Martha Stewart Weddings

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Martha Stewart Weddings

It's 3AM. I was supposed to go out earlier. While dressing up, I realized the trousers I wanted to wear are currently at the dry cleaners and won't be available till Monday. I spent half an hour trying to find bottoms for my top and I can't for the life of god find anything that matches it so I gave up, rang my friend and offered a rain check.


I'm currently doing a round of site hopping and I came across THIS touching story published at Martha Stewart Weddings magazine's 15th Anniversary issue. It's the first gay wedding featured in Big Mama Martha's mag.

Martha Stewart Weddings featuring a gay wedding

Click HERE to download a PDF copy of the page.

I read the article, looked at the photos and I must admit, I felt a bit, just a wee bit jealous. Unlike other people,  jealousy is something I don't feel often. You know, oh wow, two guys totally in love each other and got the wedding of their dreams. And look at them all dressed up looking oh so fancy in their big day. It makes me happy that they're so happy.

I cannot help but wonder — and here's the $64 million question — do you think this will happen to me too?

Not the big fat gay wedding, silly, but to be featured in Big Mama Martha's mag!

Just kidding. Tsk.

I wanna get married. :-(

I'm adding another year to my age in a few months and I'm not getting any younger. You know, I told a journalist not too long ago during our off-the-record chat (well, hardly off-the-record now because I blogged it) that my biggest fear is to be one of those middle-aged gays in leather harnesses, spending their weekends at the local club doing dirty deeds, sniffing poppers while on a sling.

And you know what irks me the most? No chance of gay marriage happening in my country because the Philippines is the largest Catholic country in Asia. Boo hoo. 

Oh well.

In any case, big congratulations to Jeremy Hooper and Andrew Shulman. May you serve as inspiration to many, many gays elsewhere.

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  1. Aw Bryan! Someone as fabulous as you has to find their true love! If not, move to New York City! Our gays here, especially in Chelsea, SoHo and Fashion Institute of Technology will welcome you with open arms!

  2. simply INSPIRATIONAL … If only some of us could balance work (which we love) and a relationship especially when were just finally getting somewhere in our careers.
    In my own words .. “The single life, is the simple life” ..

  3. Aw Bryan! Someone as fabulous as you has to find their true love! If not, move to New York City! Our gays here, especially in Chelsea, SoHo and Fashion Institute of Technology will welcome you with open arms!

  4. carmelyne

    Gaga ano ka ba… If I was gay I’d ask you to marry me now!!! Kaso I’m not your type cause I’m a girl too.
    You will find your happiness BB. If not, I’m one of your fans who will love you forever. X my heart.

  5. for lack of an equally great but less offensive phrase, “shutup bryan”. you’re destined to meet some rich, fabulous, and completely gorgeous guy.
    dont even worry. he’s reading this post working up the courage to call you as we speak
    and if hes reading this comment- call NOW baby!

  6. naah, I would marry you in a second, even I’m not the huby type haha
    just come to brazil and give me a call ;)

    Love, Lucas

  7. Oh, my dear! Keep your hopes up! Spain used to be rather catholic (it still is) and we have gay marriage. Besides, you can always try a new citisenship that suits you better ;)

  8. Don’t you want to move out of the Philippines one day?
    Marriage is not the most important thing as long as you love each other… I hope you’ll find your soulmate!

  9. OMG BB! There is someone for you out there! Don’t give up bb! :D
    Everyone has their own true love waiting. <3

  10. Gen Sven

    Wow. I really feel what you said there.
    “It makes me happy that they’re so happy”.
    Eloquently put Mr.
    I’m definitely enjoying these recent posts. More YOU, please :)

  11. this post completely changed our view with regards to marriage… at first my partner and i just want the whole “just the law its fine, give that to us, we will die happy” but after reading the post i called partner and asked him that if ever the whole gay marraige thing happens thats what i want. romantic, classic, and just filled with love. he told me that he will give me the wedding that i want, i fell inlove with him all over again. made me cry.

  12. Hey Bryan, in regards to your question “will you ever get married?” why not consider living in Europe? I had my civil partnership about a year and a half ago. and like you I thought getting married was just in my dreams. But as they say dreams do come through. I mine did. I must say it’s one of the happiest moment of my life hence the crying part on photo’s which I hate. Anyway, just a thought though.

  13. Don’t get married until you are sure you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Your age should not be a reason to get married.

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