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New York Times

Holy Manolo batman!

Four years ago I was just one of your usual "dear diary" sort of blogger who sometimes like to put on blond wigs and Jimmy Choos to go to the mall with a wheelchair I got from a garage sale for kicks and giggles. 

New York Times article on Fashion Bloggers

And now, I'm on the Gray Lady's home page. Visit while it's still there.

Eerie. I'm having goosebumps.

They have an interesting story about fashion bloggers as part of their "The Year in Style" coverage.

If you live in NYC, be sure to buy a copy of this Sunday's paper.


  1. It’s sunday in NYC and I just read this … soooooo proud to know that one of the most famous bloggers is a fellow Pinoy!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. holy smoke, Bryan Boy!
    was reading NYT’s sunday styles section
    and there you are one seat away from the
    mighty Anna Wintour on the front page.
    Congrats on your instant fame and no one
    in fashion world can ignore you now.

  3. The story appeared in today’s edition of the International Herald Tribune, which is available in Manila. Go grab your copy now.

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