Brittany Murphy Took Drugs to be Skinny? Death from Cardiac Arrest

Written By bryanboy

Brittany Murphy Took Drugs to be Skinny?

Wow. Looking at these photos, I wouldn’t be surprised if Brittany Murphy died from a drug overdose

Here are some pics of Brittany at the “Across the Hall” movie premiere.

Brittany Murphy died at 32.

Brittany Murphy Drug Overdose?


It’s insane, the amount of pressure to be thin, as well as some of the things these actresses do in order to lose weight.

I mean, I for one like to be slim but I’m not gonna push it to the extreme and touch drugs, if you know what I mean.

Tragic. I’m soo sad!!!

Drugs are bad mmkay?

photos via skinny vs curvy


  1. And she had just recently lost a movie gig. It wouldn’t be surprising if drugs played a role at all. Especially with her shady husband. So sad.

  2. Of course it was an OD. She also got fired off
    a movie. Sad. Hollywood does that to you.

  3. i can’t believe she’s gone now.
    .that’s why i don’t wanna join in showbiz (hahaha…nagfi-feeling lang. kung makapagsalita ako eh parang may K. wala!) because
    there are lot of pressures esp with physical appearance.
    ugh, but i will never ever take drugs just to lose weight!

  4. It would be sad if that was the reason: taking drugs to become thiner and died because of its effects. This is a great loss and we should pay respect to her and to her family, whatever the reason of this tragic event might have been

  5. justsayin

    don’t hate. don’t assume it’s drugs. she just died for cryin out loud.

  6. They say when your head looks too big on your body, it is time to stop, you are skeletal. Look at her head, she looks like a bubble head doll in the pics. Her friends should have stopped her, however, they probably couldn’t. Those in that state of obsession would not get it, they will not understand.

  7. She just died. To speculate about her death already is a bit crude. Also, you can die at any age due to natural causes, its a scary thought but it happens.

  8. It’s strange, she looks unwell and yet her skin is so clear and luminous.

  9. christine

    labriana, that’s make up for you. There’s also this new thing now called HD makeup, made especially for HD TV screens, so your skin looks flawless, glowing, and smooth on TV.

    Another local actor I think that reminds me of brittany is Kim Chiu! She is so skinny, it’s scary!!! Take note that the camera adds 10 pounds to you, so that means she’s even a lot skinnier in person.

  10. an annoyed girl

    ‘Looking at these photos, I wouldn’t be surprised if Brittany Murphy died from a drug overdose.’

    Cheap humour is never pretty. That was a tasteless line BryanBoy – even for you.

    Also, darling, stop contradicting yourself.

    Stupidity is never a good look, mmkay?

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