What's Inside My Dream Handbag

Written By bryanboy

What's Inside My Dream Handbag

Let's say you got mugged on the street and someone ran away with your handbag.

Santa Claus then appeared out of nowhere. He realized he forgot to give you a present last Christmas because he was drunk so he offered to buy you a new bag and a few little nifty things (without being too outrageous so no, absolutely no Himalayan Birkins please) to get you back on track. What would you get? Here's mine…

Mulberry Alexa Bag

  • [here] Mulberry yellow leather "Alexa" bag – £790
  • [here] Smythson of Bond Street "Life is Beautiful" panama notebook – £59
  • [here] Alexander McQueen lip print silk chiffon scarf – $315
  • [here] Martin Margiela discoball wallet – £179
  • [here] Creed Sublime Vanille fragrance – $475
  • [here] Nokia N97 phone – $450
  • [here] Linda Farrow for Giles Deacon sunglasses – £175
  • [here] Alexander McQueen metal spiked cuff bracelet – £275
  • [here] Hermès Dogon card case – $760
  • [here] Tiffany & Co. golf ball and tee ballpoint pen -  $145
  • [here] Nutra-Trim Weight Management chewing gum – $27

Yes I know.

I *had* to throw in the chewing um there cause I need it. Haha! ;-)

Don't ask me why I don't have contraceptives there. I'm a nun!!!!

photos via net-a-porter, smythson of bond street, browns, oki-ni, ebay, hermes, tiffany, amazon


  1. Oh Bryan darling we have such refined tastes! Today my Kmrii studded tote contains: Smythson nile blue King’s notebook, small notebook and Panama diary (monogrammed); Vivienne Westwood embossed wallet; Samsung Pixon phone; Mont Blanc Meisterstuck le Grand platinum ballpoint; Frederic Malle Editions de Parfum ‘French Lover’ fragrance & a Comme polka dot wallet containing my Project (RED) iPod nano!

    Nobody mug me, OK!

  2. AdhiPuTaw

    Me, I’d like:
    – a Prada men’s bag from F/W 2009;
    – a Louis Vuitton Bindi sunglass (F/W 2006 is fine);
    – a BlackBerry Bold;
    – an iPod;
    – a Prada Infusion d’Homme perfume;
    – a Prada F/W 2006 notebook;
    – a Martin Margiela discoball wallet (yes, I’m ripping BB off here);
    – a Dior Homme Black Time; and
    – a Montblanc pen that does not jam.

    Can I add Gucci men’s S/S 2009 jacket, the blue-black-and-purple one?

    And Santa Klaus…
    That’s all.

  3. Were did you buy the Nutra-Trim Weight Management chewing gum.. interesting..

  4. You should start up the “what’s in your hand bag” blog again. I really used to enjoy reading that :)

  5. Mari Lim

    Forget the iPhone — Bryanboy begs to be followed on the iPad. The future of publishing has been decided — interactive, immediate, tap to purchase, an open dialogue. Paper is for tots!!!

  6. fendi twin python tote…..on sale $1,969
    ysl muse wallet blk…..$525
    chanel noir nail polish…..$23
    chapstick moisture…..$1
    Clive Christian X perfume…..$570
    Trinity de Cartier fountain pen…..$590
    Louis vuitton toiletry pouch 19…..$285
    hermes crocodile notebook…..$
    ray ban round cats sunnglasses…..$129
    vogue italia feb. ’10…..$15.95
    Smith & wesson 27 revolver handgun…..$895 (ain’t nobody gonna steal my new christmas purse again!)

  7. N97 is a disappointment.
    I have one since September 09. Hangs a lot. Screen just “disappears”. So many glitches. Now the N97 is my most expensive paperweight ;-)

  8. babygirl

    hey bb, i just wanted to ask. does the nutri-trim work? and i plan on getting it on amazon. do you think its safe to get it on amazon?

  9. mulberyy bag is definitely the go to all-occasion-bag . i love the yellow color . it sure is going to be stylish when paired with ur outfits bryan !
    i have the bayswater one, and i’ve become addicted with mulberry bags :D they’re kinda the next Balenciagas for me

  10. You should get the N97 Mini instead, best friggin’ phone I’ve ever had! :) And also, good for you for being a Nokia gurrrl! ;)

  11. hahaha.
    i’m still on the “so no, absolutely no Himalayan Birkins please”. very outrageous BB!
    i would settle for an empty birkin. no kidding. even if it’s just a basic black leather.

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