Birthday Greetings from Moscow

Written By bryanboy

Birthday Greetings from Moscow

Today is my birthday. My friends Inna and Pasha in Moscow made me this lovely, heart-warming video.

Proof that the best things in life are free and don’t come with a designer label. :-)
(funny for me to say that because they work for the company that manages Marc Jacobs in Russia… lol)

Thanks guys and I miss you both!


  1. I’m very new to blogger so I JUST found your blog today..and yes. I’m sorry for not following your earlier! LOVE your GQ style! Congrats on everything!


  2. Happy Birthday, BB! Wishing more birthdays to come and more success, love, and happiness! xox

  3. aaah this is sooooo cute of them, i hope you are gonna see them soon….and i wish you the best b-day aswell.

  4. Mrs Kliuch

    Always happy to read your life loving posts :)
    Happy Birthday, dearest BB!!! :D

  5. happy birthday, was nice seeing you at gucci & in the fashion week bus going to missoni, you’re very cute!

  6. Happy Birthday! My boyfriend’s is today and he is from Russia. Love your blog and I’m sure being in Vogue’s closet was pure heaven and that you’ll remember every second to the last detail 50 years from now!

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