Sometimes, Self-assessment is Not Enough

I’m about to post a long entry after being inundated with emails.  

I know some of you have been following me since day one of my blog. Many of you have been following me for years… one, two, three, four. Perhaps some of you have only discovered me recently. Whatever the case, name your reasons why you follow me on the internet. What makes you subscribe to my feed? What makes you follow me on twitter or on facebook? Why do you go to my blog? What is it about me that makes you come back oh I dunno, daily, weekly, monthly? Why are you keeping track?

I’m curious.

My heart beats faster than usual whenever I’m asked the dreadful “what separates my blog from others when there are thousands, if not millions, of blogs out there” or “what makes my site unique” question. I feel that it’s my readers and the people who follow me who can answer that question best.

Reply now so I can post the other entry!!!!!