far you caused a stir in fashion world. This is phenomenal… so unusal. Nah it’s not going to change the fact that you r darnnnnn one luckiest man on earth who made this far to see all the exclusive and people in fashion. Mostly importanly i like your witty-ness…(if there is such word)”)…

  85. low prof

    i think it’s because we can relate to you. you still shop on sale items and are not shy in blogging about it. even though you are now prancing in the high echelons on the industry that you worship, i can still sense your humility and never forgetting your humble beginnings.

  86. Thanks for posting this question to your readers. While I enjoy seeing you front and center at fashion week or rocking designer clothing and accessories, I follow your blog for your fashion analysis and reportage. For some time, YOU were breaking fashion news. Sadly, because of your schedule, the breaking news part doesn’t always happen. BUT I do love the fact that it was YOU–not WWD or even NY mag’s The Cut–who noticed ALT’s Vogue masthead change. I’d love to see more of that in your future posts. Good luck!

  87. I have been reading your blog for a few years now. Don’t know how far back, but it was around the time you you wore that Blond wig and “Versace” dress on Halloween. Or maybe it was when you first to Stockholm, definitely before China . . .I don’t know,but it’s been a while.
    I first fell in love with your blog because you were having fun with fashion and living your life exactly as you saw fit. You talked about family, your maid, the Philippines, etc. You seemed like a person that was dead set on having fun, and by the looks of it you did.
    I still read you blog from time to time, but I now seems to be more focused on where your career is going. Trust me, I love that you are getting everything you have dreamed of (I died when Marc introduced the Bryanboy bag), but now the blog seems more business oriented and less about your wild exploits.
    Hope you don’t think I am knocking you. Truly happy for your success and will likely come back from time to time to see where life has taken you.
    All the best Bryan!

  88. your blog is approached so different than other blogs..its like having a conversation with a friend…like reading a really great column in your favorite magazine…other blogs have great information, but it doesn’t impart knowledge, just facts…other blogs arelike reading the news in the paper, while it feels we are reading a private letter that was written for friends…you are talking to all of us.

  89. Heather

    You’re unique…a breathe of fresh air plus you know exactly what to say with tact and diplomacy. In addition, you’re living your dreams and if I can’t its good to know someone so deserving is.
    Fan from Atlanta, GA

  90. JakeLondon

    I’ve been following your blog for years. You are a brilliant writer and you post topics I want to read about but the reason I check your site like five times a day is because of you. If I saw you walking down the street I would want to get to know you and since that isn’t possible your blog allows me to get to know you instead.

  91. mau gaga

    I have been following you since day 1 when you just came out with your infamous pose of the handbag at air and I must admit, with sadness, that your blog was funnier before you turned famous. I liked when ur posts were most focused on your filipino maids and your rambling videos; however I know that you have found a way to make a profit from your blog and now u have chosen to be a blogger as a profession. I still read you cuz u r honest and that’s cool :P Also i follow u on twitter!

  92. I’ve started reading you blog for like 3- years now I think… I find you hilarious and love how you would just be carefree about your comments. You used to post more pics and blog about your whereabouts and what you’re eating. But you’re a SUPERSTAR now! I’ve watched you blogging about losing weight to sitting beside Anna. I even remember, you blogged about how to clean you c-anal before doing it doggy style HaHAHA!!

  93. Hey its the 4th year! Its the personality, writing style, humor, bitchiness, gayness and fashion POV. I still read the blog on a daily basis and this last 2 years have bn amazing for u. My favorite entries is still ur camel/china post, donatella party and ur bag is from ebay mine is from…

  94. I don’t know how you can be so all over everything. I don’t have time to be that thorough, so I come to this blog to get the summary.
    and remember:
    the better you look, the more you see

  95. I’ve been following you since before 2006, when I lived in Germany. I LOVE your sense of humor and you are pretty snazzy, too. Your impromptu modeling sessions (especially at McDonald’s back in the day) give me LIFE. After ‘losing’ you for a while, I found you on twitter, and you are still the same, but with a bit of business ‘air’ about you. I am so proud of your accomplishments (you did a GREAT job at fashion week(s)) and you deserve the good fortune that has found you.
    You are awesome, keep up the good work!
    Love, Margaret

  96. Hey Bryan,
    Craig from New Zealand here – reader since you began – I keep reading because your blog is like having an online friendship with someone with a similar sense of humour and similar taste – and you are always first to laugh at yourself – most fashionistas are SO serious!
    Keep it up!
    PS meeting you in person at Family Bar with Isaac during NZFW was my like my own personal Anna moment ;)

  97. I have discovered fairly recently while scouting the net for Missoni knitwear pictures.
    Once I found your blog, I have been a faithful follower. I just love your passion for fashion, it shines through everything.
    You make me smile, give me good laughs… love your sense of humor. Also, I like the way you write. I keep on reading everytime you post something and believe you me, I get bored easily.
    Bryanboy, I am so happy for you the way things are going for you.
    May your star rise higher and higher! Keep it up!
    Love from Nancy
    (currently in San Franciso, but relocating soon to NYC)

  98. Steven L. Kidder

    HEY HEY HEY!!!!
    I only recently started following your Blog! The reason I started was because of all the stuff I have heard about your blog. So one day I decided to just check it out and I fell in love with it!!! So it is now something I do every morning while drinking my COFFEE and getting ready for the day!!
    It’s so nice to know what is happening in the world from the comfort of your home!
    STAY FIERCE!!!!!!!!

  99. I saw you on ANC, and have been following you since. I dunno, you’re interesting, I guess.

  100. BB,
    I follow you on twitter and read the blog because you make me fell soo good! You make me proud to be gay, an individual and in love with fashion and the circus that surrounds it. You’re so unique and since reading the blog I’ve come to celebrate my differences as well as those around me. You make me giddy to be alive! You’re great and you put yourself out there, unlike so many other bloggers, you give yourself to us! I mean does it get any better than Bryanboy? I think not. You’re a gem, long live!
    A tres bientot!

  101. woah bb! naiiyak ako sa mga sinasabe ng fans mo..aww..tearjerker..knowing that you touched other peoples life is so freakin overwelming.. :) Please always make us proud! My heart swells every time I heard good nrews from you :) Hope to experience what ya experience..and please keep that Pinoy pride! ILU bb! ahaha..incest ito! haha.. Reader from Philippines! ~grizzy

  102. Honestly I follow you everyday.Reading your blog is a must because it makes me feel happy and inspired by your writings, analysis and critics on fashion trends. It feels good reading your blog because you are not trying to be politically correct, i must say. Your sincerity and honesty in giving your comments and ideas is what makes your blog different and exquisite compared to others. And of course, not fogetting your wit and crazy but unique sense of styles make you stand out. Trust me, your passion and enthusiasm for fashion will bring you even farther in this industry than what you have achieved today. Just do not forget your initial intention to write this blog, which is to keep yourself close to your loved ones. That’s all. Best regards…

  103. Merritt A. Holloway

    I found your blog few years back from my bestfriend and I have been waiting for you to sweat glitters. I am waiting for that day when you sweat glitters again! I really enjoy your blog. You are good with words, you make us laugh, cry and smile with you.
    keep up the good work.
    Yet I am still waiting to see you sweat glitter so much!!!
    warm hugs,

  104. Because you have the right balance of fashion commentary and humour. Your posts are always varied and interesting. You give us insight into things we can’t experience for ourselves like going to vogue lol. And your just really funny and have good taste in fashion.

  105. coz i find u effing interesting since im Filipino and u undeniably a Filipino as well and it makes me proud to see someone hus same race as me being outhere, sitting front row in milan and paris fashion week, friends with marc jacobs, domenico and stefano, some hot models (natasha poly) and ofcourse, bitch-slapping ANNA WINTOUR!lol i also love the fact that even thogh ur filipino, ur not that patriotic or ur not the kind of arnel pineda and charice who always run their mouth about the philippines and the filipino. disclaimer: i love my country and country men!lol ur different coz fashion runs in ur blood, its inate in u. its almost like, u dont have to think wat ur gonna say, it just comes out from ur fag-bitchy mind!
    p.s. dont be to hard on philippines though… : )

  106. Lisa From Cali

    My brother forwarded your blog to me a few years ago because he thought it might amuse me. I’m not into fashion so I obviously don’t read your blog for that. However, I have since appreciated it because it’s your life and I’ve learned a few things from you. I became a fan and kept reading your blog because of your sense of humor, wit, and your bon vivant lifestyle. I wish you nothing but the best and you seem to be fulfilling your life’s dreams.

  107. New follower – I’ve never followed a fashion blog before! I guess most fashionistas I meet are pretty stuck up and just parrot what everyone else says. You’re not just trying to be cool (it’s just natural for you), you genuinely love what you’re doing, and you’re not afraid to be enthusiastic. It’s totally made me feel like fashion’s something I can be a part of. Thank you so much! xxx

  108. Bianca Diaz

    I’m an 18-year-old Filipina who has always dreamt of having what you have. You are an inspiration. You have a fierce personality and you are yourself, you are real. And that’s why I love you!

  109. Because, you’re doing genuinely enjoy what you want to do in life and it shows.

  110. I’ve been following you for years now… you are and have always been an inspiration to be more than ordinary, to be more than the usual, to break away from the crowd.
    At the beginning, it was all about fashion but now you (same with me) have matured with your views in your blogs (though I still love the way you write about fashion and your new experiences much like the excitement of a child during christmas day)… Continue doing what you are doing… I saw you once at Greenbelt but was sooo shy to say hi… hope to see you soon :-)

  111. At first I started reading your blog because the writing style was humorous and I like a personal point of view on fashion news and events. It’s still the same reason why I read it but lately I’m questioning why I come here as often as I do when a lot of the posts I see are about which magazine you’ve been mentioned in. And I read about how busy you are going to shows and meetings but what are they for, the blog or something else? I know you are busy but I thought the blog is your full time job (wrong?) and there’s not as many posts as I thought you’d post. But I still visit the site every time I surf the internet.

  112. i follow BB because he’s the fiercest person in the universe!
    and emily, that’s all!

  113. I follow your blog and you on twitter for several reasons:

    1) I see in you the same love of and affinity with fashion that I have felt since I was tiny, and love and admire that you’ve done something tangible to express that passion.

    2) Your blog & tweets are a fast and reliable source of the latest fashion news and key stories from around the world.

    3) Your tweets particularly often make me genuinely laugh out loud – proper, tears streaming down the face stuff. I think we share a bitchy-but-educated sense of humour.

    4) Unlike many bloggers you don’t take yourself or your subject matter *too* seriously. Most of the time ;-)

    My name is Hugh Wright and I love Bryan Boy! x

  114. ethan-arielle

    for a fellow filipino, i am so proud of you..making a mark in the fashion world…not afraid to make fun of yourself..being true to self..

  115. because you’re cheeky (keber ba) and all the fame and jetsetting are simply happy byproducts of what you do best. so cheers!

  116. you are fashionable yes, but as you said, so are a bajillion other bloggers out there SO the moment is started following you was when i read the post about a neighbor of yours passing away and how that scared you to go jogging around your neighborhood for fear of her ghost. BAHAHAHAHA. you’re just tooo damn real and funny. So yes. I look up your blog (don’t have twitter) everyday to come back to your little stories such as that, not really for the fashion fashion… i have a LOT of fashion blogs bookmarked but you stand out because of your little stories.
    Today’s made me smile too…your mom crying upon opening the door to see you and then saying you got fat :| heeeeeeee!

  117. I used to follow you obsessively because you made me laugh with your irreverent and outrageous, campy humor. As time has gone on, the blog has become a much more serious fashion blog, and while I find it interesting, it feels much less personal and appealing to me. I feel like it has lost much of its quirkiness and whimsy. So these days I may check it twice a week or so. I appreciate your rise to stardom in the fashion blogging world, and I’m happy for you because I always thought you deserved better–that you were a big fish in a little pond. However I really miss the old Bryanboy and wish you would intersperse your serious posts with some of the old funny, random, and sometimes dirty stuff. Also it feels like you have been so busy traveling (which is great) that the frequency of your posts has decreased dramatically. I hope that you don’t lose site of the importance of this blog and your fans. These are after all the reasons for your success. So don’t forget about us!

  118. juv_tess

    I regularly visit your blog ever since I first saw you at a Mel and Joey episode because I love how you write. You made me smile several times ago. I honestly miss your more vulgar blog entries that I sometimes go through your archives.

    I know your blogged evolve to what it is today, but I hasn’t stopped following you because I’m so proud of you! I’m so much interested on what you are up to.

  119. Found u’r blog few months ago (while i’m reading a 2007 edition of Bazaar Magz) and can’t help myself not to check the latest post from time to time.And it is because of the combination of brave, witty, sharp, honest and hillarious piece of writing that you have… And I’m not even a fashion addict or fashionable in style…Bravo Bryan… Love u so much…Don’t stop being YOU…

  120. Your blog tells…no… SHOWS the rest of us that coming from the third world shouldn’t and doesn’t stop us from becoming an influential force and a voice heard in fashion.

  121. Joan Awa

    You are very straight forward and quirky and basically, phenomenal.

  122. I added your blog to my google reader and it is the only fashion blog I follow since I saw an article somewhere about you and Marc Jacobs, it called my attention your rise to fame and I began to read your old entries and I loved your optimistic and upbeat attitude and your overall joie de vivre. I am a chemistry graduate student and your life is so different from mine that you open a door into a world I never had been interested in, it is very insightful and very informative, it is like having a very close friend with fashion and life insights because you are very personal, not trying to please, I like the honesty of your comments, your excitement about some garment or shoes or bags is so genuine, anyway you are very real. Kudos! I hope success always follows you!

  123. I have never posted a comment on your website, this is my first time because I really wanted you to know ;
    so, the first time I even heard about you was when I read this article in a fashion magazine that said that Marc jacobs named this bag after a blogger. The BB bag ;-).
    I was fascinated by this, I wondered, well why would marc jacobs name it after him?
    And that’s when I started reading your blog. I think you have a unique way of writing things about different aspects in the fashion industry, it’s just that it’s really addictive for me, to check out your blog, because I can really féél your passion and it’s very intruiging and fascinating to me because you’re just a normal, down to earth, but fierce guy, so keep on doing that

  124. by now u should be up cloud nine after so so many nice coms!
    actually no need to add one more, but I AGREE ; u have an eye for fashion,trends and u can write . your also the cutest boy ever but your fashion and writing skills are making this blog one of the best there is . For improvement and there always is : now u have build ur name – go and get some interviews with the people u feature. I am sure u get in and more than 2 secs attention now. And try do them in the same style as ur regular writing. Try la! It would bring u a ton extra on add revenue :) take care and smoke less :)

  125. Hey BryanBoy!
    I keep up with you more on Twitter than your blog, but I frequent your blog every now & then. I just recently found you through BagSnob’s Twitter actually. I was like who is this guy & why does he have so many followers? haha. & then NYFW came not too long after & that’s when I found out about how big of a deal you are in the fashion community. I was pleased & proud to find out that you’re Filipino being I’m also of that decent. I think it’s incredible that you have so much notoriety & respect because it gives me hope that our people can make it big in the fashion industry. I follow you on Twitter because you’re super bubbly & what better way to follow Fashion Week than with you & your twitpics? hehehe. Speaking of Twitter, you actually just tweeted me, @saucyfbaby, a little while ago about dinuguan. hahaha. I was like OMGAH, he really tweeted me! I died a little on the inside. =]
    But anyways, continue to stay humble & be yourself. We love you & you’re so inspiring! Mabuhay ka!

  126. Oh dahlin, its because of your fabulous sense of fashion, your extremely extensive vocabulary and your incomparable wit and humor…

    before i say everything in superlatives, your royal fashionness, do add me in your facebook..I love following you around.. :)

  127. I was in singapore and just beginning my blogging journey. I had just learned about Hyper Text Mail Language- oh give my a break, I was only 12 years old… Yes, THAT long ago. I am nineteen now. I absolutely loved you. My fave quote: “I am So gay, I sweat gitter!” One does wish we could all go back to the days when you were always up to something crazy… Wearing wigs, dressed in drag, and having a fag, whilst prancing around in platform heels (something that i could never do), I lived vicariously through you, and now I am even more jealous than ever… Keep growing BryanBoy

  128. The way you view your self, your life, your fashion, and your society. How you strive, search, laugh and formulate for the creation of art in these aspects. I like how everything is -you-. I admire your fight against mediocrity. All your achievements big and small, from the moment I first visited your blog (because of google and obagi! some many years ago), until today, is because of YOU. Every time I enter your blog I am inspired, entertained, and happy….without the calories.

  129. I found out about you through the Vogue edition where you were featured with other bloggers. I’m actually a follower of Michelle Phan so I checked it out and during the behind the scenes she mentioned nice things about you. So I searched for your blog and I loved it. I was even more surprised to know that you’re a Filipino which I am,too. You are living my dream, I should say. The best part was when you were seated in the front row with Anna Wintour and all those big time editors. You truly have passion for fashion. As what i can assume from reading your blog, you are not so rich but you are able to go to a lot of places, own designer clothes and meet big time people in the fashion industry. I’m so proud of you! You achieved all of these because you are so TRUE! I continue to read your blog because you are an inspiration. <3

  130. Estilofino

    Well the reason I check you your blog daily is that YOU are my window to the world of everything fabulous! I am a single father of a 9 year old son, Rico who lives in a VERY small town in southwest arizona where nothing happens. And to be quite honest , everytime i see you in a place I want to be you fullfill my curiosity and I have a Great day afterwards, so Bryanboy THANK YOU for being fabulous!!!

  131. i’ve discovered your blog years ago and i still want to know what you wear and who you wear. i kinda miss seeing your bitching when you werent a superstar yet. you were more brutal in your posts years ago, but that’s fine. also, you’ve been kinda busy so i understand that the blogs are less frequent than years ago.

  132. marimusing

    Bryanboy is the ultimate love affair with fashion and fashion right now is loving him right back. It’s fashion fantasy — the first world lives the third worlds’ dreams and to mark a global footprint of fans regardless of race, place or purse is remarkable.

  133. marimusing

    bryanboy is the ultimate love affair with fashion and fashion right now is loving him right back. It’s fashion fantasy — the first world lives the third worlds’ dreams and to mark a global footprint of fans the way you have regardless of race, place or purse is remarkable.

  134. Hey Bryan-
    I first saw/briefly met you at the IFBcon. You were so adorable, fast-talking, and funny during the panel discussion, and afterward, you complimented my friend’s REAL fur jacket, telling him you would “punch him” if it were fake.
    I mean, irresistible!!
    I simply HAD to check out your blog, after that.
    Oh, and the glasses.

  135. I’ve been following your blog for years and I want for the post saying that you’ve fallen in love. I miss the days when this blog was most about yourself than about the fashion.

  136. Candy Estacio

    I loved the commentary on your blog. It’s very refreshing. I also love the fact that you put Filipinos on the map of the the fashion world. You are a living example of “dreams do come true”. It’s great to see other Filipino’s accomplishments. (Love the LV and the Birkin.)

  137. hey bryanboy

    I recently read an article in Australian magazine marieclaire about fashion bloggers; majority of the spread featuring you. Naturally curious about anything new that influences the fashion industry, i went to master google to see what you’re about.

    I must say I find your blog very easy to get hooked on, you have a very natural writing style, which accompanied with your enthusiasm and knowledge for fashion and its designers, gives your blog what i believe is the ‘it’ factor.
    May your love and talent for this bring you much success and i hope to read more about you in the next few magazines i buy.


  138. i’ve discovered your blog about 4-5 months .. i’ve heard about you and i started to follow just cuz everyone else did… but then i continued because i liked your point of view , you are not just showing the current fashion and snob-like expencive clothes , but you have your own style and write about so many different things .. i love your blog and i hope you will keep posting long-long time …

  139. i just love your way of humorousness and the way it makes me read your posts as if you wrote them in some kind of a trance in only 2 seconds and the words just came out falling off your fingertips

  140. Because I love dry sarcastic humor and that’s what you have… Yours is the only blog I read where I actually laugh out loud while reading! Also your style of writing is easy to read and its amazing where all this blogging takes you :)

  141. You have a very unique and interesting sense of style, you are not just fashionable but very fashion forward. To add to that you are funny and honest. Wish that I had been checking your blog since you started instead of just recently, and now I come here 2-3 times a day, to check new posts and read your tweets and I feel bad, coz I feel like a stalker. :) But am not one, don’t worry, am just fascinated by everything you have to say, your pull is that great. Cheers to you Bryanboy! May you taste consistent success.

  142. oh bryanboy i adore you! your honesty, your wittiness, and how you use difficult words! (indonesian is my first language so yeah you know yada yada yada).
    all in all I’m a fan.

  143. i’ve only recently started following your blog over the last few months and am extremely intrigued by your personality and wit. love love love your style, unique point of view and all the fabulous opportunities that have come and are still coming your way! i’ve been traveling back and forth from the us and pi over the last 2 years and am amazed at how you have connected yourself all over the globe. keep up the good work!

  144. hey bryanboy, i’ve been following you since years ago, as i remembered marc jacobs named his collection after you. since then i keep on reading your posting until now. The entries about fashion is so intresting where i hardly share it with friends :)

  145. i appreciate people who dont hesitate to express their passion/s in whatever manner they think fit. i also appreciate that there is a certain intelligence with how you present/write your blogs. i appreciate that all these things come naturally.

  146. i appreciate people who dont hesitate expressing their passion in whatever way they think fit. i appreciate that there is a certain intelligence with the way you present/write your blogs. i appreciate that so far all these things come naturally.

  147. You’re amazing, you’re funny, smart, witty and you have an INCREDIBLE sense of style. You wear things no guy I know would touch and you wear them proudly…Wish I had half that amount of self-confidence. You seem so genuinely friendly and sweet and coming originally from SEA myself, I like to know there’s someone in that area who appreciates European fashion like I do.
    Been following you for 2+ years now, though I rarely comment and sometimes I forget to check your blog, but I keep coming back because when it comes to fashion, you know best :)
    <3 from Vancouver

  148. I love ur blog because u know how to communicate with ur readers and u’re such an awesome guy and u’re VERY VERY stylish and I can continue and continue…but just know that Ryan, u’re the BEST!))

  149. nobody does it better

    i recentley discovered your blog, i have more than a passion for fashion,, your blog is informative, honest and direct,, which is what we all need a contrast to images we are force fed by masss media. I like the fact that you discuss up and coming designers, as well as the direction of fashion ,,, 4 sho


    Well honestly, i just found out about you today. I was reading Urban (straits times friday May 14, 2010 edition) and you were featured in one page. I wasnt very much interested in fashion blogs or articles about fashion but as im reading through the article i found at that at a young age you already achieved sooo much. I can only say … WOW This guy is so awesome….Instantly I want you to be my brother hehe. You are a fashion icon and you are a great inspiration to young people. Kudos Bryan good job!!

  151. Volos

    I’m new to your blog. I’m not really into fashion much. T-shirts and jeans are my usual getup because every time I try dressing up, people here in the Philippines keep looking at me and It feels really awkward and uncomfortable. I read your blog because I like the humor you put into the articles and as a “fashion-victim” (haha!), i like to educate myself about a topic I’m not good at.
    You’re one-of-a-kind!
    Peace and love :D

  152. I’ve heard of you a couple of times (from a classmate, was in our luxury brand management class) and since am Twitter I was curious and decided to follow you. Wow, such amazing personality! Such confidence! I guess am a new follower. I like the fact that you can share instantaneously what us cannot get access to, that little piece of dream ; and that we can interact with you just a click away. This is amazing! Well, looking for more to come ;)

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