Fashion for Haiti T-Shirt by CFDA

Written By bryanboy

Fashion for Haiti T-Shirt by CFDA

Contrary what to some of you guys think, not everyone in fashion are cold, hard, snooty queens. There are many people in this wonderful and colourful industry who actually care.

Fashion for Haiti T-shirt by CFDA

The Council of Fashion Designers of America launched a wonderful initiative to raise funds for Haiti earthquake victims. Starting on February 12, 2010, you may purchase their "To Haiti With Love" t-shirt. Proceeds will benefit the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

This is one t-shirt you must get.


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  1. if people are concerned with helping others, why don’t they just donate money directly to the charities and organisations that help the cause? saves on making the shirts in the first place too.
    it’s a little depressing that some of us are such consumers that we need a little material gain in return if that’s what it is. i’ve done it when i buy aids ribbons.

  2. woah……i’m so not used to seeing u in this look(super casual)..but i gotta say u ‘re looking good..could easily pass of for a handsome upcoming asian actor. i mean it!!!

  3. this looks much masculine…huhuhu// but hey… people change…to something good to great!!!

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