Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 Bag with Fox Fur Tail Charm

Written By bryanboy

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 Bag with Fox Fur Tail Charm

Speaking of designer handbags, a box from Louis Vuitton arrived earlier this week after being stuck in customs for a day. It's not out yet at the stores so expect it to arrive in the next few months. Loving it!!!

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 bag

Luckily it arrived safe and sound. Whew. Let's take it out for a ride.

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 bag

I took more photos but I needed it for something else so I can't share until it comes out.

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 bag

Shirt from Patrik Ervell via Gilt, sunglasses from Marc Jacobs, denim jeans from Alexander McQueen, bag from Louis Vuitton, shoes from Rupert Sanderson.

Honestly though, I'm still obsessing with the green messenger bag….

First one to guess what year those McQueen jeans came out will get a kiss from me on the cheek.

(I think that should accurately give you an idea on how young I am. haha)


  1. Amazing! BB, is the fox tail real? Don’t worry, I’m not anti-fur, just curious. It doesn’t stop me from wanting one of my own.

  2. Anonymous

    haha, i also snagged an Ervell club collar shirt in XS during the sale on GILT (it wasn’t the chambray). Now that I know who my competition is, I can blame you when I can’t find anything in my size :-p

  3. X_X why a green tail with a blue bag?
    i like your shirt but not your jeans…i saw a pair like those in h&m and they looked atrocious.

  4. stop wearing the same sunglasses!!! i love you, but mix it up, youre a fashionista enough to know not to overkill anything

  5. that’s the whole point.
    when you’ve paid a bloody fortune, a little close to $600, for a pair of sunglasses, you want to wear them out until they fall apart!

  6. Well I have to say this is one of your best look so far. i love the jeans, the shoes… but the shades add just the right amount of quirk to the outfit.
    I love simplicity.

  7. I bought this Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat tail from Disneyland a few years back and I used to hang it on my denim handbag which reminds me so much of this LV!
    However, I had this terrible habit of rubbing it against my cheeks because it was so soft and fun. Pimples erupted the next day. =P

  8. Stephanie Gregory

    Please email me your suppliers details,I cannot get hold of this LV here, and I would like three.

    Stephanie xXx

  9. love the bag…. i ordered exactly the same color but they will ship in march! i cant wait. lucky you…

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