A Marvelous and Magnificent, Very Vogue Day

Written By bryanboy

A Marvelous and Magnificent, Very Vogue Day

Welcome to my new office.

Vogue Lobby, 12th floor of Conde Nast Building, 4 Times Square.

I kid, I kid you!!!

What a marvelous, magnificent and magical day. I went to Conde Nast yesterday afternoon.

Without going into detail, I had the absolute pleasure (and honor) of meeting Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Sally Singer, Tonne Goodman, Virginia Smith and Mark Holgate at the American Vogue offices. Yes, the inner sanctum where dreams are fulfilled and miracles happen.

Alas, what happened on the 12th floor stays at the 12th floor but let me assure you, the future looks bright!

After spending an hour and twenty minutes at Vogue, I invited a friend for a celebratory visit to Bergdorf Goodman for a quick, no-frills, very late lunch. 

Bergdorf Goodman

During our toast, I had an epiphany.

If the United Nations had a "Dreams Come True" program, I'm probably the ultimate poster-child, no, UNICEF Ambassador, that dreams do indeed come true.

With all the amazing things that have happened to me over the past few months, especially with what I once thought was inaccessible to someone who came from a (very) faraway land and with modest means such as myself, it occurred to me right then and there that maybe, just maybe, it's now my obligation and duty to keep THE dream and the fantasy, whatever it may be, alive, so that I (like the team over at Vogue) get to inspire people of my generation and others, TO HAVE the same, if not bigger, dreams. Afterall, it's our dreams and ambitions and goals that help us all move forward to have better, more colourful and fashionably-inspired lives….

Am I making any sense here? I hope you know what I mean because I feel like I'm posting gibberish after being in cloud nine…

To my fairy godmother, again, thank you so much for the red carpet
ride over the Vatican where I saw the pope, the apostles and of course,
the inner sanctum! 

And Emily? That's all!

Mwah mwah.

PS. Yes, I've been to the closet. It was heaven on earth. Balenciaga and Proenza shoes forever!

PPSS. No, I didn't take photos inside and I didn't dare ask whether I could take photos or not. I'd like to visit there again and some memories are best kept in the head and cherished with the heart!


  1. How wonderdul! I agree with you somethings are better kept secret and it’s a good thing you were very professional and respected Vogue’s privacy :)
    much love,

  2. BB I am truly happy and proud for you. You have come so far. xoxo from a loyal reader since ’06

  3. Jeremy Castro

    Wow! I’m so happy for you BB. Yes, you’d better keep that dream alive for all of us.

  4. B!!! The best has finally come for you :) May you continue to be an inspiration to us mere mortals!! You keep everything real and for that, thank you!!! :) Dreams do come true, and you’re living proof! Stay positive and happy because that highly contagious optimism of yours will keep you going and going and going :) Congratulations to our very own fashionable energizer bunny from the Philippines :)

  5. Im so inspired by this post of yours bryan. Im so proud of you! Keep the spirit high and keep living the dream! Wish you all the best for the years to come! Advance Happy Birthday my favorite fashion blogger!

  6. What an inspiring post from an inspiring man. Am glad your dreams have cfome true and long may it continue!

  7. So happy for you!!! BryanBoy
    U achieved a lot in this year….tasting the life as a trendsetter…. watching fashion show in the front row with Anna. It is such a wonderful life.
    Because of you, I started my very own fashion blog as well, hoping to achieve something in the future. I have a faith that I can accomplish something :) We should all have a faith too!!!


  8. Nikki Spouse

    So amazing! Dreams have been achieved and, i have no dout will continue… xx

  9. Aww dreams coming true, I am happy for you. 5+ years of dedicated blogging is good for somethings.

  10. I remember when you used to be on makeupalley and I’m SO happy for you! I think you’re a great ambassador.

  11. I’ll just re-iterate what almost everyone else has said; very inspiring indeed!
    I hope to blaze a trail for myself one day~

  12. Dreams come true to those who see an opportunity, work hard at it and have the smarts to understand that luck also plays a part of it! But you must be willing to work to take advantage of any luck.
    It is rare that dreams come true because few take advantage of all of this. You have, and to do so takes an enormous amount of intelligence and determination.
    Don’t want you to forget where you came from so I will stop at that.

  13. The hypocrites (aka fashionistas daw) from PI are so jealously hating you right now! I’m all for your bigger and brighter dreams but PLEASE don’t neglect your blog, not everyone has twitter. :)

  14. What where you doing outside Newscorp? this is in front of the Newscorp building, OMG if I was outside, I will surely take picture of u

  15. again, i fucking hate for your indifference in using animal fur. but secretly, im rooting for you more than manny pacquiao. you deserve all these things because you’re passionate and you worked really hard for them. itaguyod mo ang pangalan ng mga baklang Filipino. sana every lgbt in the philippines share the same passion and courage that you have. God Bless ;)

  16. HAHAHA.. GOOD ASS JOB! By the way, I think I never seen you in a better outfit! good ass look?!

  17. Well done BB! So proud of you as a fellow pinoy! go for the gold and all the best. Besos from Spain!

  18. This is the first time I’m leaving a comment…but I had to. We’re all so happy for you and I agree that some things have to cherished inside our heart…
    xx Emily
    PS: LOVE the yellow mulberry, especially with the green little scarf as a detail!


  20. I loved it. U re so lucky to meet Anna. Ow I wish some day meet Anna Dello Russo. I just love her job. She’s amazing. BTW: Sorry if my english is not the best, I’m a Brazilian fashion Blogger. I really like your Blog.
    All the best @LicoVeloso
    xo xo

  21. You looked Vogue-perfect! Congrats on your success sweet friend. And SO GOOD to see you, even if only for a quick lunch at the diner :)
    xoxo, Tina

  22. I love what u’re wearing here. I love all those crazy stuff that u had on but this screams fashion blogger to me=)

  23. i’ve always been fascinated with your blog… I never dared to comment, because its just nice to be an observer of your enjoyable and passionate journey to fashion. Thanks for reassuring that, yeah… dreams do come true!!! You are our generation’s Dorothy(mmm. probably in red version of the “Armadillo”)

  24. OhmyMissPaulina

    Not only that you can be fashionably modest, or a melange of “positude”,pizzaz and sparkles,I do like the heart that’s apparent at the end the day! I’m following… :)
    Cin Cin from San francisco!

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