Jennifer Connelly in Balenciaga at David Letterman Show (pics, video)

Written By bryanboy

Jennifer Connelly at David Letterman Show

No other celebrity can give Balenciaga justice other than the ferocious Jennifer Connelly who recently appeared at David Letterman. 

Photo of Jennifer Connelly in Balenciaga at David Letterman show

It’s always an amazing moment whenever the right celebrity appears in the right clothes, no? Balenciaga and Jennifer is a match made in heaven, just like Tilda Swinton and Haider Ackermann.

Which reminds me… read this fascinating interview and what my dearest Prabal Gurung (who makes some of the most beautiful and sophisticated clothes these days) said to “My clothes are not for everyone, not for every Hollywood celebrity. There is a designer for everyone, and a celebrity for every designer.

Going back to Jennifer and Balenciaga, watch.

Click click click for more photos.

The shoes!!!

Jennifer Connelly pic in Balenciaga at David Letterman show

I love the details of the skirt!

Photo of Jennifer Connelly pics in Balenciaga at David Letterman show

On the runway…

Balenciaga skirt

Need I say more about the shoes?

Photo of Jennifer Connelly pics in Balenciaga at David Letterman show

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photo credits: inf daily via theskinnywebsite;


  1. That skirt is to die for and the shoes OMG, just about anyone can pull those off with the right complements/attitude not to take from the fact that she does look lovely, the skirt is more alive in the pictures of J than on the model for some reason maybe the lighting…

  2. That skirt is to die for and those shoes OMG, almost anyone can pull both of those with the right complements/accessories not to take away from the fact J looks lovely just to illustrate how amazing they are on their own, that skirt by the by looks more alive on the Jennifer pictures than on the runway…maybe the lights or the super dark hose as opposed to bare legs?

  3. AdhiPuTaw

    Great skirt, great shoes. Connelly definitely pulled them off. Even better, she was NOT being worn by the clothes, in which case she would have gone for the clothes’ street-toughie look which I doubt she could pull off.

    I think it is also great that she combined the Balenciaga pieces with black leggings, black blazer, and black top. I personally would love to see her without the scarf. I need to see some neck, skin, perhaps with lower neckline, just to present some sex. The ring is also too big for me, but it came in the right color.

    Back to the scarf, I’m curious about why she decided to wear that. I suspect that she’s trying to dial-down the sexiness and strength of the Balenciaga pieces. To me it looks like she had doubts about her ability to make the pieces work. As if she was trying to hide and shy away inside that scarf. And she doesn’t look as confident as someone of her calibre should’ve been in the first photo.

    Nevertheless, I’d still prefer this look anytime over Paris Hilton’s trashy fashion.

  4. I LOVE the plain black with just the centre-piece skirt. I have to confess, I’m not one for piling it all on as so many bloggers do these days (I’m looking at you, Miss Gevinson, koay that makes me feel bad).

  5. AdhiPuTaw

    As Nicole Phelps put it: at Balenciaga, everything is Fashion with capital F. Nicolas Ghesquiere is definitely the designer that celebrities and the rest of us should look up to. What he has been creating are not fashion basics that came expensively with only bits of prints, pleats, ruffles, or other elements that can be copied by tailors next door.

    Sarah Mower got Ghesquiere right: his creations cannot be rendered down so easily, so we can expect very little, if not none at all, Balenciaga knock-offs in the market. Ghesquiere’s skill is what makes it possible for BB to like the skirt’s details, M to die for it, and me to dream about sitting front row on his next show.

  6. I don’t quite love her fashion choices here, but she’s still amazing, ever since the David Bowie days in Labyrinth! xoxo
    – JT Paradox

  7. Gregory-Pierre

    BryanBoy, for future reference, in English, this section of your statement does not make sense: . . .can give Balenciaga justice other. . .

  8. Absolutely fab – shiny hair and lovely skirt, but what is with the hideous shoes. If that is fashion-forward, I’m staying at the back!

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