Great Expectations

Written By bryanboy

Great Expectations

Just a few hours ago, I was chatting to a few bloggers how it's rather unfair that some people pit fashion bloggers against some of the industry's journalism heavyweights. Suddenly, the expectation level and the pressure went off the roof.


I've said this before many, many times… what's beautiful about the internet though is that it opened up a platform for anyone who wants to be heard. Whether you're a 13-year old who posts commentary about the latest collections or an 18-year old girl from Texas who wants to share photos of her (very expensive, if I may add) footwear acquisitions, everyone is entitled to to be heard online and for some people to downplay such voices as mere noise or worst, online flotsam and jetsam, is, a bit harsh.

I came across a Brazilian blog a few days ago and several commenters
expressed their disappointment. How most bloggers choose to blog in a
positive light, how one blogger isn't really a blogger but a 'consumer
who just posts photos online', so on and so forth.  Some seem to forget that not all bloggers aspire to be fashion journalists or critics. Heck, not all blogs are equal. 

Perhaps it's just me but IMO, to in order to be a credible and authoritative critic, one has to possess a great knowledge of a particular subject they are talking about. And it doesn't happen overnight. Sure, one could say the internet opened up doors for "everyone" to be a "critic", do keep in mind that the average blogger doesn't have industry access, resources, formal fashion education or even years of experience such as the highly-respected Cathy Horyn or Sally Singer  who I admire so much and writes fashion best in a socially-relevant context, or even the oracle, Suzy Menkes, who can accurately pin point a designer's exact reference whether from the present or the past. 

I'm not delusional to fool myself into having aspirations of being an esteemed editor or what have you. I knew what I want from the very first day I started my site — that is, to entertain and to share stories to my readers. I do, however, hope that someday, I can express myself eloquently and write well, not just about fashion but any other topic, beyond the ubiquitous "OMG I LOVE!" or "OMG I LIKE!" entries that I make.

Baby steps. I'm still a work in progress. Some of you, especially my long-time readers, have witnessed how my blog changed dramatically compared to when I started. Think about it. Just think about it. I'm just as shocked as you are!

For now, the most I can offer is my unbridled enthusiasm about a world I've always dreamed about. Will my passion, interest and obsession get me far? I hope so. Only time can tell. 


  1. I grew up in a very humble suburban area of Sao Paulo. As a little girl I loved fashion, I begged my mother to buy me fashion magazines (Revista Capricho, it was my obsession). I bought my first Vogue at the age of 17, I could not afford to buy fashion magazines before. My love for fashion was always there but it was the internet and fashion bloggers who opened up my eyes to the wonders of the fashion world and I’ll be forever grateful to them.
    Fashion bloggers are huge contributors to the industry these days… hence the front row seats at the shows; some of us (I’m one myself) are extremely talented writers (not me!!!) and some have incredible personal style; some are hilarious and others amazing photographers.
    You WILL go far, simply because you are doing what you love and that is enough to succeed!

  2. Renato Acha

    Great and sincere thoughts are always welcome! You are really espontaneous and frank in your manner, that is really a process of constant enhancement. Best wishes for 2010.
    Renato Acha
    Brasília, Brazil

  3. Some media analysts say that the internet (bloggers) provide, instant to the minute reportage that are subject to the interpretations of the blogger (writer) WHILE print on the other hand provides a more in-depth, detailed and factual reportage. While both report news and information, the manner by which it is reported – therein lies the difference.
    The sad reality is that, print is slowly going out of “style” because consumers (majority of which) are really now into 24/7 instant news. Print has to evolve to cope and adjust to the needs of consumers (its readers). That’s the truth that they have to face.

  4. very true! they are all so different and special. I ♥ bloggers, and anyone who doesnt can frankly do one!

  5. The fact that “people” pit you and other fashion bloggers against the industry’s heavyweights in my opinion just shows where you’ve managed to get. Just look at your blog header: sitting front row at D&G between Suzy Menkes, Michael Roberts, Anna Wintour, Hamish Bowles and Sally Singer! Who could have imagined a blogger between those people two years ago?
    So I think it’s in a way normal that expectations rise very much. You don’t get press coverage all over the world for nothing.

  6. blogs are like being able to have a new fashion mag everyday. With alot more of a real feel, most of the time peices are affordable. Bloggers tend to have generally a few expensive peices mixed in with high end, something vogue etc doesnt do. But dont get me wrong i love vogue

  7. Magazines and blogs are totally different things. I happened to love both. I don’t think magazine publishers should be afraid from blogs, but they should learn couple of things like how to stay current. Some of the fashion magazine are so tired looking.
    Thank for the great blog! :)

  8. It is so true what you wrote. I find it very fun to blog about fashion. I live in Sweden and I love to blog about fashion. I really wanna work in the fashion industry and I know that i requires alot of me to make a name, but I will fight untill I am there I want to be.

  9. Criticism of bloggers is necessary I believe. Because with success, there is bound to be backlash, and that is exactly what we are seeing now. The Fashion Industry has begun to celebrate bloggers, and elevate them to a level of achievement that is usually reserved for those who have spent years in the Fashion Industry learning their trade, and have been educated and hold degrees in some form of design, or merchandising. The internet has allowed every voice to be heard, but there has rarely been a Fashion Blogger who provides a well-versed commentary on Fashion Design. Essentially, with a lot of bloggers, we are celebrating people who love to shop, and shop well, and truthfully that’s bullshit.
    Bryanboy, I would love to see you evolve, but I have to be honest in telling you that obsession and interest will not translate into a relevant career in Fashion. Understanding, hard work, and knowledge will. Push yourself and continue to work towards knowing Fashion and you will be just as capable as Suzy Menkes.

  10. Oriellini

    I just read the article from New York Times…you are such a phenomenon and a great inspiration to all of us.Keep up the good work…according to rumors,Vogue will be featuring Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil, Ms. Doré and YOU for their March issue.
    Oriellini,your new admirer.

  11. I really don’t like to read fashion blogs
    before i read your blog for the past 2 years
    and there are big improvements in terms of the writing,
    the fashion covered, and the life experience which you
    had documented throught your picture
    I think you could be the best in the business
    and fyi, in my country indonesia, there is no single
    fashion blog or fashion magazines as good as your blog

  12. Great post and well said! I’m with you on this. As a fellow blogger, blogs have provided an alternative and honest perspective. You are right in sharing that we all need to have knowledge in what we blog aout and this blog is a testimony of your passion and knowledge in the fashion world, much respected by many. Print media may be a big industry, sells magazines but blogs will be online forever and easy for people to goggle and read.
    I have enjoyed your blog since I found out about you in the Sydney Fashion week of 2008. I will continue to be your reader/fan!
    Good luck and success for 2010.

  13. Switzerland

    They are right… you have no place sitting front row, here TRUE journalists who can actually WRITE and who have actually WORKED to get there. You’re just some Filipino fashion tootsy who always wears the same shades and the same shoes (ugh!) and there are more important things in the world than to be friends with Aliona. Why don’t you do something useful with your life, what you’re doing right now is pitiful and quiet pathetic. Journalism, including fashion journalism, is a part of publishing and perhaps you should apply to a university to get a degree – at least then we could take you seriously.


  14. Timi Ross

    Bryanboy, I fucking love you! I’ve recently discovered your blog and have read every single post you have, and I adored everything! It was also a plus to discover that you are Filipino! I’m a Filipino too though from my last name, you probably can’t tell. Keep up the awesomeness! I look forward to seeing more from you :)

  15. Timi Ross

    Switzerland, if you don’t like it, why did you take the time to look through the blog? I’m sure you’re just wishing you were given the same opportunities as Bryanboy. So why don’t YOU suck it up and do something productive with your time instead of hating on people who are minding their own business.

  16. Yeah, some fashion journalists and haughty industry insiders diss the bloggers. Whatever! I don’t really care and I’m a fashion/lifestyle blogger myself.

    On my blog I do a basic show-and-tell of the fashion/lifestyle items that appeal to me.

    I’m not going to sit around and do some in-depth analysis of fashion, discuss it, or point of references because that’s not how I shop nor is it how the average consumer shops. And, yes, I would be quite capable of doing all those things I mentioned as I have on the rare occasion done so. However, I’m just not inclined to do so often as I don’t see the point… I’m not interested in working in Fashion Journalism; I don’t want a job at Vogue, GQ or any other fashion mag that one can think of.

    If fashion journalists want to go in-depth more power to them. However, I can assure you that no one but industry insiders bothers to read it and even a lot of them don’t. I’m married to an industry insider and am friends with lots of them, so I would know. ;)

    Bloggers do play an important role in fashion (regardless of whether insiders like it or not) in that they raise awareness of certain designers and brands that they feel an affinity for and they spread that message to a lot of other people via the Internet. What company, designer or brand would not want free mass advertising? ;)

  17. I’m so glad you wrote this post. I’m astounded by the kind of harsh and sometimes bitchy criticism that is lashed out by respected and esteemed editors (ahem Anne Slowey ahem) on brilliant, talented bloggers like Tavi and others on Jane Aldrigde, you and every other popular blogger.
    Bloggers are called everything from “narcissistic” to “talentless” to “freeloaders”.
    But I believe that with increasing popularity comes jealousy and criticism. I also do think that the reason for their harsh words is that most of these editors went to journalism school and worked their assess off to get where they are but bloggers like yourself and Tavi are being appreciated merely grace a your personality and personal writing skills.
    I think Kelly Cutrone sums it up well- “Do I think, as a publicist, that I now have to have my eye on some kid who’s writing a blog in Oklahoma as much as I do on an editor from Vogue? Absolutely. Because once they write something on the Internet, it’s never coming down. And it’s the first thing a designer is going to see.”
    While I try to refrain from getting into silly arguments about whether the print age is over and blogs are the new magazines and all that, I do believe that blogs are here to stay. I would never compare a magazine with a blog, each has it’s own merits and demerits.
    Obviously, magazines rely highly on advertisers for their livelihood and so a lot of what they write is adversely influenced by them. Bloggers are freer and more bitingly honest IMO.
    Okay, I gotta run but fab post.

  18. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. for writing this. It’s mind boggling to think that many mainstream outlets are literally making this to be something it’s not. Bloggers blog because they LOVE fashion, not because they’re trying to take the jobs of editors. We respect them, and they inspire us- but we work in very different ways. I had to take a hiatus from blogging because my 9-7 got too insane, but I missed it so much, I’m back.

    While I’m certainly not the authority on fashion- I think it’s great that blogging allows us to have a medium to create discourse on fashion related subjects.

    I think your blog and your writing style are definitely evolving, and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store. Don’t let the naysayers put your work down- what you have is a personal creation- and no one can dictate what goes and doesn’t go on your blog.

    KEEP BLOGGING and thanks for your kick ass commentary. You crack me up!!! I love your honesty, and creativity. You are my muse.


    Model Citizen

  19. that is A-mazing that really really inspirded and just lifted me up thats just what i need to read and thank you again! your like a MOTHER BLOGGER!! lol xox

  20. I love that you said this. Blogs are part of the evolution of print and everyone has their own audience. What might be popular with me may not hit the same note with someone else but now every blog seems to be scrutinized as if we all want to be Vogue. I read your blog a lot but have never commented and I wanted to say that you make me laugh and smile and I love reading you. I hope I do the same for my readers as well, and isn’t that what it’s really all about anyway?

  21. AdhiPuTaw

    Anna Wintour does not have a degree, but does that keep YOU from taking her seriously? I don’t think so. I personally think that BB has WORKED to get “there”. Domenico and Stefano wouldn’t have bothered to invite BB to their show if BB was just another blogger. BB has influence, whatever that is, which was enough to attract fashion people’s attention. Sandra, if you wanna help elevate BB to the next level, you could first define for him what makes a “TRUE journalist”.

  22. Well said, Bryan Boy… we started our blog to share our passion for handbags. We’d been collecting bags since our teens (over 20 years, at the risk of aging myself!) and had worked in the fashion and entertainment industries prior to settling down and starting families thousands of miles away from each other. We started blogging to stay in touch and to discuss our love of bags. We had no idea thousands of women around the world would join our conversation but are so grateful they did. However, we are not delusional and do not think we would or could ever replace editors or fashion magazines and it’s certainly never been our goal to do so. We think of our network of blogs as a playground where the bag, beauty, and fashion obsessed can gather to share their opinions with each other and most importantly, to play!
    Fashion is fun for us, it’s too bad not everyone wants to play nicely. You have done a lot for the blogging industry. Keep it up, love :) xoxo Tina

  23. I aspire to be a writer of the arts (fashion, film or whatevs). And when I grow up I want to be just like you – minus the dresses :D

    But I’m sure you’ll do well in the industry, we all have to start somewhere, right?

    When you become the editor-in-chief of Vogue, please hire me.

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