Suzy Menkes (and Bloggers) on Fashion Blogs – PREMIUM Exhibition, Berlin [Must-Watch]

Written By bryanboy

Suzy Menkes (and Bloggers) on Fashion Blogs

Mary Scherpe, the lovely blogger who runs Stil in Berlin, made this fascinating video as part of a presentation on fashion blogs at the recent PREMIUM exhibition in Berlin this week. There’s interesting commentary from Suzy Menkes along with my fellow bloggers from The Coveted, Facehunter and Les Mads.

The world changed when fashion instead of being a monologue, became a conversation. And that’s never going to stop.
— Suzy Menkes

I was invited to contribute but had problems with my webcam so I was unable to do so… and my Flip Mino got a little too late. Ah well, perhaps next time. :-(


  1. Yep, I saw this on IFB and then proceeded to obsessively quote what you quoted right there. Suzy Menkes is amazing and a fashion journalist in the true sense of the word.

  2. yes the video was great –

    do u now have the set-up for something similiar, if others want to interview u via the web? – emjoy ur sunday, V.

  3. We are really happy about what’s going on abroad for fashion bloggers. You guys are really developing and made your place in a fashion industry. In Poland, there is no dialogue between bloggers and fashion world. That’s why we are also planning a conference that would help bloggers to find themselves and connect with the industry. We hope to invite some foreigner blogers aswell. Would be great to know how is it in other countries…

  4. except that fashion has always been a conversation. the only big difference is now the fashion world can’t act like it isn’t. ideas have always come from “the streets” and gone “up” and vice-versa. now the sources are more obvious, and they all have a louder voice.

  5. Suzy has expressed exactely what I thought about the power and importance of fashion bloggers. Good on her

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