Spot Gareth Pugh

Written By bryanboy

Spot Gareth Pugh

First one to spot Gareth Pugh shall win a kiss on the cheek from me and an oreo cookie.

Bryanboy and Nicola Formichetti at Gareth Pugh afterparty, Paris.

And yes, that's the super ferocious Nicola Formichetti who I love and totally adore.

I remember him asking me in Paris back in October whether I love Tokyo or not. Of course I said yes. Tokyo is a great source of inspiration and it will always have a special place in my heart.

Nicola then asked me, "so, how do you get sex there?"

I replied, "Uhhhh."




  1. I see his tiny head xD I wanted to see him at that I-D photo shoot thing going on in London at the moment.

  2. he is seriously the cutest thing ever. I’d fuck him anywhere- Tokyo, East Timor, Grandma’s bed. ANYWHERE.
    …and anyhow.

  3. Whoever threw such a party is GOLD.
    I’ll hide in your bag anytime…LV for my tough exterior.

    Ok. Bit creepy there.

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