Balenciaga Banned Carine Roitfeld, Vogue Paris

Written By bryanboy

Balenciaga Banned Carine Roitfeld, Vogue Paris

This is shocking and super scary. I received this news alert from Women’s Wear Daily  last night during dinner.

In other Balenciaga news, noticeably absent from Thursday’s front row was French Vogue editor in chief Carine Roitfeld and her team. They were barred from the show. “We’re blacklisted,” Roitfeld said with a shrug at Nina Ricci later in the day. “It’s too bad, it’s a beautiful house and it’s French. I hope that it’s not forever.” She noted Balenciaga no longer advertises in the magazine or lends it clothes, but stopped short of giving any reason for the rift. “Ask them,” she offered. A Balenciaga spokesman declined comment.

It’s no secret that the House of Balenciaga, which is owned by Gucci Group/PPR, is super conservative
when it comes to their show but to blacklist Carine Roitfeld (who wore Balenciaga in last year’s CNN feature as above) and her Vogue Paris team means something serious happened behind closed doors.



  1. I’m so curious to know what happened, this is major mmmm we’ll see sooner than later I’m sure!

  2. AppleMartin

    I bet Marie-Amelie Sauve has something to do with that.

    She’s some power figure at Balenciaga while she’s working with Vogue Paris. I don’t know whether she’s still at VP or not, but she hasn’t styled a single editorial for VP in quite a long time…

    Dig it up, bb <3

  3. VP lover

    This is beyond Ghesquiere’s will. Advertise is much for Balenciaga and so is editorial placement. We know VP taste for Balmain, its basicly anywhere and that might be the problem.A little childish if you ask me.

  4. AppleMartin

    Oh, forgot to mention about the fact that current love affair of Vogue Paris has been only Balmain for quite a while now.

    Who knows? Jealousy is a strong feeling.

  5. OMG. Does this have something to do with Anna W? I hope not…Im not making sense.. Anyway – too bad. Carine of all people? I have to pinch myself again..

  6. That’s such a terrible move in terms of business that it must have been something quite serious – certainly nothing to do with Balmain. So so so strange.

  7. stalker

    what happened is that Marie-amélie Sauvé was fired from Vogue Paris last december!! Everybody know that Marie-amélie Sauvé is a very close friend of Nicolas and the power woman of Balenciaga …

  8. You betcha Anna Wintour has something to do with this! Remember her meeting with the French Industry Secretary and Ms. Roitfeld some time ago?
    I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories, but this just seems too obvious to me. Like a queen who’s afraid of being kicked off her throne by a charming young princess.

    Or it’s just a difference between French Vogue and the label, but would you really ban the most powerful person in French fashion from the show because of that?

  9. carine blacklisted herself! this is a ploy by carine so that she’ll be in the headlines again

  10. If it had to do with Marie-Amelie, it would seem pretty petty and it wouldn’t make sense anyhow. It’s two businesses we’re talking about not a meager fallout. If it were, I’d be disappointed at how childish they’ve acted. Balenciaga seem to be distancing themselves from VP for other reasons. How is Vogue Paris doing these days?

  11. AdhiPuTaw

    Oh, yes, this is damn weird. I have never read French Vogue and I don’t know much about Roitfeld, but I see her (after I see several Balenciaga collections) as the quintessential Balenciaga girl. Have Roitfeld wear anything made by Ghesquiere since Spring 2007 and she’ll rock it effortlessly.

    But yes, she can rock Balmain with much ease as well. So it makes some sense that Balenciaga might be jealous of French Vogue’s and Carine’s flirt with Balmain.

    Or is Wintour behind this? Hmm … I doubt it. But then again she is the only woman in history who can force, unintentionally and indirectly, Milan Fashion Week organizer to cram all shows in four days period. So kicking a fellow another from a show should be a piece of cake.

    We all know how much Wintour loves Ghesquiere and Balenciaga. So, who knows, Balenciaga might have done this to secure Wintour’s love for whatever reason.

    I’d like to see more on this. Keep us posted, BB.

  12. FO REAL?! Hm… Carine is the Vogueeditor I like the most, if you can put it like that, but my love for Balenciaga is bigger so I think it’s bit cool actually that they banned a big ass persona like her! And noooo I cannot see AW have something to to with my man Ghesquiere. I don’t se him bending over for no one.

  13. Yes this weird, every editor-in-chiefs were there at the show, includding Anna & Anna, but I didn’t see Carine. It’s weird, she is a very nice lady.

  14. Yeah whatever – All I know is when it comes to Carine – I’d hit it!

  15. hmm, i wonder why?! yet it makes me chuckle that she is in fact wearing a Balenciaga dress from FW09, coincidence if i say so myself?

  16. connie

    Roitfeld and Boston:

    space age:

  17. AppleMartin

    In case anyone still cares, some quip from…

    Word on the street, or in the Tuileries, is that French Vogue was blacklisted from Balenciaga via Max Mara. The magazine’s editor-in-chief, Carine Roitfeld, consults, or did consult, for the Italian brand. She allegedly asked Balenciaga for samples for an editorial shoot, and one of the coats ended up at Max Mara’s design studio where it was copied and then sent back to Paris.
    Balenciaga’s notoriously strict with their samples — almost everyone has to promise they’ll shoot the head to toe runway look and samples are usually lent out for a day at a time — and when the French label heard about Max Mara, they lost it.
    If fashion were a monarchy, Carine would be our queen, so we hate to think she deliberately sent Max Mara the coat, but our sources say it was no mistake.

  18. Shocking that she actually gave Balenciaga goods to Max Mara directory so they would copy them and then send them back.Wonder how Balenciaga actually found that out…Who would expect that???

  19. wildthings

    appleMartin is right, this is the reason why they stopped the collaboration…

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