Upside Down and Left to Right – Versace and Balenciaga Ad Campaigns Spring Summer 2010

Written By bryanboy

Upside Down and Left to Right

Have you seen the latest Versace ad campaign by Mario Testino featuring the very handsome Simon Nessman…

Simon Nessman for Spring Summer 2010 Versace ad campaign

… and the stunning Balenciaga ad campaign by Steven Meisel?

Balenciaga Spring Summer 2010 Ad Campaign

I can't wait to see these ads in print.

The fashion world is going through one big massive shake-up alright… but… are the fashion houses (and photographers) trying to make us turn our monthly glossies upside down and left to right?


photo credits: major models (versace) and tfs for balenciaga


  1. The Balenciaga ad is adorable. Love it.
    But personally i think Versace seems to be revisiting SS01 (poorly) with their new campaign images, which is a shame because i really do love Simon Nessmon and Versace. The images do no justice to the models or clothes.
    Overall, the ad technically gets more viewing time as most readers are going to turn their magazines up side down to examine the ad haha.

  2. Love the Balenciaga ad. Its adorable.
    Personally though, i think Versace really missed with this one. It seems theyre revisiting SS01 (poorly) and not doing justice to the amazing clothes or Simon Nessman.
    Technically though, i guess the ad is getting more viewer time as the reader turns the magazine around to look at the images right? haha. It could be a smart move.

  3. AdhiPuTaw

    No comment from me yet on the Versace ad. But I think, contrary to BB and JackH, the Balenciaga ad is NOT doing justice to the collection. I read from the writings of Sarah Mower on and Suzy Menkes on International Herald Tribune that Ghesquiere’s latest creation is a masterpiece with such subtlety that perhaps very few designers in the entire world can touch. Ghesquiere put so much techne on the collection, so much artistry was involved and I believe that (based on the pieces that I’ve seen from I think the ad could’ve been more sophisticated and actually embody the street-tough spirit of the collection, perhaps by actually putting the models on street-cum-industrial scene. This Balenciaga ad is a major disappointment for me. What Meisel does for it is not as beautiful as what he did for Prada Fall/Winter 2009 campaign.

  4. LOVE the Balenciaga ad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only because i’m a graphic designer so its nice to see how they played with the image. they’re really bringing the ad campaigns to the style of the earlier days, similar to the ads where they had the illustration on it.

  5. I think Versace is doing right. They need money to the house continue to work, so the better way is to transform a high brand into a high comercial brand to survive. And waht about balenciaga? I love it, its simple, clean, minimalist, the same way of the clothes.
    happy new year bb,
    Pedro Gurgel

  6. All Women Stalker

    I agree, they should make something wearable for everyday living :P


  8. fashion need now to become wearable to survive. People still afraid of fashion, everybody now this. If u wear something really high fashion people look at u like u are a alien so what u do? Or u dont care and use or u care and save to special events. But fashion need the streets, need to be seen. Coco Chanel already said this a long time ago.
    Versace prints are amazing, all men gay or straight or from another planet going to love ir. And balenciaga is a high comercial product is one of the house who push fashion like prada, ysl.. And the ads looking amazing, the ziper, the way the models are show the concept.

  9. AdhiPuTaw

    Sure you can demand wearability. But what does that even mean? If we, high-fashion enthusiasts, still worry about what regular people on the sidewalk think of what we wear then we should settle for Gap, Uniqlo, or Tommy Hilfiger, not Balenciaga.

    If we limit our discussion of wearability to Balenciaga and Versace then we have nothing to worry about. The clothes ARE wearable and shouldn’t be hard for the fashion-insensitive public to understand. So I don’t think that those brands should lower their creations by making such easy ads simply to be considered wearable by people who don’t give a damn about style and don’t even have a dream of wearing high-fashion in the first place.

    Fashion does need the street. But WHICH street? The streets in my neighborhood which are walked on by low income people such as myself? No. High-fashion has its own market and population, so we can’t demand it to make sense in every corner of the globe. Because once that happens, high-fashion will cease to be high, and Balenciaga will be the new Topshop.

    What sort of fashion will be the new Balenciaga then?

  10. These are OUTSTANDING. Every time I see anything art and fashion (besides the fact that fashion is art) my emotions go haywire. Can’t control my intrigue and sometimes the goosebumps.

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