Public Display of Affection. Do You Kiss in Public?

So, do you kiss in public?

American soldier kissing his girlfriend at Pennsylvania Station in New York. 1944.

(Yes, I know. I'm still obsessed with all these photos, can you tell? Haha!)

I do, yes.

What other people think is utterly irrelevant. I show and express my emotions and feelings and I like it when someone I’m seeing does the same. One could say, "oh it's so gross to watch other people". Well, their business is their business alone so if you don’t like it then don’t watch. It’s like looking at someone with a very grotesque pair of, oh I don't know, jeans, like mom jeans. If it’s annoying the hell out of me then I’m gonna look at the other way. I’m not gonna go around and say “oi, your jeans are hideous!”.

We all have our own attitudes about PDA, yes, and that's perfectly fine. Vive la différence as they say. But there are some out there who are temporarily trapped in a moment of passion — as evident with the photo above of the American soldier kissing his girlfriend goodbye — if they feel like snogging, let them! Who are you to deprive people of that precious moment?

Sometimes, it’s not nice to control what you shouldn’t control. Follow what your heart says and let everything go. What is wrong with being affectionate? Is it really that obscene to hold hands or to rest your head on someone’s shoulder or have a nice little snog while being at a busy cafe? No.

I remember one time when I dated this guy many, many years back. Very straight-acting scouse. We were walking around town and out of nowhere, I grabbed his hand and then he held my hand for what seemed to be hours. I kept looking at him from time to time to see what his reaction was but he didn’t bat an eyelash. Later that night when we had dinner he told me he’s never really held hands with a guy before and I was his first time; he said he felt odd at first but it felt great. I almost died.

I’m not saying that EVERYONE should go around and go on a face-eating spree… I understand that some people are against PDAs… but for me, alas, I’m a very affectionate person.

photo credit: life