Two Words: Gemma Ward

Written By bryanboy

Two Words: Gemma Ward

[November 8, 2009 – Click HERE for an UPDATE]

I think it’s very sad that Gemma gave up on modeling. She’s a very beautiful woman and I think she could make a name for herself in the plus-size niche. You know, give Crystal Renn a run for her money. I would love to see curvier girls in fashion and Gemma Ward represents curvy women like no other.

Gemma Ward fat

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Gemma Ward

Gemma Ward

Gemma Ward

Gemma Ward

To my dear readers, what say you?

photos via bauer-griffin


  1. She’ll still have my love and I agree she has a market in the plus size! She was and still is fierce! Everyone has different body types and sometimes it is what it is!

  2. Maybe she has a movie in the works hence the weight? I read somewhere that she wants to pursue a career in acting…

  3. Regardless, she’s still a supermodel! who knows, she might come back soon, but give her some time, she’s also a human, not perfect, and Heath’s tragic death really broke her heart..oh well, miss ya Gemma, glad to see ya again ;p

  4. OMG, I can’t believe in my eyes, what really happened to her? Is she sick? :( She was one of the thin and delicate models but now, wow what a drastic change.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gemma!!!!!! I hope she returns!!!! Her face has been my mobile’s wallpaper for years!!!!

  6. I think she looks fine. Obviously she’s bigger compared to how she was but I wouldn’t say she’s fat. Perhaps thos horizontal stripes just weren’t the best choice. Maybe for a supermodel she’s big, but definitely not compared to “normal” standards. Besides, I still think she’s prettier than most of the human population, so anyone who talks shit can stfu.

  7. Horizontal stripes probably weren’t the best choice, but I still thinks she looks great. She’s obviously bigger compared to how she was before, but I wouldn’t say she’s “fat”. Besides, she’s still prettier than half the human population so anyone who has shit to talk can just swallow it and stfu.
    Anyways, love you bryanboy!
    kiss kiss,

  8. Oh, come on, people! She’s not plus-sized! How are Lara Stone and Gemma Ward considered “big”?? Gorgeous girl!

  9. Yes, she’s bigger than before, but she still has THAT FACE, which is why I found her so fascinating in the first place. Whether she loses weight or not, I’d love to see her model again. :)

  10. Yes, she’s bigger than before, but she still has THAT FACE, which is the reason I found her so fascinating in the first place. Whether she loses weight or not, I’d love to see her model again. :)

  11. i’d really love to see her model again. But i think she really made a bad choice of outfit in this pict.
    I really miss gemma and i don’t think she’s fat. She rocks!!

  12. gemma is still gorgeous! i don’t think her putting on a bit of weight justifies classifying her as a plus-size girl. she looks healthy. also, it’s probably just a bad choice of shorts.


    Bryan she looks so plus-size and it’s a pitty that she gave up on modeling, I was a big fan of her, specially those times when she walked on Chanel runways! It’s a pitty.. :/
    PS: It looks like Stefano Gabbana is missing you! Lol :)

  14. The people who are saying Gemma is not fat are delusional.
    No wonder obesity is rampant these days… it’s your self-denial attitudes!

  15. Douglass

    It breaks my heart into thousand tears because she was one of my loved ones.

  16. I really wish she would have lost the weight to go back into fashion, but I guess not. And regardless of all the comments, even for a normal person, she is quite chunky-looking, she gotten quite curvy. The only thing I hate, is that its hard-pressed to find a new picture of her without glasses, close-up. I want to see her eyes, those were magic to me, I wander if they still have it in them?

  17. ugh ugh ugh SO SAD i want my gemma back on the runway!!!
    but as long as she’s happy im okay?…

  18. Gemma is now how old?!? 22!!! And she started her career when she was 16 and it was quite a buzz about her. After earning several million a guess she can enjoy her life. It`s easy to be skinny and size 0 when you 16, but when you`r 22 it`s not. However she has other priorities, like becoming a movie star. And there are 3 films so far.
    May be she`ll transform her self in to next Nicole Kidman (in a good meaning), who knows. Let`s just wish her luck.
    (Or may be she`s pregnant)

  19. bababababbaby

    I will love her until the end of time! Shes the most beautiful model until the next generation even if she has stopped(hopefully not)
    The fact that you even posted her on your blog MADE my DAY!
    Gemma is for ever The IT girl of her generation.
    thats all!

  20. She’s a pretty girl, but she’s not model pretty anymore.
    And why does her posture look like she’s lugging herself around?

  21. Oh I hadn’t seen her for so long! I was just remembering her yesterday, and remembering how she used to look like Sasha Pivovarova’s angelic sister!

  22. I guess after years of starvation..she can`t handle it anymore. Girl you eat that much deserved hamburger!

  23. THAT’S WHAT GEMMA WARD LOOKS LIKE THESE DAYS?!?! Wow. I agree with Tyler. She’s definitely not model pretty anymore. And she looks so tired and heavy, no pun intended.

  24. Not my type. For her height, that weight would make her a giant!! Too big for my taste. Nope.

  25. lalaniza

    wow ~ honestly, was taken aback after seeing her now cos been wondering wth happened to my one-time fave girl! but proud that she’s eating ~ and not caring what fashion thinks of her.

  26. It is soo sad that she is not modeling anymore, she is so gorgeous and beautiful. Why? I don’t know, but I hope she regret it and goo back too modeling!!

  27. She’s hardly ‘plus size’… I think the coat just hides any possible shape her figure might actually have, giving off the illusion of being ‘plus size’… But by any means she’s still lovely looking…

  28. her zero size clothes probably don’t fit her no more. Imagine all those designer clothes she has accumulated over the years.

  29. Donna Watkins

    What pictures are you people looking at where you see an obese young woman? This shaming of a slim women is sick, sick, sick. I halfway hope she sees these comments, realizes what a shallow and sad place fashion is, and moves on with her life. Whore? Giant? Fat? That is a twisted perspective and is part of the reason for all the self-hatred and anxiety among young women. I hope you’re proud, horrible bitches.

  30. Mutsketier

    She looks healthy and that’s great! Better than skin and bones! It’s a disgrace that everbody says she looks heavy and bla bla. :S

  31. Or let her eat and be a role model for other girls who would otherwise stave themselves trying to be as thin as models.
    Get your priorities in order Kookies

  32. you suck

    Its safe to say any girl with half a brain wouldn’t be your “type” because she would be twice as smart as you and realise what a pathetic little man you are

  33. you suck

    YOU are delusional!
    That is a picture of one healthy gorgeous looking girl and if you can’t see it, you really should be more worried about your perception of body image than the size of her thighs

  34. DarkwingDuck

    You think that’s obese? You dumb slut. You are what’s wrong with the female image. Go shoot yourself in the head and do the world a favour.

  35. One of her best friends (ie. Heath Ledger) died – that’s what happened to her

  36. Are we really all this vain that we can say that she is fat. She is as stunning now as what she was two years ago. It is no wonder that this generation of young girls are having eating disorders at the age of 11. Maybe it is the industry that should change not the models. Do i believe obese women would be gracing our catwalks. NO, but maybe some more natural and realist women. Gemma your fabulous and don’t let others tell you otherwise.

  37. And for her height at her former weight, she’s severely underweight. God almighty, get over yourself.


  39. what a pathetic bunch , christ she looks normal not some scrawny scarecrow that the fashionists with their twisted view of the world want.

  40. Gemma is no plus size model. The shots make her look normal like the rest of us and yes I agree the choice of clothing might contribute to that. She has probably gained a kg or two… so what? It doesnt take a lot to return back into shape, especially for a girl like Gemma who has so much drive. The fashion industry should be ashamed of what they’ve said and where this has lead. No other model will ever replace Gemma Ward.

  41. come one… if that’s plus size these days then a lot of us have serious problems!!!!

  42. fffferrggggz

    does modeling HAVE to be about being SKINNY RUNTS! just coz she put on some wait doesnt mean everyone has to critisize her its so annoying

  43. What frickin’ weight? Seriously, she just look healthy. If she hadn’t have been a size sub-zero before, there’d be no hype about it now. Plus Size my arse. There is NO WAY that girl is a plus size anything.

  44. Meanoldbastard

    Show us your pic Bryan Boy! I think she looks wonderfully normal!!

  45. I agree. Clearly, she’s too good for you. “Too big of my taste”…I have a feeling anything “big” would be a surprise to you. Get over yourself

  46. Bridgette

    im sorry, this is just RIDICULOUS!!!!! models do not need ot be stick thin and a size 0-which should actually not be a size. the way i see it, if designers want people to BUY their clothes, then PEOPLE should wear their clothes. not some little twig who most of us would have no chance in hell of looking like.
    I think Gemma is amazing as a model, and should continue modelling; she is nowhere near a plus size, unless she gains a LOT more weight. she may not be her regular 0 but SO WHAT???

  47. Right. Obese. I think you have some SERIOUS body image issues. Are you one of those gils who “doesn’t do carbs”? You are unimaginably stupid if you think there is ANYTHING wrong with that girl’s thighs.

  48. Shes grown… alot o-o…. musta been because of heaths death, musta made her very sad :(

  49. Kailyn, she has a market in plus size?? There is nothing wrong with her figure.

    I have 3 words for you “GET A LIFE”

  50. Are you really kidding me!!! She’s not fat. Take the sunnies off so you can see her face, she is still beautiful. It’s sad that we perceive she has to look like a twig to look good. She has no cellulite and if you have a second look at the photos again she looks very healthy.

  51. she is no where near a plus size model size…..!!!! what do u consider plus size an 8.
    i think she looks much more beautiful now then before

  52. Gemma, if you read this, know youre just absolutely beautiful.
    The hardest thing about your body changing is the reaction you get from other people. Dealing with strange looks and wierd comments from family and friends hurts a lot, but to deal with the paparazzi would be a nightmare, so I have so much respect for you

  53. NOO, Gemma couldn’t be plus sized:(
    she is to amazing when she is thin, her becoming a plus size would such be a waste.

    P.S. Bryan boy, you made it to page 15 in perth’s local paper. i think you can tick off the last thing in your list of accomplishments!

  54. I understand I’m probably talking mostly to children here, but I was net-surfing and just had to comment. I’m stunned at how many people are actually seriously discussing whether that girl’s too fat or not. For a random person on the street she’s quite thin looking. I reckon the only reason she doesn’t look anorexic here is because of the flipping — pardon the strong language — great coat she’s wearing. In my opinion, anyone who thinks a girl like that is too *fat* to model, or do anything else for that matter, has a quite desperately malformed sense of taste. And if anybody here thinks “morbidly obese” women can’t be models, perhaps have a look at this* (SFW). I know, she’s huge, but men dig that sort of thing :-) I think it’s really sad that an industry so concerned with looks can both ignore what people actually look like, and ignore what people like to look at. I’ve never met a man (man, not boy) who thought it was sexy for a woman to be too thin to have breasts. Please have a nice day, and try to be a bit more open minded as you go out into life.
    (For the record I’m a successful adult male and I’m not “in the fashion industry”)

  55. Stupid people

    the outfit isnt flattering at all, but there’s no way in hell that she’s even close to being a plus sized model.
    i dunno about in america or europe, but over here in aus, thats normal.
    i think she looks gorgeous. im guessing the people that are calling her fat, sit behind their computer screens on their fat asses weighing in at 100kg. ew. get a life and stop bagging out successfull, beautiful people like Gemma!

  56. I agree, she looks like a perfect plus size model. Plus size in fashion world is the equivalent to NORMAL sized in the real world. Plus size in fashion world means you arnt a rail anymore. Well Done Gemma Ward, for becoming a Beautiful woman, girl no more; and for shunning the stupid Media for their idiocy

  57. She Looks Great. Like a Woman Should… Not Unheathly and Starved to Death!!!

  58. she is not Plus sized by any means, but what the photo’s do tell me is that her body must have been in starvation mode for many years while she was dieting to stay skinny for modelling (or rather to stay underweight) so what happens when you start to eat normally? well the body hangs on to as much as it can to compensate which would explain the sudden change in figure, i don’t blame her for not wanting to model again, it’s not natural or healthy to have to starve to stay skinny and it stuffs up your body when you try to eat normally again, i’m sure she went through some depression too due to Heaths death, if she’s happy that’s all that should matter, i’m sure she will do well in whatever she choses and i’m sure she realised that modelling was no longer making her happy (nor was starving herself), people’s priorities change as they themselves change, i’m sure she is just trying to do what’s best for her health mentally and physically, leave the girl be it’s her life, she’s still stunning and who are we to comment on how she looks anyway?, it’s not our business.

  59. She is in no way plus sized. What a wank.
    She’s a really lovely person and doesn’t deserve this shit, She doesn’t deserve the negativity or the incorrect snipes at her body.

    Carry yourself proudly Gemma, you look hot!

  60. allsystemsgo

    Oh boy Oh boy bryanboy, + size????
    How about HEALTHY , how about REAL !!
    Not to mention the other person in the pics, thin , 5ft 3..
    No wonder Gemma called it a day……..people like you…
    Big Up to the real deal GEMMA WARD……

  61. She’s amazing, I mean, she has a beautiful figure. I want to go back to the days, where curves were beautiful… I mean, the painting of Aphrodite, the most beautiful women/Goddess in the world, she wasn’t stick thin… she had a real body.
    Gemma should keep modeling, do it for all the girl’s out there who starve themselves senseless.

  62. Jane Madison

    She was way below weight as a teenager and that’s what people expected of her as a model. She is normal size now and modelling is not what she wants to do. She has always wanted to do acting.
    She is young beautiful and has the world at her feet. get off her case

  63. She is still slim! No wonder there are so many girls who are anorexic. She has awesome curves now and to put it simply in no way fat!!!

  64. she looks great………the lady next to her in the first photo looks even better..
    there is nothing wrong at all with her weight. Who honestly likes size 0 women? no one who I know.

  65. bryan boy loser

    hey I’d love to see what most of the negative posters look like!!!! and bryan boy aint no looker!!!!what a joke!!!get a life bb aside from leaching off people who actually produce things

  66. Anyone who calls her a plus size model is a moron! She looks way better than she did when she was on the runway and looking anorexic. Now she looks healthy and normal and definitely not plus size!! My God, what standards are being set for young girls with these ridiculous comments? Plus size is about a size 18 at least and she is nowhere near that. Get a life! Gemma, you look great.

  67. Gemma is still stunningly beautiful and looks great. If Gemma ever needs any cheering because people keep picking on her she just needs to come over to my place any I’ll cheer her up!! Anyday, anytime!!

  68. Nicketty Nox

    She’s looking great, better than her former anemic, dehydrated, underfed self.

  69. I completely agree!! Just a horrible choice of shorts! Honestly, she looks like a size 10, hardly plus size more like completely normal. I think she looks far more beautiful now then when she was completely anorexic. Maybe she is just enjoying life?

  70. I agree, I think that it might just be the photo angle.
    They could have some great looking photos in that reel, but just ditched them because photos of her looking great arnt going to sell as well as the bad ones

  71. moondrop

    Gemma is NOT plus sized. She’s a lean and beautiful woman. ARE YOU ALL STUPID?

  72. I think she looks fabulous and she does NOT look fat at all. She looks like a regular woman and she looks beautiful. She looks better than when she was stick thin!

    How skinny is skinny enough?
    I bet south park’s gonna make an episode mocking super skinny supermodels soon…

  74. plus size !!!!! u got to b kidding me ..the fashion industry is fucked i mean really really fucked , she is a beautiful shape and a normal as a matter of fact she is still very slim , what she would have to b an Australian size 8 and u fucked up people say she is a plus size…go get a fucking damn life u idiots, no wonder there r so many young girls who r fucked up, Gemma u r so right to leave this profession they r a bunch of wankers!!!!!

  75. You people can NOT be serious! ‘Check the size of her tighs’? ‘Fat?’ ‘Quite chunky’? ‘Quite curvy?” … You dumb dumb dumb people … she’d be lucky if she’s a size 10! She is a normal, beautiful woman.
    It’s dumb-fucks like you lot that are leading the young women of today down the path to serious mental & eating disorders.
    Get a life peeps!

  76. you americans are so hypocritical. SO judgemental of anyone bigger than skeleton and so obsessed with celebrities and looks but walk down the street and it is unusual to see a standard sized person. most are obscenely overweight. doesnt this tell you something?


    She is so beautiful and get your facts right before you make rediculous comments. It’s common knowledge that after starving yourself for months let alone years your metabolisim is so screwed of course you put on weight. However Gemma isnt even fat here. It’s just a change from her anorexic, skin and bone look. Now she looks like a decent role model.
    GO GEMMA!<3


    go eat a pizza idiot.
    clearly you have no idea on the concept of “plus size”. Gemma would be lucky to be a size 10 in this, let alone plus size. She looks stunning, healthy and HAPPY. GO GEMMA!

  79. She looks great! Most models are so skinny they hardly look like real women anymore… I think that’s really ugly. Gemma Ward? Never heard of her before, but I think she looks just beautiful!

    Absolutely nothing wrong with her.

  80. i think she maybe grieving? perhaps that’s why she has put on weight.
    My heart goes out to the guy who owns this blog. It must be hard not being really talented at anything but blogging.

  81. Courtney

    half of you guys are effing sad!! she is BEAUTIFUL and to call her fat and “what happened to her” is disgusting, so what if she put weight on she looks healthy and great.

  82. Are you kidding? She is healthy – she was probably sick before when she was so tiny. Good on her for quitting modelling. The fasion industry is so ridiculous – so obsessed with size 0. Maybe they should take a look outside and see what else is happening in the world. And I would love to see the fashion critics fitting into a size 0, instead of sitting on their asses criticising others.


  84. terrence mcdonnell

    how the f@#! is that fat if thats fat id hate to see what the modelling call skinny plz the human body is not meant to be skin draped on bone if it was the humanrace would be extinct get a life and understand the difference between fat healthy and thin

  85. astralgirl01

    Excuse me, Bryan, but I would buy your “oh, how great it is that Gemma is plus-sized” write up more if you hadn’t tagged all the photos as “Gemma Ward Fat” (I saw the tags you allocated to the shots while I waiting for the page to load… amateur error).
    Hypocrite… I’m disappointed.

  86. Why does it sound like all of the people who reply on this topic are also overweight ?
    Many overweight people in the US are now claiming that ‘they are proud’ of their overweight body………..well sorry, there is nothing beautiful about a person who cannot control his/her eating habits. If it makes YOU feel better to claim that you are proud I am happy for you, but DON’T think for one moment that others (normal sized people) will agree with you.
    This model, Gemma Ward, is overweight, definitely plus sized, but compared to some elephants all over the world she is skinny.
    If you want to work in the modelling business and you want to represent the major fashion brands you should know you have to abide to their terms. If you don’t like the terms then you have to accept the consequences.
    Gemma apparently loves to eat, which is fine, but then stop complaining.

  87. For a normal person she looks chunky? really? I’d hate to know what you thought of someone who was a size 12/14. She is still quite slim, sure, she is not the size 6 she used to be, but that in no way makes her fat or chunky!
    Those of you who say you used to love her…why has that changed? because she put on maybe 10kg? Thats very sad.

  88. Gemma is very very healthy and she looks great, she looks much better than when she was thin. I think Gemma will always do well and i support her all the way. she may not be able to be a supermodel cause of her extra weight but i would rather be healthy than thin and objectified by a fickle and insecure fashion industry! btw Bryan, i think you need a chin implant and a life :)

  89. I’m 5’4 with an average normal body image and even I think (well in these pictures) she’s looks quite chunky. With her height, shoulders (even when she was skinny I thought her shoulders were very broad), and now thighs She IS PLUS-SIZE and well there’s nothing wrong with that. she’s a gorgeous plus-size girl and she IS beautiful I wish her luck in her acting career which is what she mostly wanted to do than modeling.

  90. I’m 5’4 with an average normal body image and even I think (well in these pictures) she’s looks quite chunky. With her height, shoulders (even when she was skinny I thought her shoulders were very broad), and now thighs She IS PLUS-SIZE and well there’s nothing wrong with that. she’s a gorgeous plus-size girl and she IS beautiful I wish her luck in her acting career which is what she mostly wanted to do than modeling.

  91. I think it’s pretty rude to be calling her plus-sized. Considering that she’s been modelling since she was 14, and has probably been on a strict diet and exercise regime, she might just be living life normally as everyone else?
    Additionally, the death of Heath Ledger has impacted on her life. Reportedly, she has depression and is taking medication for that. So perhaps that is another reason for her weight gain.
    Gemma hasn’t been on the runway for over 2 years. It’s no surprise that she’s not interested in modelling anymore.

  92. and I wonder what the hell is wrong with being plus-sized? Some people make it sounds like a bad word. I was saying she looks plus-sized and she’s still fabulous. What’s wrong with that?

  93. BB, thanks for the Gemma photos! I’d been wondering where she’d got to.
    Srsly tho, some of you have no idea what “plus-size” is in the modeling industry and you need to wise up – it’s between a US size 8 and US14/16. Basically: EU40-46, UK10-18, OZ12-16 (relative to market). Girls over a size 8 end up being called plus-size models because that is the SORT OF CLOTHES they get given to model. It’s not because they are fat, they are just models on a larger scale. For those who need +models to look obviously overweight/fat – that’s about you, not how the industry actually operates.
    Gemma is tall and looks about a US10 to me, and yes she could do well in Europe as a + model if she could wrap her head around the change in work like Crystal Renn and Kate Dillon and Amy Lemons have done, and if she knew the media vultures (and you lot) would be supportive of her instead of criticize her and discuss her body/career ad nauseam like its your property. She’s a beautiful, beautiful girl no matter what and I wish her well in whatever she chooses to do.
    More photos of beautiful size 8+ models …

  94. Jules, I never said there was anything wrong with her figure. I live in North America and KNOW that is average size. However, in the modeling world, as a career, there is no inbetween. I didn’t make the rules. It’s either stick thin or average size aka “plus size”.

    So why are YOU giving the negative connotation that the plus size market is not favourable?

    4 words “YOU GET A LIFE” and stop being so hypocritical of others.

  95. I love this girl!! One of my favourite models of all time.. she looks a bit like Kate Hudson in the first pic though..

  96. Any fashion blogger who knows their stuff would have pointed out that the coat that Gemma is wearing in that picture is oversized. Check out her skinny wrists and double chin free face to see that she’s slim but in good shape. Shove some heels on her, remove the horizonal stripes and shoulder padded coat and voila….. except don’t because she should wear what she wants to wear. She’s in the street, not paid up fashion shoot!

  97. come on!!give the girl a break,she looks normal hope she changes her mind because she’s absolutely gorgeous

  98. I bet every single one of you crying about us having a wrong perception, being delusional, etc.. is just jealous of those who fit in the latest Balmain dress!
    Face it! YOU hate it when you cannot fit into those hot skinny jeans with your “healthy” thighs…
    I have only one thing to say: “Denial….”

  99. I think Bryan boy is the one with the problem. Forgetting that the fashion industry’s warped way of dictating a womans weight. Stick insect = glamazon. Normal size woman (curves and all) = + sized. I would say that Gemma has perhaps been eating and enjoying life recently and not starving herself for some ridiculous ‘ideal’ created by mainly narcissistic misogynist gay men. Gemma is amazing. Full stop.

  100. Gemma Ward If You Read This I Think People Can Be Really Mean So Just Eggnore Them You Still Are The Most Beautiful Woman In The World And Always Will Be In My Eyes Rock On And I Hope You Are Happy
    Gemma Super Fan Sam (:

  101. I’m usually against attacking people on there own website, but seeing as your not above it-I might as well attack you. How rude of you to say that? So WHAT if she’s gained weight? She may no longer be a model but she’s still extremely gorgeous. Basically she’s HEALTHY not PLUS SIZED! Have you never seen a plus sized woman? I seriously think if this is a “fashion blog” you shouldn’t be dissing someone’s weight. get back to writing about the latest trends-not innocent people’s weight.

  102. Leave her alone. It’s her life and she will do with it what she will. She’s suffered a terrible loss and I think she should be respected in her privacy. She looks healthy and its a shame it took someone’s death to get her that way.

  103. there is nothing wrong with being plus size. that being said just because someone is curvy doesn’t always mean they are plus size. gemma is rather thin and a stick in comparison to many people i know who are not plus size.

  104. I miss her so much and its somewhat sad she is retiring. She looks much healthy now as she don’t have to stick to requirements of the modelling industry and why do we have to label her “plus size”. That is not obesity or plus size compared to an actual obesity or plus size person. But haters is part of live, soo…..Gemma Ward will always be beautiful.

  105. Valentina

    I think everyone should stop being so hypocritical, u talk about if its faire or not calling her plus-size, but…i´m sure you love her like in the old days. Come on, you support this type of modelling and now u wanna be liberal and generous “supporting” what SHOULD be a real women.

  106. wow she actually looks like a normal person now. and people are slagging her…THAT has got to f*ck you up.

  107. Oh dear God! So this girl goes through hell with the death of a close friend, probably experienced some sort of breakdown from all the trivial pressures in modeling, and then gains freaking- what?- 10 pounds!!!! She still looks like a size 4! If this were the early 90s/late 80s, her body would have been the ideal “super model” body. Why the hell is it that now in this new decade, size 0/2 is the ideal?
    Also, wasn’t she described as being the most exotic blonde in the industry and becoming one of the most sought after models. Well that just shows the reliability of a modeling job even for one of the best. I’m sure they encouraged her laxatives, gag-sticks, or some sort of drug to help ignore hunger. And to think I, myself, aspired to be a fashion model. Some classy fashion industry in-friggen-deed!
    I hope she gets a deal with Victoria’s Secret, the agency with ACTUAL, ATTRACTIVE models.

  108. omg so true AMY!! The industry’s tooo obsessed with size 0. but you’ve gta admit the shorts do make her look fuller at the hips. so unflattering tbh.

  109. She is not fat, she just isnt skinny anymore, which doesnt matter, as someone else already said, its her face that makes her, theres countless skinny models, and she still has that face. anyways i wish her luck in the future, whether she decides to loose some weight and go back to modelling or continue in film. I saw Black Balloon the other day and have to say that maybe for movies it is good she put on some weight bc she looks so much like a supermodel its disctracting. For films she might need to look a bit more “normal”.

  110. She still looks skinny :) but “skinny normal”, love her for being the way she is!

  111. ? There is something seriously wrong with your eyes honey, or maybe you were brought up wrong, I don’t know… I pity you.

  112. AdhiPuTaw

    Yes, Gemma has gained weight. Now she looks like Tyra Banks, size-wise. Nevertheless, I agree with Karl Lagerfeld in his comment about the girls from America’s Next Top Model: “those girls will never be the next Gemma Ward”. Meaning? That Gemma is one of the most influential models of all time. She’s It. She’s an icon that defines model-of-the-moment. Twiggy did that, Gisele did that, Kate did that. Girls like Sasha, Lily Cole, and Heather Marks would have Gemma to thank for making an entrance to the fashion industry and gives way for her kind of angelic look. Gemma could never be taken lightly.

  113. are you saying she is sick in these pics???
    dont u think maybe she was sick before
    when she was so skinny as many model are???
    and all the ppl here who are criticizing her:
    look at urself in the mirror and the talk
    i dont think u are any better than her
    face-wise and body-wise and
    i dont think tht ur ever been a model
    so STFU.

  114. oh she is so beautiful! no matter what her weight is, she will always be so damn gorgeous xx

  115. She actually looks much better..granted, I would’ve said different 2 years ago (when I wasn’t aware of how brainwashed I was into thinking too thin as beautiful and normal). But she’s beautiful now. Those who say she’s too fat (stupid, ridiculous pre-teens), are in reality, jealous. The 90s heroin thin chic look is over Thank God.


    It’s the american diet thats hurt her. Young models are happy she not working…when she was working she took most of the jobs.

  117. Has anyone seen that Simpsons episode where Lisa tries to do ballet and all the girls smoke to keep thin, then Homer steals their cigarettes and they start eating like everything in the room?

    Mystery solved. Get that girl a 20 pack of Marlboros, stat.

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