Versace at Browns

So here I am, looking at websites for nice things I can't afford while lying on my bed because of this pesky fever and sore throat that just won't go away.

It's not particularly my style… and I don't want them for myself (duh) but these two wonderful, colourful and vibrant Versace pieces at Browns caught my eye. I had a wee bit of flashbacks of Versace from the 90s… baroque prints, medusa heads, you know, the whole shebang.

Versace dress, Versace top at Browns London

Versace baroque print silk top £365 and Versace baroque print cotton and silk dress £815 at Browns London.

Perhaps the big shocker here is the price point.

£365 for the silk top? That's quite affordable, especially for Versace, no? 

I mean, it's not affordable "affordable" because £365 (minus VAT if you live outside the EU and want to get technical about it) is still a huge chunk of money. However, I think it's affordable compared to the usual Versace sticker shocker prices…

I pointed this out to a friend and first thing he said was, "are they going after us poors now?".

I think it's great though.

Meanwhile, have you seen the new Versace Pre-fall collection? Amazing.

photo credit: browns