From Moscow to New York

Written By bryanboy

From Moscow to New York

I still have lots of things from Moscow to blog about but yes… I'm off to New York once more for a few days.

When it rains, it pours. 

As always, I love you all.


  1. bryan,i cant believe you haven’t blogged about the atrocious twitter vogue italia spread

  2. Hey BB,

    I dont have twitter, but i saw your tweet on the douchebag guy, and I sympathise with you so much. having someone PRETEND to actually care for you just cos he stupidly thinks it will improve his image or lack of it, is just really hurtful. i cant even be dramatic, because thats all it really is. just plain hurts.

    I’m probably so alone being gay and closetted that i have noone else to talk to really, but man, it sucks so bad sometimes. Sometimes, dont you just wish you will just get one good guy. Just one is all we need.

    What are we doing wrong? Are we too available, do we love too hard. What is it?! I’m just really tired of everything. I wish i didnt even go down the gay path, and just sticked with girls. they were a mean bunch, but at least, i dunno, when they break ur heart, at least u can mourn it. having to pretend like everything’s swell, when youre just shattered and in pieces is just the shits.

    Oh man. Hope you are holding up ok, that’s all.
    take care on your travels.
    and get home safe!

    – Timothy Y

    (feels weird writing all this in the comments section, but i dont know how to reach u on email :{)

  3. Moscow looks like so much fun! But people say it’s dangerous but I don’t know if I believe them.

  4. can i please ask you who your boots are by . thank you very much. I love you and your blog.

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