It's a Wrap!

Written By bryanboy

It's a Wrap!

Home sweet home. Just got back a few hours ago here in Manila. I'm done with the traveling this year. 2009 brought me to so many countries: Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, United States of America, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Russia and Qatar (well, it was a stopover lol). I was supposed to go to Hong Kong this week but I'm gonna resched that trip. I find it interesting because not to long ago, I'd be lucky to go overseas like twice or thrice a year. Now I only have several empty pages left on the new passport that I just got in October of last year, my Canon G9 got smashed and lastly, my Globetrotter suitcase gave up on me. Yikes.

Changi Airport Singapore
View from the smoking area at Singapore's Changi Airport

I know I sound like I'm complaining but really, I'm not. All I'm saying is that I'm exhausted and drained. It's not fun having bloodshot eyes constantly. The first thing people say when they see me is "are you ok? you look tired". Not good. I know lots of people have crazier travel schedules compared to mine… I wonder how those jetsetting queens:

a) remain on top of their game
b) keep being productive
c) still manage to look immaculate all the time

I need time to recover and lift my spirits up.

I hope I get to travel to even more places next year. I love traveling so much and I also love meeting people. The world is so big and there's always somewhere new to discover.

But I need to start taking myself, both my health and my financial health, more. 

With that being said, the traveling might be over (for now) but my super backblogged work only just begun.

Higher and higher and higher, higher and higher and higher!


  1. Well, I congratulate you for surviving and I am honored to have spotted you twice in NYC! I hope to see you again for the February shows. You continue to be such a great inspiration to me, and I truly wish the best for years to come. Though you feel down, I hope you realize that your fans love you so much! I truly wish I knew you better.

  2. you really have to give up something, like smoking and drinking too much! nakakatanda, nakakaitim ng teeth at bad breath ang smoking, and obviously it affects your lungs. and too much alcohol is bad, you know that, ‘day hindi ka na bata! QUIT SMOKING! NOW NA!!!

  3. i agree, traveling is mazing, yet totally exausting at the same time! You are lucky person to have gone to all these countries (in the span of one year no less!), no wonder your tired! i really love your blog btw :)

  4. You need an assistant to look after the little things, I’d volunteer since I have nothing else better to do these days!

  5. welcome back bb. hopefully i get to meet your fabulous self now that you’re back here in manila. more power and happy holidays. hopefully you’ll get enough beauty rest for next year. luv, JP

  6. But I feel alive and
    I feel it in me up and up
    I keep on climbing
    Higher and higher and higher…


  7. hi bryanboy,
    i do really love reading ur blog!
    its been a while that i updated mysself at ur blog..
    nd i was checkn this chapter.. nd ive seen u where in austria too? where in vienna?
    hope u enjoyed.
    greetings from vienna

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