Lanvin Postage Stamps

Written By bryanboy

Lanvin Postage Stamps

Here's another reason why the French should ditch email and start sending things via the mail: Lanvin postage stamps.

Lanvin postage stamps La Poste 2010

Lanvin postage stamps La Poste 2010

Alber Elbaz designed these stunning postage stamps for the French
postal system, La Poste, as part of Lanvin's 120th anniversary. They'll
be available next year.

I'm sure y'all know how precious Lanvin is and now everyone can finally get a piece of the action.

Now… where can I find a hot French man who will serenade me, write sweet nothings on fine paper and send love letters in the mail with these stamps?

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  1. janthina

    jelzz. they look just like the shirts. some countries get all the luck! universal health care…lanvin postage stamps…

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