Exhausted in Singapore

Written By bryanboy

From subzero temperatures of the north, I am now in hot and humid Singapore. I think all the traveling is finally taking a toll on my system and lord knows how exhausted I am. But I love what I do so much… plus all the wonderful opportunities that have come my way so far. I'm a very lucky person and between you and me, I know it's all a dream – I'm really living my dreams – and I am scared that one day I'll wake up flat on my face. I guess I just need assurances that this is all real. Lol. Oh well.

Werq is all I can say.

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  1. Aleksandra

    Don’t worry that you will fall. It can happen but I am so sure that then you will stand up and still live your Dreams. It is not important that people fall – it is important to stand up, learn and go on!
    BTW – I love your blog! You are very nice person!

  2. Hey Bryanboy, saw u at MJ resort party I think! =)Werking the green fluorescent colors! =)

  3. You have a lot of luck to be able to live your dreams. But you have so many talents which allow you to reach there! I like very much your shirt.
    I wish you to stop being able to continue to live with this luck(chance)

  4. pants are from a young filipino designer named veejay floresca.
    i went to a fabric store, chose and bought the fabric, and told him to make me harem pants

  5. Cindy from HKG

    I so happened to be staying at Hilton from Dec 7-11, flew back to Hong Kong for the weekend and then back there again from Dec 14-18. It’s one of my fave hotels in SIN but flying like that is very exhausting!!! Arggghhh

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