American Vogue March 2010 Power Issue: Style Bloggers

Written By bryanboy

American Vogue March 2010 Power Issue: Style Bloggers

Hello everyone.

As you already know, I went here in New York last December for a shoot.

Well, that shoot is for the bible, American Vogue.

I have to run to the Marc Jacobs after party but I’ll elaborate on this later. I haven’t even seen the issue yet. I’m so excited! It’s such an honor and a privilege to be part of the fashion blogger story in Vogue.


  1. That’s amazing I would like to catch that issue of american Vogue, and pray for portuguese Vogue do the same some day…

  2. am I the first to comment?? (grin)
    am soooooo proud and happy for you BB!!
    finally!! BB in the Bible!!
    hope to hear more updates from you..

  3. yey! an actual pinoy on vogue and on the power issue… madame imelda is that you? now i cant wait to get a copy.

  4. omg! congrats….that shoot looks amazing. Can’t wait to get my hands on that issue. Also was watching the live streaming of the IFB conference with you, Tavi, and susie lau. You guys were definitely the high light for me :)

  5. bluecandyboy

    OMG!!! You are standing in Claudia’s in the 1994 Vogue Anniv cover!!! ahluvet!!!

  6. HOW FREAKIN’ EXCITING IS THIS!! You are made of so much awesomesauce.
    PS. I have only just discovered you after seeing your name floating around all my other favourite blogs for the past few months. I am much deprived of Bryan Boyisms – le sigh.

  7. This is major, my dear!
    Absolutely one of my favourite Vogue’s issues so far. Can’t wait for this!!!
    OMG,that’s Michelle Phan in this video. Did you guys actually talk to each other???
    Bryan, you totally rockkkk!

  8. Watching the vid I suddenly had a matchmaking vision of you and the Facehunter as a couple, haha anyway Congratulations Bryanboy….:D

  9. Congratulations for being in this issue! It is good to see you up there with the best (Garance Doré ! Woohoo) – but why facehunter and not thesartorialist?

  10. AdhiPuTaw

    Congratulations, BB!

    I wonder, what did the Vogue people tell you when the shoot ended?

    “And Bryanboy … that’s all.”



    props to you! you so deserve it! this is an affirmation of the wonderful job you’ve been doing over the years… more power!

    – michael

  12. omg bb!! i knew about this thru michelle phan!! a big fat congratulations to you, dear!! so proud of you! ^^

  13. Hi Bryan, Congratulations. You made your countrymen in the third world so proud. More success, more magazine and maybe someday as guest judge of the Original Project Runway!

  14. it’s extremely motivating, you know!
    I’ve just started and not in some huuuge country, but in Latvia, EU (google it, but do not laugh too loud!!)
    and sometimes I do have lack of motivation. but reading you and especially watching this video gives me hope I will be fashion blogger just like you are! :)
    Thank you!

  15. OMG!!!!! I got so excited seeing this video!!! When I spotted Hanneli my heart jumped over a beat! I’m Norwegian, and really like her blog, but I didnt know it was that well known! Wow! I love your blog too by the way:)

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