Charlotte Ronson Holiday Dinner at Kampuchea

Written By bryanboy

Charlotte Ronson Holiday Dinner at Kampuchea

I had the pleasure of joining Charlotte Ronson at her holiday dinner at Kampuchea in NYC last week. It was a lovely affair. It was nice to see friends and familiar faces — the ferocious Kate Lanphear of Elle Magazine, Paper Mag’s Mickey Boardman, Nylon’s Faran Krentcil, Interview’s Colleen Nika (who was my seatmate), Bianca of Modelinia, etc. The super friendly Ann Dexter-Jones, Charlotte’s mom, told me she’s a fan of blogs!

Ann Dexter-Jones, Charlotte Ronson
Ann Dexter Jones and Charlotte Ronson

Kate Lanphear, Charlotte Ronson
Charlotte Ronson and Kate Lanphear

Becka Diamond, Ann Dexter Jones, Bryanboy at Charlotte Ronson Dinner at Kampuchea
Becka Diamond (in head-to-toe Rick Owens) and Ann Dexter-Jones

Vanna Youngstein
Vanna Youngstein

You know, I think NYC is the only place in the world where you can
effortlessly strike a conversation with a very interesting stranger
you’ve just met and end up feeling like you’ve known them forever. Love, love, love you Vanna and Becka!

It was a fun, fun night. After dinner, I ended up going to Schiller’s for a few drinks and Darkrooom for a bit of dancing. Thanks Charlotte, Matt and Mandie!

photo credit: wire image


  1. Uhhh Charlotte Ronson?? Umm… But Kate Lanphear is totally ferosh (I’m British, and I SAID IT!!!). And that bag?? Oh no you didn’t… WANTS
    Btw totally reposted your Lady Gaga vids from twitter today on my blog. Loved. Almost as much as I love Roisin Murphy. Well, not quite as much but I love a good hyperbole.

  2. love the outwear on Vanna Youngstein. and you look fantastic! can’t wait to go to new york where everyone is much friendlier than people in la!

  3. You look the chicest from all of them. Love the cardigan, sweater whatever you call it.

  4. Erin De La Cruz

    I couldn’t agree more! The best bunch of people are all living in New York City. NYC, I love!

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