Valentine's Day Movie [trailer]

Written By bryanboy

Valentine’s Day Movie [trailer]

Y’all know I LOVE as in “THE ONLY MOVIES I WATCH KIND OF LOVE” are chick flicks so I’m very excited about this Valentine’s Day movie.

Now who wants to take me out on a date in February on Valentine’s Day? I wanna see this film. Men only please, no fag hags. If memory serves me right, it premieres during Fall/Winter 2010-2011 NY Fashion Week.


  1. AAAAAAHHHHHH i need to see this. All I watch is basically chick flicks and Woody Allen and this looks amazing…but Valentines day usually makes me realize how unlove filled my life is hahaha

    I’m not a man but I can put on a wig and a stick on mustache and we can cyber date on the 14th ;)

    x Noa

  2. OMG there are so many of my fav yummy actors and lovely actresses. i cannot wait!!!!!

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