Dsquared² Hearts Bloggers?

Written By bryanboy

Dsquared² <3 Bloggers?

Will someone please put a stop on the clocks, please? Fall/Winter 2010-20111 Milan menswear is about to kick off in a little over a week!

A fellow blogger emailed me last night and mentioned in passing that he was invited to attend both the Dsquared² and Burberry men's show in Milan. Burberry, as we know, has been inviting bloggers for quite some time now but Dsquared²? This ought to be interesting — I'm very curious what they have up their sleeve. 

Dsquared2 Spring Summer 2010 Milan
Dsquared² Spring/Summer 2010

With last year's astronomical hype on bloggers, the new season will most likely be the barometer whether bloggers are to stay in the circuit or not. Will fashion houses in New York, London, Milan, Paris roll out a bigger, more welcoming carpet for my online colleagues? Will the international media embrace them further? I guess we'll find out soon.

As for me, I wish I could fly to Milan and Paris in a heartbeat to keep the momentum going but alas, I've got bills to pay so I'm staying put where I am. Just like the good ol' days.

Unless, of course, you get Aunt Donatella to send her jet over to pick me up and book me at the Principe Savoia.

Yeah, like that's gonna happen. Delusional much?

I kid, I kid.

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  1. I think they’re all thinking much more about bloggers..it’s a huge way for them ’cause they know that bloggers ain’t only a hype.. it’s more like a new way of representing fashion and sharing news.

  2. I’m following the Dsquared² duo hosting the “Launch My Line” tv show on Bravo here in the US. The designers wear some of the collection each show and they look SO ridiculous. It hurts the brand each time the show airs.

    ps. Don’t mean to offend any Dsquared²lovers. I don’t think your going to miss much at the show other than a cool after party.

  3. @bryanboy hello! I’ve just read your dsquared2 post, even though in Mexico the industry isn’t completely developed, most fashion designers and organizers support bloggers a lot! except for Mercedes Benz… they are too snobby, and they don’t understand the power of the internet yet!! but we still manage to get guests tickets instead of the press passes!!… if u care about international perspective!

  4. AdhiPuTaw

    I think the fashion industry in 2010, whoever that would be, would put bloggers on the spotlight. BB, you, Tommy, and Scott kinda paved the path for new star bloggers to walk on. But would bloggers last, be invited to the shows and possibly sit on the coveted front row? I have doubts.

    Not that I’m being unsupportive to bloggers (regardless of my jealousy to BB and his history-making “I am sitting next to Anna!” thing), but are bloggers really the people that high fashion customers listen to? I can’t imagine an Equestrian club member in Paris browsing through bryanboy.com. Even young Pop stars of Hollywood, in my estimation, would probably prefer other sources of reference, like stylist, the designers themselves, or anybody else who has the privilege to make direct, 24/7 contact with high fashion.

    I’m kinda afraid that bloggers would eventually be viewed as just another part of the Internet. Presumably, depth of analysis is not what matters most for most bloggers. Does not continously posting photos and making short intriguing comments about them make me a blogger? I think yes, it does, and this is the case with many people who blog.

    If that is the case, it would be hard to find what is so special about a particular blogger that s/he would deserve immediate viewing of new collections. At the front row, one would get the best view of the collections. And by being put on the front row, and getting the clearest view, one would also be expected to be the one who speaks most, with most clarity, about the collections. This requires knowledge beyond, as BB put it, “OMG! I like … “.

    Again, I still support bloggers, but I have doubts about their longevity on the spotlight. Anyway, best of luck for you BB! I’d love to see you rockin’ front rows again. :)

  5. A lover

    BB, to keep the momentum you have to remember to blog about the things you have seen, not just twitter what you are doing!!!

  6. Oh man, I miss Milano. Drinks at the Principe in the rain and running to each show, fighting with models for cabs.
    I feel you, BB.
    – jerome

  7. Never say never about the jet and Aunt Donatella. U can have a surprise. I’m also waiting the front row of the runway to come.

  8. bryan boy,

    who knows – with ALL THE HYPE around u these days as the “IT BLOGGER”, u may just get that invite……….. – on a different note, did u send in an application 2 the G-star new media application 2 cover NY fashion week 4 them??? – best V.

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