Fatness Begins at Home – British Medial Association Video, 1960

Written By bryanboy

Fatness Begins at Home

In light of V Magazine’s “Plus-Size” issue, let me share to you this hysterical propaganda video released by the British Medical Association back in the 1960s. The voice-over is pure gold!

How times have changed. It’s amusing what was “fat” back then is now considered average by today’s standards.

Perhaps it’s because we now live in the era of self-acceptance? You try to air that sort of militant shit on TV and I guarantee you blood will be shed.

Click click click for part 2 and 3 of these videos.

So. Anyone wanna chime in their thoughts?


  1. yeah some people might consider this average today especially in the United States. It bothers me when overweight people constantly berate on thin individuals how they should eat more. The sensationalinalism of being healthy/full figured AKA fat is sending a wrong message. Being overweight comes with alot of risks. On the other hand, being thin through starvation and other unhealthy methods should not be advocated either. I say do it the old fashioned way and eat healhty and exercise.

  2. I think the video was more effective then than would be now. It is hilarious NOW.

  3. “Have another cuppa, Dad, you look fagged out.”
    Indeed! Love it, Thanks, BB.

  4. I love her facial expressions! “Sometimes, you can get children competing to lose weight.” Bring it on.

  5. Mrs. brown reminds me of my obese cousin and aunties who keep forcing me to eat mcdonald’s and chocolate cakes after they found out that i’ve lost 7kg. I kinda gave them the glare when they wont stop critising me just because i dont want to swallow down those disgusting fat. I think I’ll shall show them this vid! it’s Hilarious! and i really wish they would start trying to lose weight and stop eating like there’s no tomorrow.

  6. okay, but those two boys a really fat, aren’t they? I mean in that age, then you can forget to be thin when you’re older. hahaha…. I had to fight this probleme too :'(

  7. “without help, she’ll be handicapped for life. Like other fat girls, she’ll have to buy outsize dresses!!!!!!” OH THE HORROR

  8. Let them bitches and bastards eat themselves to death.
    They live to eat, where it should be the other way around. A FAT ASS is nothing to celebrate. It is not beautiful and certainly not healthy, bad for this poor abused earth too. Nasty fat asses suck the living out of everything by being lazy and selfish. Get used to it people, FATTIES ARE HIDEOUS AND BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.

  9. That British film is mostly a sign of how much language has changed.
    Haven’t you been keeping up BB? It’s not a “plus-size issue” it’s an “every body” issue. They have lots of differently-sized models (and non-models) in there – check out the Terry Tsiolas edit (#5) on http://www.models.com.
    More hot curvy mamas can be seen here: http://runwayrevolution.com

  10. we don’t live in an era of self acceptance, BB. we live in an era of self delusion & self pity. all these obese nincompoops kidding themselves, “what’s important is that we’re happy & healthy”. my ass. how can you be healthy when you’re a candidate for a heart bypass operation & your thighs are irritated from the scraping? & d’uh happiness doesn’t come from a donut.

  11. “How times have changed. It’s amusing what was ‘fat’ back then is now considered average by today’s standards.”
    You probably already know this BB. Back then, models had a healthy BMI of 19. Now it’s 16. People were more balanced back then.

  12. All Women Stalker

    This is so funny! Seriously, fatness does not affect your physical appearance only….. you should think about you health too which is more important than anything else

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