Nicole Kidman Photos – Cocaine or Bad Makeup Job?

Written By bryanboy

Who did this to you Nicole?

Oh no she didn’t. Nicole Kidman’s make-up artist must be holding a deep-rooted grudge against her. What is that white, powdery substance on her face?

Nicole Kidman photos pic at Nine movie premiere. Cocaine or bad make up job?

More photos of Nicole Kidman at the “Nine” movie premiere after the jump!


Nicole Kidman pic at Nine movie premiere

Nicole Kidman makeup

Nicole Kidman photos

Who did this to you Nicole?

photos via tfs


  1. stylishnerd

    It’s a powder with a lot of talc in it, maybe an HD powder or something. Talc reflects white in flashlight.

  2. eh, i think she just had something on her hands and it ended up on her face. can’t rub her eyes because she’ll smudge the makeup, so she rubs right underneath. her nose might have been tickling so she kept touching it. or the camera just picked up on some makeup that wasn’t visible in any other light?

  3. Would be a good publicity stunt since she will now have a feature in every celebrity magazine across the globe but I think it was just a make-up choice that reflected from the flashbulbs.

  4. omg..this is just embarrassing.. i think i’ve seen the same exactly thing happened to Lady the exact spots too. I think the makeup artists forgot to sweep those powder off after putting them on to prevent eyeshadows fall outs. sigh*

  5. What I don’t get is that people have seen it and have been taking pictures of her instead of letting her that there is something wrong with her face.

  6. In purpose. Everyone sees the powder instead of …another fault? :p
    Nopee, Nicole’s just wonderful as she is.

  7. HAHAHAHA oh my god I never laughed so hard. Oh don’t be silly, it’s the newest make up technology where you highlight your nostrils and bags. :D

  8. That is silica powder..very tricky because you cannot see it when applied…it is very fine. But when there is flash then it will be visible..I always take a photo of my client whenever I apply this powder to make sure that nothing is left…again very trick product :( too bad for her makeup artist…tsk! ligwak ang career…

  9. Sad! She looked so pretty otherwise. I’d like to think it’s blow all over her face (you know, for fun), but I’m sure it’s make-up like others have suggested. BO-RING!

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