How Glamorous…

Written By bryanboy

Took this photo of me at my friend’s apartment lobby just a few hours ago. I’m staying with a buddy here in Milan. I thought this photo is hysterical. After spending the whole day out, all I wanted to do is go home. So that’s what I did.

Until I realized I left the keys inside…

…and my prepaid Italian phone ran out of credit so I couldn’t call or text anyone. There are no payphones in this area and the corner store down the block doesn’t sell mobile credit.

Thank god for the internet though. I was able to get on to twitter and found a friend who called my other friend.

I thought it was funny because here I am in a very unglamorous state considering I just came from a very glamorous place in Milan.

*This post uploaded via BBMobile*


  1. I did the same thing…left my key at home.
    Thanks god i could call someone but still i wandered on a street for hours.

    Love ur coat btw

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