What's Inside My Bag

Written By bryanboy

What’s Inside My Bag

Ok, ok. It feels like “Back to School” day so I took a photo of what I’ll be carrying around town in my Be&D Genesis bag.

Be&D Genesis Bag

Be&D Genesis bag, hd video cam, Flip mino, Nokia n97 phone, Nokia n97 mini phone, JVC earphones, Louis Vuitton Wappity, Louis Vuitton x Sprouse wallet, Altoids mints, hotel key, disposable toothbrush, breath spray, Vaseline lip balm, Martin Margiela sunglasses, Moleskine book, Creed Windsor perfume, 2 packs of Marlboro lights, fashion show invites.


  1. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag.
    And why do you have and need 2 N97 Nokia phones??

  2. Not reds anymore??? Going lights huh. :)

    May you have a happy valentine’s day!

    Happy (lunar) new year too!

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