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This really sticks in my craw so excuse my French.

After all the hype and hoopla, Apple's iPad turned out to be a bloody disappointment. Only an idiot would want something as stupid as this, this whatever you call this oversized iPod Touch thing.

Apple iPad

Click the photo above for a larger version.

Aside from the touch screen, what can the iPad do that a phone and a laptop can't? I don't understand why they won't develop one powerful device that can do EVERYTHING.

Camera, phone, laptop, iPod, and now, the iPad? Can you imagine carrying all that mess in your bag?

16-64 Gig memory and no camera or phone functions? And you have to pay more extra for 3G capabilities?

Typical Apple behavior to nickle and dime features because they know suckers will buy them every time they release a new version.



  1. I could not agree more. The iPad is even more useless than the hypephone. Sorry I meant, the iPhone.

  2. Clearly the ipad is not made for someone who already owns a laptop and an iphone. If anyone knows what he’s doing its Steve Jobs – they would have never put this on the market if they didn’t know it was going to do extremely well. This does cater to a different audience than someone who is in constant need of a laptop but they are attacking amazon’s Kindle which happens to be huge in the US. I’d just wait and see what happens before you judge a company so powerful.

  3. i just had pizza omg. feeling large and in charge right now. my fashion week diet has been unsucessful thus far fml

  4. The iPad is a big step in the right direction not some giant leap for humanity.
    A phone is still just a phone no matter how many apps you load it with and with a notebook it’s not so easy to find a balance between a practical size and performance plus the design is not ergonomic enough for travelling with. 17′ notebook in an economy seat or in an old style classroom? Not as comfortable as just holding a book. Which is where the tablet pc’s come in.
    I’ll probably get and iPad,despite being nothing of an Apple fan, when they introduce multitasking capabilities

  5. i spend the whole day defending iPad. I officially give up and surrender :(


    Seriously you are so stupid. You’re calling the iPad a fad? Look at yourself. You are a freakin fad.
    The iPad is revolutionary. I’d like to see you come up with something as amazing as that product or anything other than complaints on this blog you hide behind. After reading your entry on the iPad I officially think you’re really annoying.

  7. AdhiPuTaw

    You think that Bryanboy is no good for not being able to come up with anything better than iPad. But does one really have to be a better cook to judge—and have the right to judge—that a food is not delicious?

    I’d like to see you come up with something as amazing as or anything other than ad hominem attack on other people.

    As for the iPad itself, I think it looks like what Aristotle’s students used to carry around as notebook. Regardless of iPad’s features, I’d settle for a MacBook.

    Oh, and
    That’s all.

  8. I’d buy one, I own neither iPod touch or iPhone but this suites my needs as a great ebook reader and a portable photography portfolio with the additional bonus you can use it to create and present Keynote presentations.
    I personally prefer discrete devices that do a few things very well rather than massive fat devices that do everything averagely.

  9. I don’t know why people are being so vehement when all Bryan Boy did was say iDontLike. Honestly people, it cannot multitask, its a gigantic iPod touch. If you want to buy it go ahead, but as for me I’d rather save up for a new Macbook pro instead, that way I can get more value for my money.

  10. AdhiPuTaw

    That’s exactly what’s BB is doing. Duh!
    Listen to yourself!
    Don’t like this post – don’t comment on it!
    Its THAT easy!

    I am so sick of people like you and for not getting how pointless, hostile, and stupid ad hominem attacks are.

    Even worse, you and missed the point that this post is ABOUT the features and desirability of iPad. This post is NOT about the limitation of free speech, so please, steer off the political zone.

    Back to iPad itself, I don’t know y’all. But I think I’d feel weird carrying that around. Is that a laptop, an oversized phone, a property from sci-fi movie, what?

  11. notimpressed

    keep churning all this rubbish, apple. there’s going to be a backlash soon.

  12. iAin’t bother either BB! but like Mae would say: If you don’t like ma apples, don’t shake ma tree! ;) xoxo

  13. LOL… Dont say thattt!
    I totally get your point, but I think it will be amazing for the books/ online mag etc…
    & I never even loved Apple that much… But I want that thing :D.


    You’d like to see me come up with something as Are you serious? I have something a lot better than this sight.
    You should really stop defending some guy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If you don’t like the iPad don’t buy it. No one is forcing you to. Also I think it’s so stupid how he put his pictures on the iPad advertisement. For someone who doesn’t like the iPad he sure spent a lot of time trying to make himself look cool by using the iPad advertisement.
    What a joke!
    Oh and I’m done.

  15. Bryan Boy,
    Where are you in that photo? That setting reminds of this pizza place in the lower east side of NYC.

  16. If this iPad had the Mac OSX instead of the iPhone/iPod Touch interface then I will very much purchase it the moment it hits the Apple Stores.

  17. it’s like asking why would anyone carry a lighter, one, too, three, matchsticks and so on. They all do the same thing. And Lords, no, they’re not making an omelet at the same time as lighting your cigarettes! Have you heard anyone complain about it? Or those who carry two, three mobile phones with just different labels?
    oh, wait.. because they’re idiots, right?

  18. AdhiPuTaw

    Yeah, I’m dead serious. I’d like to see what you got up your sleeve.

    You’re right, no one forced Bryanboy to buy the iPad. But it is precisely due to the absence of force that Bryanboy is allowed to talk shit about the iPad.

    By asking him to shut up, you’re basically denying his right to speak. Remember, by taking negatively about iPad that does not make him force Apple to bury the product.

    This could go around in circle, so let’s just call it an end and move to next controversial post.

  19. AdhiPuTaw

    That’s one hell of a gigantic pizza. Is that even real? I’d like to have a slice or two.

  20. I am a graphic/industrial designer. I love apple for making my life easier and much more efficient. Ipad is great for me to showcase designed websites to my clients in a cool way, and is perfect for my partner too. He is a Web based computer programmer and he has bought Ipad for all his sales people, they do not have to carry a laptop and can demonstrates programmes right on an stylish Ipad. So back off those of you who do not understand the commercial value of a product as well as not being able to appreciate a beautifully designed piece.
    It pisses me off to see some claim to appreciate design, but can only extend their short site to one dimension of it.

  21. AdhiPuTaw

    Well, value is NOT absolute, bta darling. Even when we both “understand” the commercial value of iPad doesn’t mean that we both will opt for it instead of conventional laptop.

    I think BB DID appreciate iPad’s design. But him and I just don’t really appreciate the size (that’s why BB kept saying “oversized iPod Touch”).

    You were actually being inconsistent in your statement. First you talked about iPad’s commercial value—which is composed of many factors including being a “beautifully designed piece”—then you said that it pisses you off to see some claim to appreciate design, but can only extend their short site (you mean “sight”?) to one dimension of it.

    What does ‘it’ refer to? The design or the commercial value? If the former then you’d have to tell us what dimensions (plural) are there of a design that BB hasn’t been able to see. If the latter then BB hasn’t done wrong for he appreciated the design (excluding the size) but not other dimensions of iPad’s commercial value.

    I have a case for you: on Elie Saab’s Spring 2010 couture collection, Sarah Mower of commented that the collection would fulfill every little girl’s prayer but that it was too fantasy-prom to cut it in couture competition.

    Was Mower being short-sighted like you accused of BB or was she able to see all the dimensions of Saab’s collection but her final appreciation of its value—commercial and beyond—just didn’t satisfy anyone (you, perhaps) who understands the value and able to appreciate a beautifully designed piece?

    Though I could just LOL on your logic, you got me pretty close with the “showcase design / demonstrate program” thing. I suppose you were pointing to iPad’s relative portability to laptop, a quality which would really come in handy in your case when you’re showing your design to a client while eating buffet, at a wedding reception where there is no seat.

  22. AdhiPuTaw

    Come to think about your comment on iPad’s commercial value, I think BB had shown appreciation for it. Look at the picture. iPad makes a good frame for that photo of BB’s model-esque physique next to the Susan Boyle-sized pizza.

    So if iPad stops functioning properly and ceases to be any good, we know what to make use of it.

    Oh, how BB had been so far-sighted to foresaw the ultimate value of the thing he hated.

  23. I was talking to those who say they hate Apple and blah blah blah, not BB!!!! iPad is not a device for babies, although if they have a rich dad, they can afford to have one.

  24. They wont make one gadget that can do EVERYTHING because it wouldnt be that good. Its like asking for all the runway designers to collab for one collection. Well not really, but point is its impossible to have one gadget that is best at everything. There is a reason why netbooks are not as good as notebooks. But hey, some people prefer size over specs.

  25. Troubleoh7

    LOL! The iPad is a text reader a nook a kindle an electronic book … Its got a lot of other bells and whistles but essentially its for those that read.
    I read on my iphone but its a little too small to be comfortable.
    I also read on my laptop but I dont always want to use my lap – thats prime real estate!
    I want an iPad bc Im a fanboy but I dont need one.
    Maybe if I were a jet-setter like bryanboy I might have more use for such luxuries.

  26. Steve Jobs definitely knows what he’s doing. Remember, the Apple TV? tsk tsk


    Lol, wow T. Suddenly you don’t agree with someone and they’re “really annoying”. Real smooth. Revolutionary? I don’t know shit about computers, but I’m sure I even know more than you. After reading your comment on this entry on the iPad I officially think you’re really annoying. Oh wait, let me recant, that was an extremely annoying statement by itself.

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