Hater Extraordinaire Tanya Gold Wants You to Know Why She Hates Fashion

Written By bryanboy

Hater Extraordinaire Tanya Gold Wants You to Know Why She Hates Fashion

Oh boy. Who does she think she is? Yeah who is she? I don’t know what she’s doing, I think it’s dancing.

Meet Tanya Gold. She writes for the Guardian newspaper in the UK. I have never come across a “journalist” who is SO full of hatred. She always writes as if she’s aching for someone, somewhere, to do something permanently awful to her. I wonder if she’s able to sleep at night with all that hate.

Probably not.

Tanya Gold, Guardian

Tanya Gold, Guardian

Read her long, tedious whinge why she hates fashion.

Is sharing such pompous, toxic drivel to the public RELEVANT or just plain old self-serving?

It’s comical that she mentioned the paper didn’t run a story because of a model’s “depressing” comments yet here’s another self-aggrandizing piece filled with her usual hate. Infuriating. 

I probably wouldn’t be pissed as much but she brought out the “I’m-fat-and-fashion-hates-fat-people” card, in addition to the snarky reference to the girl who died, in the end:

The oddest thing rescued me from fashion. It was that I got
fat. Never mind why; that is a story for another page. But I got so fat
that even fashion wouldn’t pretend it could fix me. You can get so fat
they don’t actually want you in their clothes. It is bad marketing; if
very fat people wear their clothes, thinner ­people won’t buy them.
There was no point rattling through the rails any more, seeking a satin
redemption – nothing would fit my unfashionable bulk. I was ­consigned
to M&S smock-land, across the River Styx. And it is lovely here; no
heels, no stupid dresses-of-the-moment, certainly no thongs. Fashion
has died for me, with an angry little hiss. Ah, peace.

I can look at the clothes on the catwalk now and laugh at
their imbecility. They are not for me. I still think about that young
woman on the train tracks, though. What did she pay for her shoes?

Typical. She could’ve skipped the big song and dance number and spared us from the dramatics.

Good on you Tanya for exploiting the death of a girl just to lambast an industry that has given immense joy, happiness, livelihood, inspiration and creativity to millions of people around the world (regardless of their girth, thank you very much) for many, many years.

Give yourself a pat on the back for contributing something similar to society. Well done.

I hope you find inner peace in your anti-fashion world soon. Hating won’t do you or anyone good. It would only make you look like a pathetic, bitter individual so desperate to fill the aching, empty void where your personality should be. Some fill it with good deeds, some fill it with clothes, shoes or logo-laden merchandise. Others fill it with food, fill it with cock, fill it with love. Just remember to fill that void with anything that can be taken away from you EASILY, by a man. Hate is not one of them because only you can make it go away. Whatever you do to fill that void is your responsibility. Choose to fill that void with food then you’re in big trouble. Choose to fill that void with hate then you’re in bigger trouble.

Perhaps it’s time for you Tanya to stop hating yourself. Because it shows.

Now if you excuse me, it’s time for me to get my hater blockers on.

Hate hate hate hate hate, I don’t care what bitches say, I don’t even look their way, look their way, look their way.

That’s all.

via guardian.co.uk


  1. I am with you all the way, using that poor girls death to moan about the fashion industry is just not on.
    Tanya Gold’s hate filled piece was awful. I can’t really believe that the Guardian published it. They are better than that.

  2. Tanya Gold is a grade A clown. i get it- i have friends who don’t fit any of the sizes designers i love make- but they don’t get all shitty of it, they just shop elsewhere. Without such a god damn hoohaa! I read Tavi’s opinion on the matter, and i agree with her- it is all so fucking generalised! If it was any other industry, those supporters would be pissed too. People love fashion for different reasons, and others hate it for a million more. Opinions, that don’t need to be pushed- you either give a shit or you don’t.
    Tanya Gold is not a journalist, she is a disgruntled c word with a chip on her shoulder all the diets in the world couldn’t fix.

  3. Her article was ridiculous and poorly written. I don’t know much about The Guardian and its demographic but it seems the newspaper has pretty low standards on journalism if they published that. It should’ve been much shorter and in the readers’ mail section.
    Fashion is concerned with all facets of attire, not just what you see in magazines and catwalks. It’s a choice we make when we put on clothes, a viewpoint of our social standing within a society and many other things including the shallow comforts and associations that most people focus on.
    Her comments about the girl who died seemed quite slanderous and what she said about the “usual fashion death” was absurd.
    The biggest point you can get out of her article is that it highlights how some media can twist facts to serve their purpose.

  4. Wow, there was really a lot of hate there! :(
    My friend said it best to me not too long ago, that we should all look at ourselves in the mirror, and then we can stop judging others. Because unless we are all blind, we are born with imperfections that also perhaps only we ourselves can see (supermodels will think they’re still imperfect even if to us, they already are). And imperfections make us human. We have to accept these imperfections. Acceptance can set you freeee :)
    I think people who write the most venomous things about other things or other people– either intentionally, or unknowingly, are really those who hate themselves the most. Their words are true reflections of who they are as people.
    There’s a reason why positive people always advise people to stay away from negative people– because the negativity can rub off on them and that would just be the end of their happiness.
    I can’t imagine living a life of hatred where everyday you have to spit vitriol about something. When people have something nasty to say about everything and still tell you that they’re happy, they have got to be lying.
    This girl doesn’t hate fashion, but for sure she dislikes something about herself. Remember, fashion is really all about self- expression by way of the clothes you wear. Her self- expression (through her clothes) still means she likes fashion (albeit secretly), or else she’d be naked (which would mean she is devoid of wearable fashion, but still not devoid of self- expression *in which case we can say she is after all, into art and not into wearable fashion :D hahaha*).
    Ok I don’t make sense… or do I? LOL
    To her I say this: Embrace yourself and your blessings in your life! Fashion may not be your passion, but don’t make other people hate it because you do. That’s not nice anymore because it speaks volumes about who you really are as a person (and I don’t think people want that kind of person as a friend). It’s nice to have friends, the ones that are true to you– whether you are fat or thin, rich or poor. So please don’t alienate yourself this way. It sucks to be alone. On a serious note, I hope you can find happiness :) Positive ju- jus your way :D

  5. Michael-Egerton@hotmail.co.uk

    Am A Fashion Student From The UK

    And I Belive That Its Not The Fashion Thats Made Her Bitter, Its The Media (The Type Of Area She Works For)

    I Hope She Doesnt Like Art,
    Because Fashion Is The Art You Wear


  6. daneuyeno

    I loved it, so great. Jk. So hard to read though. It was like a therapy session. She didn’t even bring about the other side, such as the one Singer brought up in her interview.
    If you ever felt disgusted, and depressed about yourself, and you revel in those memories, than I think this is a piece for you.

  7. vincent_white@gmx.net

    i think nobody likes her, and therefore she hates everybody and everything.
    she´s just a butchy lesbian, and fashion is not for that kind of lesbians.
    i love the power lesbians, not the anti lesbians, and she´s an anti lesbian (an ugly one)
    i´m pretty sure she hates gays too

  8. Well in my opinion at least she has a funny style of writing.
    “[Fashion] should have its own Death Star.” lol trying to picture Anna Wintour as The Emperor and Talley as Darth Vader…

  9. too much ado about nothing, ms, gold. why not hop on a plane and write about haiti instead? no one will be judging your choice of outfits there right now, and perhaps you’ll realize that there are other much more important things to hate on and be angry about…

  10. You can tell you are not British, because then you would understand the humour in this article. I’m a designer and obviously love fashion but I still found this funny. It’s very dry and she has a clever writing style, maybe something you should try?!? Try and respond in a way that doesn’t sound like a 13 year-old girl. Oh yeah and get a sense of humour while you’re at it too. Bryanboy I know you love fashion but you need to chill out and see the funny and slightly true side of her piece.

  11. Wow that is the most stupid thing ever. Look at Beth Ditto, she’s fat and fashion (especially Lagerfeld) LOVES her. Maybe she just doesn’t like fashion because many girls can pull it off better than she can.

  12. AdhiPuTaw

    Suppose that I am a fat girl who loves fashion and runway models. I wanna be like ’em. Then I got really sick, or died perhaps, because of anorexia. Should people who cared about me blame the fashion industry? No, because the fashion industry didn’t kill me. I did, by starving myself to death to be skinny.

    Here’s a question that someone like Ms. Gold never cared to ask: why would someone starve themselves to be skinny like runway models that grace fashion images? My answer is: because those who died saw models in the fashion images as beautiful.

    Ms. Gold and her fellow fashion-haters (including Oprah, I think, to some extent) blamed the fashion industry for portraying the wrong images. But they got it all wrong. Those were just images, which have to be judged with aesthetic perception and not ethical one.

    The aesthetic perception of those who died told them that fashion images are beautiful. If Ms. Gold wanna look for something to blame, blame the dead’s aesthetic perception. But don’t insult the dead’s cognitive capacity by saying that the fashion industry forced these images on them that they became dictated and can’t choose for themselves.

    Ms. Gold, and the rest of us, has to really understand personal responsibility. We can always decide, we can always choose, and we can always say No.

  13. Thank you so much for this! Some of my friends and my parents are always ragging on me about loving fashion and, well, they basically say what the article that woman wrote said. Thank you for legitimizing my obsessions.
    Love from Alaska,

  14. It is pretty funny in a brit-humour way but the dead girl reference was uncalled for. Bitch needs to get laid. End of story.

  15. This girl doesn’t hate fashion, she hates herself.

    Oh Em Gi, she even hates Yoghurt? Like, Hello? Yoghurt is one of the most sinful indulgence a health freak could eat!!!

  16. that was low of her to carry around that dead girls name to blame on fashion.

  17. I really don’t like the fashion industry. And models that wear a tweaked size 0 do make me feel bad.I also dislike the music industry and hate them trivializing the power of music. Generally, put industry in anything and it will get kinda ruined.
    I love beautiful clothes. Jewelery is wearable art. I love wearing super high boots in the winter. The industry does offer you diversity.
    Seeing neon green tights every few years won’t make me buy them however I will gladly snag a victorian jacket and love how variations of it keep popping up.
    She clearly doesn’t get herself in relation to fashion. I didn’t bother going though all the comments but the first ones on her article are rather critical and this post has a good chance of getting more attention than the actual article.

  18. she seriously sucks. to her fashion is all about conformity and not art, she takes the most ridiculous approach. i mean, i guess you can dislike aspects of an industry but not fashion in general. whatever, shes annoying. and saying that girl died because of high heels? pleaseee. that argument is weak, unnecessary, and uncalled for.
    anywho, good post!
    fall in love with a shooting star…

  19. I just want to want to say that I am a 5’8 size 14 (uk) woman who loves fashion. I am not one of these skinny haters and I can adore clothes on tall, thin, beautiful women without giving myself low self-esteem or a body complex. Being “fat” does should not make you hate fashion but love it even more. It gives you the ability to change yourself into whoever you want to be. I would rather myself clothed in well cut dresses, made out of beautiful fabrics with 4 inch heals than in badly fitting polyester creations. She may say that she is not happy to not have the pain of finding clothes and doing herself up but I would like to know what she feels when she looks into a mirror on her way out the door?
    I may what is considered “plus size” but I can still walk into a room and be admired for how I am dresses and how I hold. It will be a sad day when I succumb myself to her depressed way of thinking.
    P.S. Bryan Boy you are FAB!!

  20. everyone’s entitled to their opinion. including bryanboy. i even thought hers was kinda funny, and i love fashion. im just concerned with the amount of fuel being added to the fire here. even if she was writing out of *hate* how is responding to it with more hate any better? the pot calls the kettle black. lifes a hoot! don’t take it too seriously, or you might end up becoming the very things you despise.

  21. Jim Vassilakos

    I read her article and did not find the hatred which you speak of. I did, however, see hatred in yours, specifically in this little tidbit, for example: “It would only make you look like a pathetic, bitter individual so desperate to fill the aching, empty void where your personality should be.” Ironic that an article accusing someone of being a hater should itself be so hate-filled. Tanya has a biting, sardonic wit, but I have yet to read evil within her words. Perhaps, and this is merely speculation, it is not revulsion that you feel toward her… but rather envy. Oh, and next time you write anything deriding another human being, please find the courage to sign your name.

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