Vogue Portugal February 2010

Written By bryanboy

Vogue Portugal February 2010

Another day, another Vogue. What a delightful surprise!

There's an article about fashion blogs on the February 2010 issue of Vogue Portugal and yours truly got mentioned in the article and their favourite blogs list.

Demi Moore is on the cover.

Photo of Demi Moore on the cover of Vogue Portugal, article on fashion bloggers


If you are able to read Portuguese, click HERE (part 1) and HERE (part 2) to read the article.

Big hugs to my reader Joao in Portugal who sent me the scans and thank you so much Vogue Portugal for the shout out!


  1. Oh, I read it too. That’s how I came across your amazing website. I read it everyday now :D it’s my new favourite thing!

  2. That’s how I got to know you and your fabulous page! I’m a regular now!;)
    (Should I mention how shameful it is that I totally ignored your existence? What a fashion retard!)

  3. I read the full article!! I’m so into blogs since I have mine, and that’s the reason that i loved this article so much.

  4. hi bryanboy i read you in Portugal too ;D congratulations, you are so fabulous! xo xo. dudu :D

  5. Dear bryanboy here in portugal we all bloggers love people like you who are able to make a living from bloging :D ! keep up the good work! we do have a lot of great fashion bloggers here in portugal and one day maybe the portuguese people will be able see how blogging is changing the world
    xoxo from a portuguese girl fan Vi!
    vi-inwonderland.blogspot.com &

  6. I’ve read that article, and that’s one of the reasons – besides hearing of you :D – that I read you. Really great blogger. :) And portuguese Vogue is… well, it’s Vogue! :D

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