Hater Extraordinaire Tanya Gold Wants You to Know Why She Hates Fashion

Oh boy. Who does she think she is? Yeah who is she? I don’t know what she’s doing, I think it’s dancing.

Meet Tanya Gold. She writes for the Guardian newspaper in the UK. I have never come across a “journalist” who is SO full of hatred. She always writes as if she’s aching for someone, somewhere, to do something permanently awful to her. I wonder if she’s able to sleep at night with all that hate.

Probably not.

Tanya Gold, Guardian

Tanya Gold, Guardian

Read her long, tedious whinge why she hates fashion.

Is sharing such pompous, toxic drivel to the public RELEVANT or just plain old self-serving?

It’s comical that she mentioned the paper didn’t run a story because of a model’s “depressing” comments yet here’s another self-aggrandizing piece filled with her usual hate. Infuriating. 

I probably wouldn’t be pissed as much but she brought out the “I’m-fat-and-fashion-hates-fat-people” card, in addition to the snarky reference to the girl who died, in the end:

The oddest thing rescued me from fashion. It was that I got
fat. Never mind why; that is a story for another page. But I got so fat
that even fashion wouldn’t pretend it could fix me. You can get so fat
they don’t actually want you in their clothes. It is bad marketing; if
very fat people wear their clothes, thinner ­people won’t buy them.
There was no point rattling through the rails any more, seeking a satin
redemption – nothing would fit my unfashionable bulk. I was ­consigned
to M&S smock-land, across the River Styx. And it is lovely here; no
heels, no stupid dresses-of-the-moment, certainly no thongs. Fashion
has died for me, with an angry little hiss. Ah, peace.

I can look at the clothes on the catwalk now and laugh at
their imbecility. They are not for me. I still think about that young
woman on the train tracks, though. What did she pay for her shoes?

Typical. She could’ve skipped the big song and dance number and spared us from the dramatics.

Good on you Tanya for exploiting the death of a girl just to lambast an industry that has given immense joy, happiness, livelihood, inspiration and creativity to millions of people around the world (regardless of their girth, thank you very much) for many, many years.

Give yourself a pat on the back for contributing something similar to society. Well done.

I hope you find inner peace in your anti-fashion world soon. Hating won’t do you or anyone good. It would only make you look like a pathetic, bitter individual so desperate to fill the aching, empty void where your personality should be. Some fill it with good deeds, some fill it with clothes, shoes or logo-laden merchandise. Others fill it with food, fill it with cock, fill it with love. Just remember to fill that void with anything that can be taken away from you EASILY, by a man. Hate is not one of them because only you can make it go away. Whatever you do to fill that void is your responsibility. Choose to fill that void with food then you’re in big trouble. Choose to fill that void with hate then you’re in bigger trouble.

Perhaps it’s time for you Tanya to stop hating yourself. Because it shows.

Now if you excuse me, it’s time for me to get my hater blockers on.

Hate hate hate hate hate, I don’t care what bitches say, I don’t even look their way, look their way, look their way.

That’s all.

via guardian.co.uk