Balmain Jacket Spring Summer 2010

Written By bryanboy

Balmain Jacket Spring Summer 2010

Everyone loves a good ol' case of schadenfreude. I know it's absolutely cruel for me to say this but I always beam with delight whenever I see hot diggity damn Christophe Decarnin for Balmain items on eBay. No matter what you say, it only means one thing: buyer's remorse! Walking out the shop door after experiencing the high one gets after dropping the plastic for seven grand is insane. When that high turns into a comedown, you just know there's a woman out there in this big, bad, pagoda-shouldered world, quivering, no, weeping, over her mastercard statement.

Balmain military-inspired jacket from the spring/summer 2010 collection.

Click HERE for more information.

Oh fashion, what are you doing to people?

photo credit: eBay


  1. MAI-MAI G.

    Hi, Bryan! I just want to tell you that I <3 your site. And I ALWAYS look forward for your daily blogs. Ingat lagi! :)

  2. Hi, Brayn! I just want to tell you that I love your site and I always look forward for your daily blogs. :) Ingat lagi! Much love from Seattle, WA

  3. I am not sure about the jacket. It’s difficult to tell without seeing it on someone. This is quite typical of Decarnin’s designs: they are very feminine, & work on a woman, rather than on a coat-hanger or a bust.
    One likely explanation is that the buyer has no remorse but has already made enough use of the jacket. Some women would not be seen twice with the same outfit, so if they have worn it once at a large event, they no longer have any use for it. I have done that a lot of time, btw!

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  5. if you click on the link, its ebay posting claims it’s new and still has its tags on.
    could it be that some people would wear it once with the tags on and sell it on ebay?
    the “only wear once” theory is sooo true..i worked in sales and i find it appaling that people with no scruples would buy an item only to return it after having presumably worn it.

  6. I never understood how Balmain can justify the prices!And the jacket is ugly by the way..
    Thanks for your post.

  7. oh no! I actually really like this jacket :s It’s more like 1940’s shoulder pad rather than crazy 80’s! oh well…totally unattainable, sigh

  8. Yeah, tags are still attached -but with the safety pin. Look closely. So you can’t tell if it’s been worn or not.

  9. Hi Gemma. Yes, you can put tags back on with most high-end items as the tags are designed so they can be taken off without even slightly risking tearing up (or stretching) the fabric. I worked with a few fashion magazines (mostly online) & some of the PR / designers who lent us clothes put the tags back on and sold the clothes in private sales etc. I have even seen this happen with a 70K ring we used for one shot.
    I can’t tell you about this jacket, though.
    Another possibility is that the jacket was bought for a show / movie & never worn. I bought a number of Lanvin suits / dinner jackets from political parties & movie makers in Paris.
    I like Bryanboy’s idea of remorse better than other explanations, though!

  10. popsyturvee

    I love the structure and the silhouette of the jacket. But those zippers are uneccessary. I would love to deconstruct it somehow.

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