Jessica Biel for American Vogue February 2010 Cover

Written By bryanboy

Jessica Biel for American Vogue February 2010 Cover

Jessica Biel is on the cover of American Vogue's February 2010 issue.

Jessica Biel for US Vogue February 2010 cover

OH MY GOD. Is Vogue on a roll or what?

The only word I have in my mind right now is: beautiful.

Two totally unexpected actresses in a row… and I like this cover. It's simple, beautiful, natural and it oozes 'all-American' chic to me.

I can't wait to see what's inside (ie. editorials) over the next few days.



  1. she’s beautiful but boring. Her style is boring as well, I don’t understand why she’s on the cover of Vogue.

  2. While I do commend them for putting an actress they haven’t previously put on the cover…going for Jessica Biel isn’t exactly groundbreaking.
    Why not go back to the days when Vogue lead the fashion spectrum with unique and strong covers and feature interesting choices like Rihanna, Chloe Sevigny, Natalie Portman, Julianne Moore, Lady Gaga, Marion Cotillard, or Tilda Swinton. Women who’s work and fashion sense actually break the mold of your usual ‘starlet dressed by a stylist who makes your typical ho-hum work’ that they’ve usually go for.

  3. great job on the cover, but she as an actress and personality is completely forgettable. yet another case of a talentless girl-next-door who is now a name because of her boyfriend. lame. i value a girl who rises up the ranks on her own merit.

  4. Agreed that the cover oozes Americana, but I am so tired of actresses on the cover of fashion magazines. Please give us a model…or two…or more! And please don’t wait until the August issue.
    She is a pretty girl. Is it me, or do her eyes look a little weird?

  5. shes okay- thing is that shes thin and tall- i give her that.
    But i will never get over that “horse mouth and teeth”.
    I only ever watched 7th Heaven for Barry Watson
    – love you Bryanboy

  6. it’s american all right… but it’s disappointing. sad to say. looks overly photoshopped too but what the hell isn’t everything photoshopped these days? hell, i wish i was better at photoshopping so i can fckng photoshop my fat flabby arms. ;D BB u are fershhh.

  7. The cover’s lovely and all, but I’m really not impressed with Anna’s choice of actress.
    I personally find Biel a terrible actor, who always plays the same role (boooo~ring!)
    And she doesn’t have much of a fashion sense either.(See the MET gala, all of her her movie premieres).

  8. Beautiful but I think it kinda reminds me more of a Ralph Lauren add rather than vogue cover.

  9. AdhiPuTaw

    Yes! It reminds me of Ralph Lauren as well! The clothes are very country, indeed, and doesn’t scream 2010 for me. Not that the cover is ugly but it does look old and definitely not as fresh as the January 2010 cover.

    Biel was probably picked because the US Vogue people thought she had the 3Bs, “Beauty, Brain, Behavior”. And these 3Bs seem to be something that are always kept in the mind of US Vogue editors when they pick a girl for the cover. That is why we haven’t seen trashy celebrities like Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton. Not even Nicole Richie even though she seemed to have come clean.

    Nevertheless, US Vogue is definitely trying their best to appear more fresh and appeal to younger audience. But I’m curious, is this Anna’s strategy to keep Carine Roitfeld from taking over her job?

  10. AdhiPuTaw

    SF_Gal, I totally feel you. I want models as well because rocking magazine covers is the one thing that they’re good at and worth thousands of dollar doing it. Even better, we would get that dynamic, fierce-walk-on-the-runway, real fashion vibe from models on the cover.

  11. AdhiPuTaw

    I find Biel forgettable, too. But that’s because she’s too normal and safe. And sadly, at least for me who gets excitement from extreme images, that seems to be the kind of thing that US Vogue (and Anna in this case) is after. When was the last time we see an edgy, weird, controversial covers on US Vogue like those on GQ or Surface? Never.

    Dude, if I can speak French I would subscribe to French Vogue and give myself actual reasons to worship Carine Roitfeld.

  12. AdhiPuTaw

    I’d love to see Gaga as well on Vogue covers. I think she’ll rock it even if her style has to be toned down from how she usually appears on videos. But unfortunately for us, Anna still can’t seem to deal with too much sex and controversy, even when those two are what sell and what push fashion forward.

  13. The last thing I expected to take off for SS10 was denim. And yet it seems to be the BIG THING.
    What disturbs me more is the headline “Clothes to Borrow from Your Boyfriend”…did Teen Vogue take over? (and if they did, maybe that’s not a bad thing?)

  14. If I were to see the photo alone without any of the headlines I would think Jessica was the new face of Ralph Lauren. I think she makes a great classic beauty but the cover is just a little too obvious and safe. The all-American girl shoots an all-American cover…not exactly avant-garde. But it’s a beautiful shot and I actually dig the denim on denim!

  15. your mama

    This looks like a classic vogue cover. Jessica Biel is stunningly beautiful.

  16. Claire Estelle Von Metternich

    jessica biel= HORSE FACE. sorry. thats how i see it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  17. This is completely predictable. What would be a surprise is to see a real model on the cover. I’m sick of seeing actresses on the covers. Bring the models back!

  18. Becky Leufstadius

    Horse face? Seriously? I think sh’e beautiful.
    And yeah, the cover “oozes ‘all-American’ chic”.
    I think it oozes of the 80’s aswell, in a good way.
    The 80’s is back for sure, at least the layout and graphics.

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