Elle Poland

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Elle Poland

Thank you so much to Elle Magazine Poland for the wonderful mention.

Bryanboy at Elle Poland

I'm not exactly sure how the number "20" got there but hey, who am I to complain? Thanks for making me younger! LOL

Any generous Polish souls out there who is willing to pop a copy of the issue to me by post?

photo credit: fashionelka


  1. hello, i can send it to you :)
    i’m living in Poland and love you so much. you’re the best, that’s all.

  2. i’m living in Poland too,so i just can say that your blog is a nice break in my boring life-thank you :)

  3. you look so amazing in that Rad Hourani outfit, lucky you to have access to that, i guess because you’re fabulous

  4. I saw You on Elle Magazine Poland.
    You are georgeus youngy boy.
    I think I love Brian Boy too.

  5. Better younger than older. U look 19/20 and this is it ;) and that’s great.
    Love your sunglasses.
    Best wishes from Poland

  6. Yes…we have in poland many talented designers. One of them and probably most famous is Gosia Baczyńska.

  7. MagdaFashionVogue

    omg you are the best and you are my inspiration. Uwielbiam Cię Bryan Boy:)

  8. yea, I’m from PL too. You really don’t know how many your fans are here (;
    What can I say? don’t give up and good luck (;

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