Mohair Mania + Brodarte on the cheap!

Written By bryanboy

Mohair Mania + Brodarte on the cheap!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Rodarte’s new menswear line (dubbed “BROdarte”) that’s currently being sold at Opening Ceremony. I’m a big fan of Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s brilliant work but alas, the price points are, to put it quite simply, way too out of my reach. Unless I win the lottery, Rodarte’s beautiful, hand-crafted sweaters at three thousand dollars apiece shall remain a fantasy to me.

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Now here’s something a little bit more real. If you want to give that knitted mohair sweater look a try, as previously sported by members of the Sex Pistols, today is your lucky day. I was browsing eBay and found these affordable mohair knits in different colour combinations. Each of these sweaters are forty five dollars a pop.

Mohair Sweaters

Mohair Sweaters

  • [here] Yellow, black and white
  • [here] Black and camel
  • [here] Red, white and black
  • [here] Green, red and white

As for me, THIS is what I just bought. Not bad for $45 + shipping eh?

Can’t wait to get it in the mail.

You’re very, very welcome.

photo credits: google images, opening ceremony, ebay


  1. AdhiPuTaw

    I am so loving those Brodarte sweaters. They look so cool and I find them luxurious. Do they worth the US$3,000 price tag? Sure, if I have the money to burn. But c’mon, that’s even more expensive than Prada’s SS08 Fairy Bag! :(

    I guess what BB bought from eBay aren’t such pale substitute. But they ain’t as cool, though. :)

  2. I think it’s awesome you mentioned the Sex Pistols! When I saw the Rodarte sweaters I thought the same thing too but it’s about time someone else pointed it out!

  3. fantastic find! I have been oogling those Rodarte sweaters since they posted.

  4. Really not sure why Rodarte sells them for SO much ($1,000 would make sense) considering this isn’t unique to them. But they are divine. Just ordered one of those off ebay, too.

  5. i REALLY like them and i would defo $50 on it. That said, i wouldnt pay more as this is exactly the type of thing that is going to be all over H and M. If i spent $3000 I would need my head testing!

  6. Hey,
    thumbs up on the whole “look for less” idea. Love that w/ all the high end purchases you feature, you also show the diy stuff (the lv fox fur tail) and here w/ the similar look for the sweaters.
    I personally love the loose knitting and will probably pick one up too.

  7. Zachary

    I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for a while, but when I went to ebay the company that makes them no longer has any listings. Do you know the name of the company? Or where else can I get a sweater like this? Thanks.

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