Thank You!

Written By bryanboy

Thank You!

What a year eh? 2009 will go down on my personal history books as one of the best years of my life!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in my world — family, friends, avid readers, loyal supporters and most importantly, the few people who believe in me, have faith in me and made some of my wildest dreams come true. You know who you are and I’ll forever be indebted.

Bryanboy Happy New Year

(Special thanks to the adorable and talented Jamie of JustJr for this lovely image.)

I hope you enjoy this song, courtesy of good ol’ Madonna.

Sing after me: You push me to go the extra mile, you push me when it’s difficult to smile, you push me a better version of myself, you push me… only YOU and no one else. You push me to see the other point of view, you push me when there’s nothing else to do, you push me when I think I know it all, you push me when I stumble and I fall.

Keep on pushing like nobody. Every race I win, every mood I’m in, everthing I do I owe it all to YOU. Every move I make, every step I take, everything I love…It’s all because YOU push me.

I love you all! Here’s quick toast for a brighter, happier, healthier (and hopefully more prosperous haha) 2010.

It’s time to shine!

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  1. How come Bryanboy is so awesome? I’ve been a reader since the first time I saw you on ANC. Do you remeber what year that was? I can’t. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. Mga Epal

    Being a witness to your fabulous year(2009-2010) we can only hope to achieve even a “thread” of what you’ve accomplished. Astig kang bading! Happy You Year!

  3. HAPPY NEW YEARS BB! Love love love your blog! Congrats on all your achievements this year. Here’s to 2010! xoxo

  4. I hope you work harder in 2010 to warrant the huge amount of support you have got this year, don’t be left behind with the seasons trends, werq!!!!!!!!! MORE CONTENT BB!!!!!

  5. You are the best BB.
    My love goes out to you!!!!
    All the best for 2010!!

  6. mojojojo

    Bryanboy, you are so cute I could just dip you in pancit and lick you all over!

  7. no, bryan, thank YOU, my 2009 would have not been complete without following ur site. i so love your page. oh and i love the new, watcha call that, header(?)
    love lots from on of ur fans… oh i work in ortigas hehe more power, happy new year!!!

  8. Haha, oh, I really love that song! It’s quite a time ago since it was popular, good to hear it anyways! :D
    I’m from sweden and accidentally got into your blog website. It’s a really awesome blog. ;) (guess I should stop with the rly’s… ;S )
    PS (Pöss means in english kisses or something, or a lighter version of it anyway)

  9. Happy 2010! Very proud of you, you did so well. Thanks for putting the Philippines back into the world map in your own fabulous way.

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