Jason Derulo Whatcha Say Wawa Remix [mp3 download]

Written By bryanboy

Jason Derulo Whatcha Say

Call me obsessed but the Wawa Club remix of Jason Derulo’s Whatcha Say has been my most listened track on my ipod over the past few weeks. It’s funny because it’s not often that I listen to pop/top 40 music but that song followed me everywhere I go — on the radio while driving around in Detroit, hearing it in full blast on someone’s speakers while in the subway in NYC, hotel radio in Singapore, everywhere!

Sing after me: cause when the roof caved in and the truth came out I just didn’t know what to do. But when I become a star we’ll be living so large, I’ll do anything for you. So baby watcha say?

I finally found the time to catch up with my Ugly Betty and Gossip Girl episodes (The Treasure of Serena Madre) lo and behold they played that song again!

Tripp and Serena Kissing; The Treasure of Serena Madre Gossip Girl Season 3

Cheaters and sluts. I dislike passing judgment but horrible is all I can say. Horrible. Horrible people they are.

Click HERE to download the MP3.

You’re welcome.


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