From the Desk of Cathy Horyn

Written By bryanboy

From the Desk of Cathy Horyn

The NY Times’ Cathy Horyn wrote a fascinating piece about brands and digital marketing. 

Cathy Horyn

Meanwhile, pesky bloggers — to whom fashion houses threw open theirs doors in the unexamined belief that their presence was good for marketing — are downloading every scrap of information as fast as they can. They have overrun the ivory tower.

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  1. bluecandyboy

    I know who Cathy Horyn is… i believe she used to contribute for Vogue before writing for NYT but I bet you BB, these old-school journalists are just a bit scared that bloggers, tweeters, whatevs are taking their place on the first row. I say do what you think would make it fun for everyone. That’s what you’re known for anyway… actually, i really miss the fun side coz lately, youve been worrying too much about the Conde Nast/NYT keeping their owl eyes on you. Take it easy! Happy 2010!!!

  2. …well, well, and isn’t Cathy right – hell yeah, the esteemed fashion houses should wake up and embrace the new possibilities and blow us away with a captivating online presence! Love the article – cheers for posting, BryanBoy! Have a rocking 2010!

  3. The piece by her is extremely interesting! As a media arts major this piece really hit close to home. The part on an animation piece for Chanel was a bit far fetched, just because the technology is available to us does not mean it needs to be used. Although it might be a good idea for a Saturday morning cartoon.

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