Prada Fall 2010/2011 Menswear Show Live Online!

Written By bryanboy

Prada Fall 2010/2011 Menswear Show Live Online!

Miuccia Prada will broadcast her fall 2010/2011 menswear fashion show online, this Sunday. Save the date and go to to watch it.

prada invitation menswear fashion show

This is a major move for the house — a Prada first!

As you know, Prada is one of the very last major fashion houses to establish a digital presence.

I remember how, for the longest time, all they had on their website was their logo against a navy blue and yellow background.

Several years later, they're now showing online?

Prada is one of the late adopters though. Dolce & Gabbana pioneered this many, many years ago.

It's fascinating how more and more designers are streaming their shows direct to the consumer thanks to the internet. 

Amazing, no?

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  1. AdhiPuTaw

    Prada made a right decision, much to our delight. High-fashion brands should all stream their shows live online. Even if those who watched the shows don’t end up buying the collection, they will at least become aware of what the brand has to offer.

    I think many people would agree that fashion shows are inspirational to watch. I don’t have any high-fashion item, but watching shows from YouTube have at least inspired me to mind my look and to be more creative with my clothes.

    Even better for the (future of the) brands, watching their shows intensify my desire to own and wear high-fashion pieces. I’m not planning to stay poor forever. So when I hit the jackpot, I’ll make it damn certain that Prada jackets would be in my closet.

    For those brands who worry that online shows would make them appear less exclusive and drive high-profile customers away (especially after being forced to moderate their image with Sale after Sale after Sale), I suggest that they get over it. Watching the shows online can never replace the luxury of watching them live at the venue and actually wearing the clothes.

    High-fashion will remain exclusive. But now the access to it is just less exclusionary.

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