Calm Before the Storm

Written By bryanboy

Calm Before the Storm

I’ve always been this girl from Silver Springs, Nevada that everybody’s said, “You’re never gonna do anything, never gonna get out of here.”
– Donna Jensen

As much as I’m nonchalant about myself online, it’s different in real life. One could easily shrug and say “oh just be yourself” but it’s not easy to let your guard down at a drop of a hat like I always do except when I’m meeting important people. Note to self —

1. Make a good first impression.

2. Be at your best.

3. Express your thoughts and try to answer questions in an eloquent manner.

4. Leave a good last impression.

Ughhhhh never in my life I’ve been so nervous and I’m counting the days… like what I said a few weeks ago, gurl we’re going full throttle. YOU BETTA WERQ.

It’s gonna be fine. I’m gonna be fine. Paris, First Class, International. It’s my only road to happiness. Paris, First Class, International. It’s my destiny.

For your time…


  1. Michael Brambila

    Je T’adore! Words cannot explain how much you’ve changed my life. I wish you the best of luck, as you deserve it. Thank you, and I mean it.

  2. I LOVE that movie! saw it when in theaters a few years back and has been obsessed ever since!

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