New York Women From the Early 1940s

Wow. Just wow. I found these beautiful photos of women in New York taken in 1942 by Life magazine. I must admit my level of interest with the present and the future is much greater than my interest with the past but I don’t mind winding the clocks back from time to time to be inspired.

Women outside Saks Fifth Avenue

Isn’t it incredible how chic women were back then? Fascinating how they dressed up to the nines with full-on, head-to-toe looks. These aren’t fashion models but random women photographed
on street-level — window shopping, walking their dogs, chatting to
their friends on the street.

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Two women standing on the sidewalk of Fifth Avenue just outside Saks.

Two friends looking at the windows of Bergdorf Goodman.

Bergdorf Goodman

And yes, they’re looking at the shoes!

Bergdorf Goodman window display

The same women outside Bergdorf at the corner of Fifth Avenue and West 58th street.

Fifth Avenue corner West 58th Street

What I want to know is whether the mannequin on the right is a man or a woman. The head indicates it’s a male mannequin with the cropped hair but I see a skirt and a pair of high heels.

Here’s the chicest dog walker I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Woman you better WERQ those poodles like there’s no such thing as Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell.

Woman walking her poodles


Just another fine day on East 54th street with the girls and their furs…

Look, don’t touch! This lady is contemplating which candy to get.

Amazing, no?

Those were the days…

photo credit: life