Great Expectations

Just a few hours ago, I was chatting to a few bloggers how it's rather unfair that some people pit fashion bloggers against some of the industry's journalism heavyweights. Suddenly, the expectation level and the pressure went off the roof.


I've said this before many, many times… what's beautiful about the internet though is that it opened up a platform for anyone who wants to be heard. Whether you're a 13-year old who posts commentary about the latest collections or an 18-year old girl from Texas who wants to share photos of her (very expensive, if I may add) footwear acquisitions, everyone is entitled to to be heard online and for some people to downplay such voices as mere noise or worst, online flotsam and jetsam, is, a bit harsh.

I came across a Brazilian blog a few days ago and several commenters
expressed their disappointment. How most bloggers choose to blog in a
positive light, how one blogger isn't really a blogger but a 'consumer
who just posts photos online', so on and so forth.  Some seem to forget that not all bloggers aspire to be fashion journalists or critics. Heck, not all blogs are equal. 

Perhaps it's just me but IMO, to in order to be a credible and authoritative critic, one has to possess a great knowledge of a particular subject they are talking about. And it doesn't happen overnight. Sure, one could say the internet opened up doors for "everyone" to be a "critic", do keep in mind that the average blogger doesn't have industry access, resources, formal fashion education or even years of experience such as the highly-respected Cathy Horyn or Sally Singer  who I admire so much and writes fashion best in a socially-relevant context, or even the oracle, Suzy Menkes, who can accurately pin point a designer's exact reference whether from the present or the past. 

I'm not delusional to fool myself into having aspirations of being an esteemed editor or what have you. I knew what I want from the very first day I started my site — that is, to entertain and to share stories to my readers. I do, however, hope that someday, I can express myself eloquently and write well, not just about fashion but any other topic, beyond the ubiquitous "OMG I LOVE!" or "OMG I LIKE!" entries that I make.

Baby steps. I'm still a work in progress. Some of you, especially my long-time readers, have witnessed how my blog changed dramatically compared to when I started. Think about it. Just think about it. I'm just as shocked as you are!

For now, the most I can offer is my unbridled enthusiasm about a world I've always dreamed about. Will my passion, interest and obsession get me far? I hope so. Only time can tell.