Tina Fey for American Vogue

Written By bryanboy

Tina Fey for American Vogue

Good morning my fellow non-Americans. I can see Russia from my house!

Word from today's Women's Wear Daily is that 30 Rock star Tina Fey, who wore Salvatore Ferragamo to the 2010 SAG Awards, is American Vogue's March 2010 POWER ISSUE cover lady.

Tina Fey at 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards

This is spectacular!

American Vogue is definitely on a roll.

Rachel McAdams, Jessica Biel and now, Tina Fey. All three are "fresh" faces.

I'm so delighted with this news. This is major! It's like the powers that be FINALLY woke up to their senses and they're no longer recycling the same used blonde goods washed up actresses.

Did someone at McKinsey spike the kool-aid at Conde Nast? Who knows.

In any case, I really like this newfound direction they're taking. Hope they keep the momentum going. And I certainly hope they allocate 1 or 2 covers to models.

If they must, I say dump the usual suspects and give them a group cover towards the end of the year, like what they did to La Nicole, La Hudson, etc last November.

You know what, I'm so happy… this certainly calls for a celebration.

I'm gonna do what I stopped doing in 2004.

I'm resubscribing to Vogue after I post this blog entry.

HOWEVER… mark my words: as soon as I see Gwyneth/Cameron/Kate Hudson/Kiera/Kidman/Charlize on the cover once again, you bet your ass I'll be the first one to demand a refund. Down to the VERY last cent.

And Emily?
That's all.

Mwah mwah.

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  1. yahoooooooo!

    I want Emily Blunt or Chloe Sevigny on the cover :> TINA FEYYYY YES ITS A MAJORRRR!!! She has truly proven herself to the fashion gods. :>

  2. i love all tina fey’s done and all but i dont agree shes a fashion icon! shes a comedian!
    lekisskiss.blogspot.com <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  3. I lover her! she was adorable at the same time hilarious in 30 rocks…

    and yes.. i do agree that its time for fresh faces to appear in cover..

  4. Oh, Bryan I think you’ll be demanding your money back before the year is up…There’s a Nicole or a K-Hud or a Kiera undoubtedly scheduled for a cover soon. I decided long ago that the random gems I get from Vogue far outweigh the covers (and their obliging articles). Thank god for Grace Coddington!

  5. On the other hand....

    Those choices are all so mainstream and boring! This is VOGUE! can we not lift it?

  6. well, i have faith….
    times are definitely changing so maybe they’ll sing a new tune. who knows.
    re: grace… totally agree! sally singer + grace coddington rocks

  7. AdhiPuTaw

    Exciting move made by US Vogue, regardless of what consideration there is behind Fey’s being picked to grace the March cover. For the very least, she’s a new face. But is she going to rock the cover? We will find out soon enough (BB, it’s your job to blog about the cover).

  8. Please add Sienna Miller to that list. She’s been on the cover twice in the past 16 months.

  9. La Nicole and La Hudson sounded so bad to me. Please BB don’t try to be too much into sensationalism. Whenever I read fashion articles, I always come across these puke worthy play on words and it’s really annoying. Especially when you are french. La gisele, la kate, la naomi sound really bad. When you put a determinant in front of someone’s name it can be perceived as if were insulting them by objectifying their names…

    anyways, nice post. I want to see tilda swinton or katie mcgrath on the cover

  10. BryanBoy, What are you going to do when Kim Kardashian and her sisters land a cover with an American fashion magazine? I will probably shoot myself.

  11. Bryanboy, what’s going to happen when Kim Kardashian and her sisters land on an American fashion magazine?

  12. OMG this is such amazing news, I luv Tina, so glad Vogue is widening their cover circle

  13. BryanBoy…do you know what UK Vogue did a feature on this last month? Number twos. Oh yes, an entire article about what we do when we go to the loo and how we feel about it. I for one applaud this new direction. This is a *major movement* for us Brits. You know how much we love our toilet humour.

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