Brittany Murphy Drug Overdose? Dead at 32

Written By bryanboy

Brittany Murphy RIP

Oh my god.

This just in — actress Brittany Murphy passed away yesterday morning (Sunday).

Brittany Murphy Dead at 32 Clueless Movie

Brittany Murphy Dead at 32
Brittany Murphy and husband Simon Monjack

From TMZ:

Brittany Murphy died early this morning after she went into full cardiac arrest and could not be revived, multiple sources tell TMZ.

She was 32.

A 911 call was made at 8:00 AM from a home in Los Angeles that is listed as belonging to her husband, Simon Monjack, the Los Angeles City Fire Department tells TMZ.

We're told Murphy was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

32 years old? Cardiac arrest? My god, she was so young.

I hope it's not a case of drug overdose.

So sad.

RIP Brittany Murphy. Goodbye, Tai!

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  1. Clueless was the original Mean Girls. Just saying.
    Can we all do a “rolling with the homies,” hand gestures and all, in honor of Brittany Murphy.
    And how amazing were the clothes in Clueless. We need to bring that style back.

  2. you’re like half the size of her, no? kind of hypocritical. pretty quick to assume things, as well. give b. murphy back her lady purse. xo

  3. I’m betting it was drugs….how else could a woman AS HOT AS BRITTANY stand rolling around in the sack with that disgusting looking dude!

  4. That sucks
    Even if it was a drug overdose, which as far as I know has not been found to be true. Who cares, its not anyones business but the person ingesting them. People should have a right to chemical bliss. Knowledge of what are good drugs and bad drugs is important, unfortunately in our society ignorance is the normal thing.
    Dont blame drugs. Blame stupidity.
    Maybe her heart just gave out, it happens all the time, people get stressed out and stuff fails. The lesson is take it easy folks, dont get angry its bad for your health, relax. Be calm, cool, and collected. Logic and reasoning go a long way to keep you safe.
    Unfortunate she died. She was quite pretty.
    So give her family privacy.

  5. ok weel what everybody spect from people like Britanny
    murphy or heath Ledger are droug abuse. please don’t feel sorry soon or later is gointo happen, right?
    so who is next,we don’t know we just has to wait.
    no RIP for her because she just flyway and she got screwed
    by saitant or her self wish is the same shit.

  6. Candice McCrary

    Im with u on that. Rip. What did elton say “rolling with the homies”? i will always love me some ty fraiser. forreal

  7. Good riddance. Less annoying talentless cretin on the Hollywood set. Unfortunately, some airhead is going to replace her drug addled spot pretty son. Brace yourself.

  8. You ppl are all crazy – someone just lost a daughter, a wife, maybe a sister, an aunt a cousin, a best friend…come now, it doesnt matter how she died, at least say a lil prayer for the ones who have lost her that their pain will not be as much…
    RIP Britney, and blessings to her loved ones


    @Arvish…To even say something like that radiates your lack of intelligence. It is obvious that you do not care for drug users, but to let emotions get in the way of your reasoning just proves that you are an absolute moron. O wow its the internets so I can just be a dick because my life sucks and I didn’t graduate high school. Grow the fuck up you stupid prick.

  10. No offense but people’s hearts don’t just give out, especially under the age of 50. Drugs are drugs. There are drugs that are simply safer than others in terms of effects on the body, and it IS people’s business so stupid kids might stop taking the bad shit that can do this to you.

  11. First of all… drugs are all bad if they are used in the wrong purpose… They can be very helpful for medical reasons, but if used incorrectly can be a harmful weapon. Anything is bad if you use too much or for the wrong purpose. The only correct purpose is medical use.
    Some of you seem to have no heart or feelings toward what her relatives and friends are going through… Too call you people animals would be a compliment, because animals would never laugh or find comfort in the death of their own kind
    Some of you need to grow up and grow some sense and emotions

  12. reynaldo sale

    I came home tonight from the hospital after seeing my good friend, dying in his bed and I find this story. I am sorry to hear that someone had passed away but I am more sorry to hear that there are people out there unwilling to feel any remorse for anyones life. We get so angry for whatever reason that we feel to realize that in the end…… we are all just the same. All broken and just looking to be accepted and loved……

  13. it’s difficult to imagine how such a young person could have died from “natural” causes as the reports are saying

  14. WELL SAID! so sad to lose a family member, especially around the holidays. I am very sad for those who loved her–her family and loved ones. I only hope people can learn from her mistakes, and stay away from drugs. Bless her family.

  15. I just lost my daughter Aissa 27 to the same type of drugs November 22 2009. She left behind 2 children… I know we all will be hit with this in the future. someone you know… It may be a child or a loved one but,, it will happen. and i am sorry for that but… please don’t judge something you know nothing about. this is just the tip of what will happen in the future. I just pray you never have to say goodbye to a child or a loved one for something to this nature because,,,, it will never set right will you. It kills me to not have been able to change what had happen to my child. but that is life and thank god I know she is in a better place. so keep your loved ones near, know what they are are doing at all times and pray they will make all the right choices.From a mother that has been there…..and someone that will never stop hurting. just my view Tracee

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