Vogue USA January 2010 – Already Famous – Steven Meisel, Grace Coddington, Sasha Pivovarova and more

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Vogue USA January 2010 – Already Famous

The last time I had goosebumps while reading something from American Vogue
was back in December 1999 when Gisele was crowned Model of the Year at the Vogue/VH1 Fashion Music Awards. Robert Sullivan wrote: “You are Gisele. You look good. The specific way that you look good is
that you look, among other things, sexy, as in hot.
” As
a child, me and my friends would often pit her against Carmen Kass. I’m Team Carmen btw.

Now, exactly 10
years later (with Gisele being the most highly-paid model of all time), comes Vogue’s Point of View in their January 2010 issue. Read and digest. Chills running down my spine again, I tell you.

Vogue January 2010

Lo and behold comes their fun, fresh and energetic “Already Famous” editorial featuring bands and musicians like MGMT and Mika with Sasha Pivarova. Editorial shot by Steven Meisel and styled by Grace Coddington. Here’s a thumbnail preview…

MGMT? In Vogue? Spectacular! Fascinating how they’re stepping up their game. 

Oh that Louis Vuitton bag with the foxtail and tassel charms please come to mama. You belong to me.

Vogue January 2010 Louis Vuitton Bag and Chester French

I don’t know when it’s gonna be out on the newstands here in Asia but I’m DEFINITELY buying this issue to see more of the images.

scans via luxx @ tfs


  1. I like that U.S. Vogue is picking up it’s up again, second in a row now that I have/will be hunting down. Wish British Vogue would follow suit! Their last good issue was December last year. U.K. Elle crushes them in entertainment stakes and Pop magazine is like half a year of U.K. Vogue condensed into one magazine and comes out before them with glossier paper.

  2. I have to give credit where credit is due. this editorial took me by surprise. it’s refreshing to see something a little different from what one normally sees in american vogue. I mean hello. this is the same vogue we’re talking abt who never fail to consistently put out the same damn editorials of either raquel, karlie, or coco rocha jumping in every issue. sasha pivorova is cute. I like all her editorials in vogue america esp the one where they reenacted her wedding in thailand. her husband’s hot in a very unconventional way.

  3. Whoa. First time I’ve ever wanted a Vogue from US. (And I live in Cali!) I never actually liked them because I felt that they always catered to the wrong age group…like they would have a huge spread about some boring house. I always chose British Vogue over US but now I actually want to go get one!! And hurray that they included Sasha Pivovarova! I absolutely adore her!

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