1. You spend an awfully long period of time trying to figure out why that is, until you realise that you’re gonna love that person no matter what OR that you never loved them enough in the first place.

  2. I will assess the whole situation and see how much I hate the person.
    If I hate the person for a shallow reason, then I’ll tell myself to get a grip.
    If I really hate the person but I think they’re good for each other, I’ll just have to stick to the situation.
    If I really hate the person and dislike that person for the person I love, I will talk the person I love into it. If I really can’t convince the person I love about it, I’ll still utter it every now and then but will still try to accept the truth.

  3. this is soooo me! it did not happen to my crush tho but even worse, my best friend :(

  4. Ouch. Going through this one, what I do is play nice and secretly hope with fingers crossed that the person I love comes to his/her senses and breaks up with the one I hate. An alternative way to deal would be welcome (and ceasing the hatred is not an option- the hatee hates me right back)

  5. you go and buy a bottle of vodka, one box ciggie and you keep a private party:)

  6. answer:
    pretend to be cool and not give a shit… buuut then find an excuse to get mad every time the issue comes up lol
    is it immature? hell yes.
    do i care? no, cuz it makes me feel better haha

  7. Tread the median like you were sinking in deep water. Playing both sides works until you’re told to choose a side. After that… well, you just have to know what’s right after that.

  8. I think it’s horrible when some you love loves someone you hate. That happens all the time but if te person you love loves u back then you don’t have to worry

  9. Some says I gotta a tiny Blair Waldorf in me, and I would definitely do a little Blair Waldorf thingy here. Everthing is allowed in love and war, right?

  10. 1. Smoke a lot of ciggies
    2. Totes let your bulimia relapse
    3. And obvi will the hated individual being jumped in the metro and having their birkin stolen

  11. I think it would suck more if it was ur best friend. I say let go and move on but u can also fck/lure him when they’re already together just to spite on the person u hate. just sayinggggg…. haha

  12. I love compromises like this.
    Unfortunately, you can’t do anything.
    Just go on and wait.
    After a little time you will see that it is allright.

  13. I’ll be happy for both of them. If the person you love loves someone you hate, you don’t deserve that person. There might be something wrong with the person you love for him/her to love the person you hate.

  14. you just deal with it. If you loved them enough, you’d learn to love the person you hate.

    Hate is easy.

    Love, however takes some balls!

  15. I’m in exactly that pickle at the moment and i effing HATE it! i just wanna slap the girl and shake some sense into her, argh! ;P it sucks to see your friends humiliate themselves… you cant just say everything youre thinking though because there are boundaries – it sucks!

  16. Veyron Graves

    At first I’d probably think: “Life’s a bitch and then you die (or you marry one)!” But after a while: “Live everyday as if it were your last, ’cause one day you’re gonna be right.”

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