Brian Leyva, RIP

Written By bryanboy

Brian Leyva, RIP

Filipino designer Brian Leyva passed away this morning.

Brian Leyva

According a mutual friend, he was mugged on Monday night after going to the gym and his
attacker shot him in the head.

For an iPhone.

Brian (along with other Filipino designers)  was commissioned by Ballet Philippines to dress Barbie for an auction benefit recently.

This isn't the first time a Filipino fashion designer suffered a tragic, violent death. Some of you might remember what happened to Ernest Santiago, Mel Vergel de Dios and Caloy Badidoy. 

RIP, Brian Leyva.

photos via: google images, facebook


  1. I have been looking at his facebook account since this morning. Really, I mourn and I still am. I know him, but we aren’t close. I’m not even sure if he knows me. I just see him everytime I do shows for a clothing line he is close to. I will miss seeing him in fittings. I will miss seeing him backstage. ;(( I can see his kindness in his eyes everytime I look at him, really. My deepest condolences po. ;((

  2. This is very sad. How vicious. What a waste of talent. Makes me angry. Really.

    I shared this link to other filipino fashion bloggers I know. Thianks for sharing this. This is my only means of news from home. :)

  3. christine

    do they really need to shoot him in the head????? how about knocking him out or hitting him out cold???? this is just insane! Over a cell phone????

    Fucking animals, i swear! All a criminal needs to do is point a gun and scare the shit out of a person, and 99.9% of the time, they obey/give what the criminals want.


  4. That is so awful. I feel silly saying this b/c I can’t imagine what that’ be like, its so far removed from cushy UK, but: DAMN.

  5. such an awful news.

    i remember when i heard about mel vergel de dios, i almost could not believe it – who i know personally back during my high school days.

  6. I knew him since our high school days, An Intelligent, talented and leader character student. Who ever does it for an Iphone doesn’t have a heart. “God have mercy on you”. A young and talented fashion Icon that will bring proud to the Filipino people has gone. Condolence for the Leyva Family.

  7. What a shame….

    It’s just hard to imagine…

    How cazry this world has become…

  8. A terrible tragedy..such a sad loss.. but there will be more of this in this shameful country where people are starving while others flaunt their wealth so ostentatiously. .and guns are legal in the Philippines! How crazy is that?

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